Samsung could be working on a Galaxy H lineup of phones

Samsung might be turning over a new leaf in a lot of aspects as far as its flagship lineup is concerned, but the Korean manufacturer doesn’t seem to be doing anything to cut down on the number of smartphones it brings to market, despite having officially said it would do so in 2015. Samsung has launched a number of new device lineups in the last couple of months – there’s the Galaxy A, Galaxy E and Galaxy J, and it seems the company is now working on devices that carry the Galaxy H moniker.

Samsung has put in applications to trademark the names Galaxy H1 and Galaxy H7 at the Korean Intellectual Property Office, not long after it moved to trademark the Galaxy A6, A8 and A9. There’s never a guarantee that trademarks will turn into something real, but going by how Samsung has been putting out numerous devices under the guise of simpler names that are easier to keep track of, there’s a high chance that the Galaxy H series will see the light of the day sometime later this year.

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