Samsung finds support in 27 US professors of law in first Apple lawsuit

Apple may have had a resounding victory in its first lawsuit against Samsung that found the Korean manufacturer guilty of infringing on Apple’s iPhone design patents, but it seems not everyone in the US thinks the lawsuit was fair. Apparently, 27 professors of Law in the US have announced that they actually support Samsung in said lawsuit, in a letter sent to the Federal Circuit. The letter makes the case that laws that make the infringer give up all its profits after being found guilty of infringement date back to the 19th century; furthermore, these laws were written with things like carpets in mind, making them all the more irrelevant in the Apple and Samsung lawsuit, which targeted mobile devices.

Basically, while the group of professors isn’t saying that Samsung didn’t infringe on Apple’s design patents (they did, at least on the original Galaxy S), they are trying to make a point that the verdict that ruled Samsung would have to pay Apple US$930 million (1 trillion won) because of the profits Apple invariably lost when Samsung took their design and put it on their own phone is unfair in this day and age. This probably won’t get the courts to reassess what Samsung owes Apple, but it goes to show how archaic patent laws are having a negative effect on companies involved in such lawsuits, having to pay up just because another company might have made some profits had their patents not been infringed upon.


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2 years 10 months ago

Go ask every-single scientists to back you up Sammy …

2 years 10 months ago

All the scientists work for Samsung! lol… so wouldn’t work. Plus read the amicus curiae brief? It says these 27 US Professors, which includes high powered professors from Stanford, MIT, etc (including 3 who supported Apple last year) now support Samsung. They say that basically not only does Apple deserve to profit off all Samsung’s sales profits for puny little software features, they’re saying they won’t ever receive that $930 Million and that much of this award pertains to patents, that have been rejected by the USPTO under final re-examination!

This is why Samsung’s one of the Top Attorneys in the country if not the World, says Apple will go away empty handed on that $930 Million award too. They only have one valid patent left standing on that case!!!