Samsung showcased enterprise mobility solutions at IFA 2015

Samsung has showcased KNOX, which is an enterprise level EMM solution that provides unparalleled security and control, at the company’s booth during IFA 2015 in Berlin. The South Korean technology giant demoed KNOX as well as Samsung Pay over at its booth, and the company has published their demo in a promo video that is embedded below. If you can remember, Google integrated KNOX into Android Lollipop for enhanced security.

IFA 2015 brought forth a lot of new technologies and products from Samsung, which just keeps on innovating, and this year the emphasis was put on the Internet of Things. Samsung basically wants to interconnect every aspect of consumer’s home, and the first step is SmartThings, a line of products which accomplishes exactly what the tech company had in mind with the IoT. Combined with the KNOX solution, it seems that the future is pretty bright, and we can’t wait to see what devices will emerge in the future.



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