SecuTABLET is essentially the Galaxy Tab S 10.5, but with added privacy features

Secusmart, a subsidiary of the out of favor BlackBerry, has announced a (sort of) new tablet at the ongoing CeBIT 2015 exhibition. The tablet is known as the SecuTABLET, but the device will ring a bell in minds of Samsung enthusiasts. The device is essentially a Galaxy Tab S 10.5 but with added privacy and security features.

The device comes with a technology that prevents information from leaking via apps that often contain sensitive data, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The technology itself is in turn provided by IBM. According to the makers of the device, the SecuTABLET is in process of receiving certification from the German Federal Office for Information Security for the German VS-NfD security rating, which means usage will be restricted to official use only.



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