Samsung trademarks Galaxy Tab A, Tab E and Tab J

We’re already seeing Samsung’s plans to simplify its smartphone lineup – at least in terms of naming – in motion, and as we had revealed back in January, the company is working on doing something similar for its tablet lineup with the Galaxy Tab A series. Well, it seems Samsung is following the same path that it did with its phones – the Korean manufacturer has applied for trademarking the Galaxy Tab A, Galaxy Tab E, and Galaxy Tab J device names, suggesting we will be treated to an onslaught of tablets in various sizes and price categories but with names that are easier to remember.

Naturally, the trademark applications don’t reveal any information about the hardware we can expect to see on these tablets, but we can expect the 64-bit Galaxy Tab 4 refreshes that were discovered in recent weeks to be included in either of the three new Tab series. We will probably see at least three different screen sizes as well; we’re working on getting more info on these tablets from our insiders, and you can be sure we will share everything we come across.



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