Galaxy S6 Active passes the FCC, could be the ‘Samsung Zenzero’

It was less than a day ago that pictures purporting to show the Galaxy S6 Active in the flesh made their way online, and we now have another rumor suggesting the rugged Galaxy S6 is nearing an official launch. According to Phandroid, a device with codename “Samsung Zenzero” was spotted in the visitor logs of an unnamed but popular Android app, running Android 5.1 and having a Quad HD display resolution.

There is no direct proof of the Zenzero being the S6 Active, but its similarity to Project Zero, Samsung’s codename for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge when they were under development, is certainly a good hint. But as we had heard earlier, Project Zen is supposedly the codename for the successor to the Galaxy Note Edge, and it would be odd if the S6 Active was also similarly titled internally. However, given what we were told wasn’t confirmed info, it is possible the Zenzero is indeed the waterproof Galaxy S6 many have been clamoring for.

As for when the Galaxy S6 Active will be officially announced, it’s possible that could happen very soon, as the phone has been certified by the FCC. Well, at least the AT&T variant shouldn’t be far away given it’s the one that has been given the go-ahead – those outside the US will no doubt have to wait a bit longer before they get the option to put down their money for the more resistant and stronger Galaxy S6.



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Wrong post…


Just another thought. So consumer reports said the S6 “is like the new iphone” right, does this also mean the S5 is better than the iPhone 6? Why didn’t consumer report inform us of this during their iPhone 6 review.

FYI the S6 is much better than the current iPhone 6.