Samsung and Twitter launch special Vine app for Galaxy K zoom’s optical zoom feature

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One of the most awesome features of Samsung’s Galaxy zoom range of camera-centric smartphones is the optical zoom capability of the camera, with both the Galaxy S4 zoom and Galaxy K zoom sporting 10x optical zoom. To allow users to better use the optical zoom feature, Samsung has teamed up with Twitter to create a specialized Vine app exclusively for the Galaxy K zoom – this dedicated app will feature zoom buttons on the recording screen so users can zoom in while creating vines before uploading them for the world to see.

“With this latest collaboration, Samsung continues to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and supporting the needs of our consumers, including that of their creativity. The Vine app for the Galaxy K zoom capitalizes on the device’s advanced zoom camera features to further empower artistic expression and continue invigorating the mobile experience of our consumers,” said Sun Hong Lim, Senior Vice President of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.

To be clear, it doesn’t look like the app will be a separate one from the Vine app that is accessible by all other Android users, but will probably enable those zoom buttons when it detects the device it is installed on is a Galaxy K zoom. There’s no telling when the app will go online, but with the Galaxy K zoom not yet available in most markets, it’s not something that folks will be particularly impatient for for the time being.


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