Our favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

That dual edge display on the Galaxy S6 edge+ might be more of a visual touch than something truly useful, but Samsung certainly thinks there is a huge market for such a device. It’s probably why the company decided to make the S6 edge+ the more widely available phablet flagship instead of the Galaxy Note 5, and as we noted in our review, the sequel to the S6 edge is a great smartphone with no notable problems (well, except for its price tag.)

We have already written about what we think of the Galaxy Note 5 after two months of regular usage, and we thought we would let our readers know what it is we love about the Galaxy S6 edge+.

The display

Nope, it’s not the functionality of the edges that has us impressed, but the visual quality of the display. Like the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy S6 edge+ has one of the best Super AMOLED panels from Samsung. We find it to be as good as the Note 5’s display; it’s vivid, gets really bright (and dim), and just looks so nice that still love looking at it after all this time.

The metal and glass design

We love the metal and glass build of the Galaxy S6 edge+ and its design. Holding the phone in the hand just gives you an awfully premium feel. We still hold the opinion that the original Galaxy S6 edge looked more futuristic and beautiful, and the S6 edge+ is a bit too slippery for some of us. There’s also that ever-present fear that all that glass will break, but the S6 edge+ is extremely well built and feels worthy of its price tag.

The brilliant camera

Samsung has launched four flagship smartphones this year, and all of them have an amazing camera. The S6 edge+ takes great photos in all lighting conditions, and it captures images in an instant almost every time. There’s no lag in the camera app either, and the imaging experience on the S6 edge+ is right up there with the best in the industry. Well, we’re running out of space on the 32GB internal storage because we take too much photos, but thankfully Google’s Photos service will come in handy should we ever see ourselves depleting the available storage.

Software performance

The powerful Exynos 7420 chipset and the 4GB of RAM combine with Samsung’s optimized software to offer great performance. After all this time, the S6 edge+ hasn’t slowed down and continues to power through everything we throw at it with aplomb. It’s especially impressive when you consider how problematic performance was on Samsung’s devices from last year and before, and we love using the S6 edge+ as a result.

Battery Life

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge had poor battery life for most, but the S6 edge+ (and the Note 5) can easily manage a full work day without forcing us to find a charger. Battery life has continued to improve thanks to Samsung’s battery optimization feature that disables some background apps from running all the time (like we said in our two-month Note 5 review, this can be a problem sometimes when important apps are disabled, but you can manage what gets disabled from the Battery menu in the settings). Fast charging is also a boon and lets us put a bit of charge back into the battery quickly when needed.

The Galaxy S6 edge+ has problems. There is no microSD slot, no removable battery, battery life isn’t as epic as we would expect from a flagship phablet, and the metal and glass design means it’s a disaster just waiting to happen. But none of us here at SamMobile believe these reasons are huge enough to take away from the fact that the Galaxy S6 edge+ is an amazing smartphone. The high price tag and the not-so-useful edge display are the only reasons that stop us from calling it the best phone from Samsung, but if the Note 5 isn’t accessible in your country, the Galaxy S6 edge+ should be on your shopping list if you are planning on getting a new smartphone any time soon.


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