Samsung continuously investing into the Gear VR ecosystem

Samsung marked its entry into the world of virtual reality by launching the Gear VR during IFA 2014. Their revenue through mobile business might be depleting, but they are being bullish about the prospects of virtual reality devices. According to a report from Korea Herald, Samsung is trying to create an ecosystem for their virtual reality devices by investing in game companies and developers who have great ideas and are willing to create content. According to their sources, at least one local mobile role-playing game developer has already received funds from Samsung to release a game for the Gear VR. Samsung might also invest in overseas companies to create VR content for their first virtual reality headset. Apparently, there are three more companies who are getting ready to release VR games in the future. Oculus has already confirmed the ‘Gear Quest’ game for the Gear VR, while Samsung has showcased content for the device.

It is also being reported that Facebook is working with Korean game developers to release VR games for the Oculus Rift. Analysts have predicted that the Gear VR could create $7 billion market in the next four years, but everything is not perfect. The Gear VR was reported to have overheating issues, which were reportedly being caused by the Galaxy Note 4. Oculus has already warned its competitors against releasing VR products which are not ready for the primetime yet. According to Oculus CEO, Brendan Iribe, such unfinished products can cause disorientation and motion sickness to the users.

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