Clove says the UK won’t be part of initial Galaxy Note Edge launch, confirms Galaxy Note 4 pricing

Recently, an analyst suggested that Samsung will only be able to ship around 1 million units of the Galaxy Note Edge in 2014 thanks to the fact that the curved Edge display of the device has a complicated manufacturing process. Now, UK retailer Clove has also come up with a statement saying that when the Galaxy Note Edge launches, there will be no stock available in UK. Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed anything, but distribution channels have reportedly told Clove that the UK won’t be among the countries the Note Edge will initially launch in, and that most European countries won’t be getting it.

This doesn’t come as surprising, considering information SamMobile received recently also suggested that the UK won’t be part of the initial launch. However, Clove has said that for those looking to buy the Galaxy Note Edge, it will try to source non-UK stock, though again, given the limited regions the device will be launching in, it remains to be seen just how easy it will be for consumers to get hold of one. Pricing isn’t confirmed either, but you can be sure the Galaxy Note Edge won’t be too affordable given its unique selling point.

Thankfully, the Galaxy Note 4 won’t be so elusive, as Clove says that the first stock due to arrive in the week starting October 13. The fourth-generation Note flagship will be priced at £575, and people will likely be able to buy it for less on monthly plans.


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