J.K. Shin says early Galaxy Note 5 launch rumors are false

If you were getting excited about seeing the Galaxy Note 5 launch earlier than its predecessor (and come on, given how good the Galaxy S6 lineup is, there’s no way you can’t be excited about the Galaxy Note 5, which can only improve things further), then you might be disappointed to hear that Samsung Mobile president J.K. Shin has officially denied the rumor that reared its face earlier this week.

The rumor had said that Samsung might launch the Note 5 sooner than expected in order to compete against whatever iPhone comes out from Apple’s stable this year, but it’s not surprising that it wasn’t true as it would mess up Samsung’s yearly cycle of launching a Galaxy Note flagship. Shin also denied rumors of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge performing poorly in the market; again, we aren’t surprised considering how both devices are one of the best flagship smartphones ever launched and do a lot to address consumer complaints.

As we had exclusively revealed, the Galaxy Note 5 could be accompanied by a slightly less powerful but curvy variant that succeeds the Galaxy Note Edge. The Note 5 could have a display with 2K/4K resolution and an Exynos 7422 CPU, and as we have seen with the Galaxy S6 devices, it will most likely have a design that puts it a couple of notches above its predecessors.

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