Samsung found to infringe on two Apple patents, will pay $119 million in damages

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The jury has finally reached a verdict and found that Samsung has infringed on two patents, with the damages at $119,625,000. The first of the two Apple patents in question is patent number 5,946,647, which covers the mechanism through which addresses and phone numbers are converted into links. The second patent, number 8,046,721, details the usage of the slide to unlock system that Apple alleged that Samsung had copied in its Galaxy line of handsets.The jury also found that Apple infringed on a Samsung patent covering a video and image gallery feature on three iPhone, and two models of the iPod touch. Samsung is owed $158,400 in damages.

Both numbers are minute when compared to the $2.191 billion Apple was seeking, and the $6.2 million figure Samsung was looking to get. The jury still has to decide on damages for the Galaxy S2, which will be determined next week. Of all the Samsung devices in question, only the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 was found to not infringe on any patents.

Apple filed for infringements on five patents in total, which included the slide to unlock feature, the quick links feature, universal search, data synchronization and keyboard autocorrect. Of the five, the jury found that Samsung only infringed on two, which resulted in the damages settlement being much lesser than what was originally claimed. In the same vein, Samsung pushed for two patent infringements, one covering video transmission and the other for the video gallery feature. The bulk of the damages that Samsung was seeking for the video transmission patent, which the jury found not to be infringed upon.

Even though the verdict is in, there is a chance that the final damages settlement could be far higher than the $119 million figure. The jury will have to decide the damages on the Galaxy S2 next week, which could turn out to be quite significant as the Galaxy S3 alone accounted for over $52 million in damages.


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3 years 8 months ago

Technology should not be patented. It reduces the chance and speed by which people get the best of technology they can buy. I hope nobody sues someone for putting a switch-on and switch-off button on mobile phones because they were the first to think about the idea !

3 years 8 months ago

Soll appel mall alles selbst produzieren und dann wissen andere nicht was drin ist. An alle appel kaufer das meiste stelt samsung und andere Firmen her wall sie es selbst nicht können und andere dann verklagen wenn sie das gleiche verbauen haha und die bloden richter geben appel meist noch recht. Wie sagt man so schön geld regiert die welt