Samsung lawyer: Apple will go empty-handed in latest patent trial verdict

Samsung was found to infringe on two of Apple’s patents in the latest court battle between the two smartphone giants, for which Samsung is supposed to pay $119.6 million in damages to the iPhone maker. However, Samsung’s top attorney, John Quinn, believes that Apple will walk away empty-handed as Samsung intends to appeal the decision. He also believes that an appeal will get the courts to reduce, or even completely overturn, the $930 million that Apple won in the first trial. According to Quinn, Apple’s war on Android (and Samsung) has been a fruitless endeavor and a waste of the millions of dollars that have been spent in court, something that we agree with.

“Up to this point, I think Apple really hadn’t given up hope [it] could cripple Android somehow,” John Quinn said in an interview with CNET. “This has got to be the last straw. They’ve got to realize they’re not going to slow Android down by suing people.” Naturally, since Quinn is representing Samsung, his statements shouldn’t be taken as a sign of what will actually happen, but it’s clear that the Korean manufacturer is in no mood to transfer any cash over to Apple, even if it might just be 6 percent of what Apple was demanding when the trial first went live.


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2 years 11 months ago

This whole thing is a charade…how can we take this “war” and lawsuit frenzy seriously by Apple, when they’re still employing samsung to build and produce something like 80% of all its mobile components and appx 40-60% of its macintosh line of hardware…so paying Samsung billions to manufacture components privately then publicly sue them? This whole ordeal is a joke


2 years 11 months ago

Hey samsung is not just one company like apple or ms or google. Samsung is conglomerate. It has multiple divisions.

2 years 11 months ago

End it!

2 years 11 months ago

Apple should give up. But samsung don’t have to. Because it’s apple that started this stupid thing.