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There’s a lot of stuff that happens in the mobile industry, something that is especially true when it comes to giants like Samsung. If you missed out on some (or all) of what happened in the last 24 hours or so, well, here’s a recap of all the big things that went down.

Samsung launched five new budget phones, the Galaxy Core Mini 4G, Galaxy Core II, Galaxy Young 2, Galaxy Ace 4, and Galaxy Star 2, bloating its extensive portfolio of smartphones even further. A leak revealed that Samsung might also be working on a new variant of the Galaxy S5 that will be powered by Tizen, and we also saw full specs for the Galaxy Mega 2 make an appearance ahead of its launch.

The international Galaxy Note 3 (Snapdragon model) received an update that brought features such as KNOX 2.0, Download Booster, and Kids Mode. Samsung’s market share was revealed to have increased in the second quarter, with many Galaxy S5 owners upgrading from their small iPhones, and a Samsung executive stated how he thinks Apple devices no longer offer the magic that made the company’s existing devices popular.

Here’s the full rundown:

As usual, a lot of devices got general firmware updates as well, so here’s a list of all the updates that rolled to Samsung devices yesterday (as always, you can download all these firmware and more from our firmware section):

Country (Product Code)ModelModel NameVersionPDA
Afghanistan (AFG)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Algeria (TMC)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE7
Algeria (TMC)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.3I9500XXUEMJ8
Argentina (Movistar) (UFN)GT-I8190LGALAXY S III mini4.1.2I8190LUBANE2
Argentina (Movistar) (GT-I8190TADUFN)GT-I8190LGALAXY S III miniI8190LUBALL1
Argentina (Movistar) (UFN)GT-I8190LGALAXY S III mini4.1.2I8190LUBAMH1
Australia (XSA)SM-T520GALAXY TabPRO 10.1 Wi-Fi4.4.2T520XXUANE1
Baltic (SEB)SM-T7054.4.2T705XXU1ANF7
Bangladesh (TML)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.3N7100DDUENA1
Bangladesh (TML)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFNE1
Brazil (ZTO)GT-S7562LGALAXY S Duos4.0.4S7562LVJANE1
Brazil (ZTO)GT-S7562LGALAXY S Duos4.0.4S7562LVJAMK2
Bulgaria (BGL)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANF8
Bulgaria (MTL) (Black Edition)(MTL)GT-I9515GALAXY S4 VE4.4.2I9515XXU1AND3
Cambodia (CAM)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Cellular south (XAR)SM-T310GALAXY Tab3 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T310UEUCNF4
Cellular south (XAR)SM-T310GALAXY Tab3 8.0 Wi-FiT310UEUAMH2
Chile (CHO)GT-I9080LGALAXY Grand4.2.2I9080LUBUBND1
China (CHM)GT-S7278UGALAXY Ace 3 DUOS4.1.2S7278UZMUANF1
China (CHU)GT-I9082iGALAXY Grand DUOS4.1.2I9082IZNANF1
Colombia (COO)GT-S6810MGALAXY Fame4.1.2S6810MUBANF1
Czech Republic (XEZ)SM-T7054.4.2T705XXU1ANF7
Czech Republic (T-Mobile) (TMZ)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.3N7100XXUENA1
Egypt (EGY)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANE3
Egypt (EGY)GT-I9001GALAXY S Plus2.3.5I9001JPKP3
France (XEF)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.1.2R381XXU0BNE5
Germany (DBT)SM-T325GALAXY TabPRO 8.4 LTE4.4.2T325XXU1BNE5
Germany (DBT)GT-I9295GALAXY S4 Active4.4.2I9295XXUCNE5
Germany (MBC)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE7
Germany (MBC)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.3I9500XXUEMJ8
Germany (DBT)SM-T325GALAXY TabPRO 8.4 LTE4.4.2T325XXU1BNF3
Germany (DBT)GT-I9295GALAXY S4 Active4.2.2I9295XXUBMK3
Germany (T-Mobile) (DTM)GT-I8190GALAXY S III miniI8190XXAMB3
Germany (T-Mobile) (GT-I8190TADDTM)GT-I8190GALAXY S III mini4.1.1I8190XXALJL
Germany (T-Mobile) (DTM)GT-I8190GALAXY S III mini4.1.2I8190XXANR6
Germany (T-Mobile) (DTM)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.4.2P605XXUCNE2
Greece (EUR)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANE4
Greece (EUR)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANF8
Hungary (XEH)GT-B9150HomeSync4.2.2B9150XXUBNE1
Hungary (XEH)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANE4
Hungary (T-mobile) (TMH)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.4.2P605XXUCNE2
Hungary (VDH) (VDH)GT-I9000GALAXY S2.3I9000XWJVN
India (INU)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFND3
India (INS)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNC1
India (INU)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNC1
India (INU)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
India (INU)GT-B9150HomeSync4.2.2B9150XXUBMJ3
India (INS)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE4
India (INU)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE4
India (INU)GT-B9150HomeSync4.2.2B9150XXUBNE1
India (INU)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
India (INU)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFNE1
Indonesia (XSE)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Ireland (O2) (Black Edition)(O2I)GT-I9515GALAXY S4 VE4.4.2I9515XXU1AND3
Italy (ITV)GT-I9301IGALAXY S3 Neo+4.4.2I9301IXXUANF4
Kazakhstan (SKZ)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXANF2
Kazakhstan (SKZ)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXAND3
Korea (KTF)SHV-E400KGALAXY Golden4.2.2E400KKKUANF3
Korea (KTF)SHV-E400KGALAXY Golden4.2.2E400KKKUAMK2
Libya (BTC)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE7
Libya (BTC)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNB4
Macedonia (T-Mobile) (MBM)SM-P605GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition LTE4.4.2P605XXUCNE2
Malaysia (XME)SM-T310GALAXY Tab3 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T310XXUBNF5
Malaysia (XME)SM-T310GALAXY Tab3 8.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T310XWUAMG3
Malaysia (XME)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Morocco (MAT) (MAT)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Nepal (NPL)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFNE1
Nepal (NPL)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.3N7100DDUENA1
Nepal (NPL)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Nepal (NPL)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Netherlands (T-Mobile) (TNL)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.3N7100XXUENA1
Nordic countries (NEE)GT-I8730GALAXY Express4.1.2I8730XWANE1
Open Austria (ATO)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.1.2R381XXU0BNE5
Open Austria (ATO)GT-I9301IGALAXY S3 Neo+4.4.2I9301IXXUANF4
Open Austria (ATO)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.0R381XXU0BNDD
Pakistan (PAK) (PAK)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Philippines (Globe) (GLB)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Philippines (Open Line) (XTC)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Philippines (Smart) (SMA)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Philippines (Sun Cellular) (XTE)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Poland (T-mobile) (TPL)SM-T235GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 LTE4.4.2T235XXU1ANE9
Portugal (Vodafone) (TCL)GT-N8020GALAXY Note
Portugal (Vodafone) (GT-N8020RWDTCL)GT-N8020GALAXY Note
Russia (SER)SM-C115Galaxy K zoom4.4.2C115XXU1BNF1
Russia (SER)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900XXUENF3
Russia (SER)SM-G800F4.4.2G800FXXU1ANFD
Russia (SER)SM-N900GALAXY Note 34.4.2N900XXUDND1
Russia (SER)SM-G355H4.4.2G355HXXU0ANFC
Saudi Arabia (KSA)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNB4
Saudi Arabia (KSA)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANE3
Saudi Arabia (KSA)GT-I9500GALAXY S44.4.2I9500XXUFNE7
Singapore (XSP)SM-T310GALAXY Tab3 8.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T310XWUAMG3
Singapore (XSP)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Singapore (XSP)SM-T310GALAXY Tab3 8.0 Wi-Fi4.4.2T310XXUBNF5
Singapore (MM1)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Singapore (SingTel) (SIN)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Singapore (StarHub) (STH)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8
Slovakia (XSK)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANF8
Slovenia (SIO)SM-T800GALAXY Tab S 10.5 Wi-Fi4.4.2T800XXU1ANF8
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E250SGALAXY Note II4.4.2E250SKSUKNF7
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E330SGALAXY S44.4.2E330SKSUCNE2
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E330SGALAXY S44.4.2E330SKSUCNF3
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E330SGALAXY S44.4.2E330SKSUCNF3
South Korea (SKT)SHV-E250SGALAXY Note II4.4.2E250SKSUKNE6
Sri Lanka (SLK)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Sri Lanka (SLK)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.3N7100DDUENA1
Sri Lanka (SLK)GT-N7100GALAXY Note II4.4.2N7100XXUFNE1
Switzerland (AUT)GT-B9150HomeSync4.2.2B9150XXUBNE1
Switzerland (AUT)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUFNB9
Switzerland (AUT)GT-I9505GALAXY S4 LTE4.4.2I9505XXUGNF1
Turkey (TUR)SM-T110GALAXY Tab3 Lite 7.0 Wi-Fi4.2.2T110XXUANE3
Turkey (TUR)SM-T700GALAXY Tab S 8.4 Wi-Fi4.4.2T700XXU1ANF7
USA (Verizon) (VZW)SM-G730VGALAXY S III mini4.4.2G730VVRUBNE2
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)GT-B9150HomeSync4.2.2B9150XXUBNE1
Ukraine (Kyivstar) (SEK)SM-R381Gear 2 Neo2.2.1.2R381XXU0BNE5
United Kingdom (EE) (EVR)GT-N8020GALAXY Note
United Kingdom (EE) (GT-N8020RWDEVR)GT-N8020GALAXY Note 10.1N8020XXALJD
Unknown (BVO)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANF1
Unknown (BNG)SM-T231GALAXY Tab 4 7.0 3G4.4.2T231XXU0ANE2
Uruguay (UPO)SM-P601GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition 3G4.4.2P601UBUCNF1
Uzbekistan (CAC)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXANF2
Uzbekistan (CAC)GT-I8552GALAXY Win DUOS4.1.2I8552XXAND3
Vietnam (XXV)SM-T8054.4.2T805XXU1ANF8

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3 years 2 months ago

busco una actualizacion para liberar s3 mini mexico

3 years 6 months ago

Argentina (Movistar) (UFN) GT-I8190L GALAXY S III mini 4.1.2 I8190LUBAMH1

3 years 3 months ago

4.1.2…….. 4.3 :'(

3 years 6 months ago

Jesus Christ, Note II kitkat update was released in France on 24. april. Today is 02.july and still half of the world is waiting. This is my last damn Samsung device!!

3 years 6 months ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9506 KitKat UPDATE ???

3 years 6 months ago

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9305 LTE KitKat UPDATE ??????????

3 years 6 months ago

Samsung should remove its famed KIES application it is a absolute waste of an app a fraud played upon hapless consumers ever tried the “firmware upgrade and initialization” it deserves an award every 9 out of ten times it fails reason? the application cannot recognize the Samsung device how does a firmware upgrade start without identifying the device yet after 6 hours of patient waiting it fails this is my last Samsung Device GT-N5100 will never buy another again