Report: Samsung building new factory to produce flexible displays for Galaxy S6 and Note 5

Samsung is reportedly resuming work on one of its factories that is dedicated to manufacturing flexible displays, after pressure from Samsung’s business partners and because of growing interest in flexible screens. According to a report published by Ledwn, the factory is expected to be fully operational as soon as possible as Samsung is looking to use flexible displays on both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5. While this sounds a bit farfetched, it does make sense – even the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to sport a curved display, and Samsung has repeatedly made clear its plans to bring curved devices to the mass market by 2015.

Analysts are also claiming that Samsung is expected to work on innovating its device designs, something which might explain why the company is bringing a new form factor with the Galaxy Note 4. Hopefully, these claims turn out to be accurate, as Samsung’s current smartphone design has been getting stale for quite some time, and while it might not be moving away from plastic anytime soon, we can at least look forward to a different look on its upcoming phones and tablets.

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3 years 25 minutes ago

I think super make smart telephone samsung…But glass problem

3 years 12 hours ago

Better meet demands for next years model. :)

3 years 17 hours ago

I hope note 4 comes with a true octa core 2.7 Ghz processor with 64 bit architecture and 2K display

3 years 1 hour ago

as far as I know the 64 bits processor won’t arrive in time for the Note4

2K display? Let them increase battery capacity before introducing more power hungry features. And while they’re at it .. stop from including all the Samsung bloatware

3 years 12 hours ago

Doubt it…

3 years 17 hours ago

i hope note 4 not disappointed

3 years 17 hours ago

Nothing beats Galaxy Note products today they are the GOLD standard of technology. The Galaxy Note 4 a definite day one purchase.