Report: Samsung to mass produce Quantum Dot LCD displays later this year

With its AMOLED displays almost perfected, and with flexible displays also under its umbrella, it looks like Samsung is turning its attention towards the next frontier in display technology. According to the Korean media, Samsung (and LG) is planning to mass produce Quantum Dot (QD) LCD displays starting with the second half of the year. Quantum Dot technology allows LCD displays to produce highly saturated colors – Samsung’s AMOLED displays have often bested its LCD screens in terms of color reproduction, which means that adopting QD tech could allow the company to bring its LCD displays closer to the color range AMOLED displays have traditionally offered.

There’s no telling when we will see QD displays on actual smartphones and tablets, but if the report is accurate and Samsung’s production plans work out, we could probably see it happening sometime in early 2015. Given Samsung’s tradition of using AMOLED displays on its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships, we will probably see QD technology adopted on a tablet first, and on devices from the competition that Samsung produces displays.)

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