Samsung Galaxy S6 goes to space, comes back safe and sound

Can your Galaxy S6 survive a trip to the edge of space? That’s a question that can’t really be answered by the normal consumer, but smartphone skin maker Slickwraps decided to test things out by sending a Galaxy S6 up to 122,264 feet (37,266 m) and making it come crashing down to the blue planet. The result? The phone survived the ordeal, and didn’t have any noticeable damage.

The phone was wrapped in Slickwraps’ bamboo skin, and managed to turn on even after encountering extremely cold temperature (-54C) in its 233 km journey, during which it reached speeds of 177 km/h. Well, it didn’t actually crash on to the ground at a very high speed, but it is still impressive to see the phone made it through a ride it will probably not get to take again any time soon.

See the entire thing in action in the video below, and remember, space or no space, that metal and glass body of the Galaxy S6 is something that is best put under a proper case if you want to protect it against damage. Just don’t get Samsung’s Clear View cover.



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WOODEN BACKCOVER. Or at least a skin. I hope the Note 5 will have a wooden backcover… 😉


this was Done by Teso Mobile also.. #S6EdgeofSpace on April 10th