Samsung Gear VR said to have overheating issues, Galaxy Note 4 might be the culprit

 The Gear VR has been touted as being one of the best virtual reality headsets, but as with all first-generation products, it seems the Gear VR isn’t as trouble-free as one would like. The Gear VR is on display at some Samsung stores in South Korea, and according to a new report, hands-on demos of the headset have been limited to 25 minutes. This is apparently due to the fact that the Gear VR begins to heat up after a while, and since this isn’t a smartphone that one can handle even if it is a little hot, Samsung officials aren’t letting people try the Gear VR on for too long.

What we found out in our own experience when trying the Gear VR at Samsung’s Unpacked event was that the headset itself wasn’t heating up. Instead, the Galaxy Note 4, which drives the Gear VR, was the culprit, as the official giving us the demo had to switch out the phone and put in a different unit after a while. Basically, it looks like the Galaxy Note 4 isn’t yet ready to handle the load of powering a virtual reality headset for long periods. It’s possible the final retail units won’t have this issue, but for now, we will need to wait for an official statment from Samsung to find out what exactly is the reason for the limited demo the company is offering to consumers.


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That is why the Gear VR is not the final massmarket product, as there are still some hurdles to overcome and development is in progress. And of course there are thermal difficulties with mobile VR as there are no fans to cool the CPU and very heavy computing and graphical tasks necessary. It should be no problem tho when you watch movies on the Gear VR but more so when you play 3D games. Samsung and Oculus are still debating if they should throttle the Note if the CPU gets to hot and tell the user if he wants to… Read more »