Galaxy F concept render looks very realistic

There isn’t any official confirmation from Samsung as to whether a higher-end version of the Galaxy S5 will launch later this year under the Galaxy F name, but a bout of rumors suggest that the manufacturer will unveil the device in the month of May. The device is said to feature an all-metallic chassis, quad-HD screen and a 64-bit Exynos SoC that is manufactured in-house at Samsung. A few leaks suggest that the Galaxy F line will slot in between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, but as of now it is not known as to how Samsung will achieve this.

Designer Ivo Marić created a concept render of the Galaxy F based on the current set of rumors, which you can view below. The render looks very realistic and takes design cues from the Galaxy S5, but features a metallic construction. We are of the opinion that a premium Galaxy S5 could work for a niche section of smartphone users, and the design seen in the concept could work out pretty well as part of the phone’s appeal.





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3 years 1 month ago

It may look realistic. But it’s really ugly.

3 years 1 month ago

Could have rendered better.

3 years 1 month ago

Calm down people, this is a concept only. Samsung has not said anything about this. I personally think it’s not really nice..

3 years 1 month ago

I think the F on the galaxy f means galaxy FLEX, so I think the smartphones are flexible.

3 years 1 month ago

Concepts are concepts, and don’t mean ANYTHING. Now, a metal design does NOT preclude having a user-swappable battery, there could easily be a panel on the underside you would slide off to let you replace them, it doesn’t have to be plastic. As far as button placement, again, who knows at this point, and a render isn’t the same as what you would see in a real product.

As far as the specs go, a 5.4 inch that does 2560×1440 with a quad core Qualcomm or the oct core Exynos would do the job. Considering the Galaxy Note 3 costs more than the Galaxy S4 did, if a Galaxy F came in at only 100-150 more than the Galaxy S5, I can see that selling in certain markets. Keep in mind that contract prices in countries where carriers offer subsidized phones would mean only paying $50-$75 more up front for the device, and again, that would still sell if the specs were higher.

3 years 1 month ago

OMG what a fail design…

3 years 1 month ago

Looks awful – rather industrial design, I’d say. And the buttons placement… don’t you see how hard it would be to press them? This concept looks very awful. And unrealistic, lol.

3 years 1 month ago

I am not sure about concept designs to be in real world. But that buttons look like shutter button, and it is easy to use. They are not volume button and you can see volume button on the other side of the phone.
Sounds like that samsung are trying to produce F series. But in this concept, I am not sure.

3 years 1 month ago

The buttons in the upper right and left sides are power and volume up/down. I was not talking about the seemingly shutter button near the speaker.

And speaking of the speaker, if this is going to be the F phone indeed… well, fail, Samsung.

3 years 1 month ago

Not Pretty. Stick with plastic Samsung, but make use of a better design/feel. Metal just means no removable battery, and scuffs n dents in no time. I Phone 5 flaking and scratches are not welcome on a Samsung device.