Report: Samsung to have a secretive showcase of a bendable tablet at MWC

It seems Samsung is making a habit of showing off its bendable display technology to a select group of people behind closed doors at major events. After reports of the Korean manufacturer showcasing foldable phone displays to certain high-ranking folks at big events like the company’s Analyst Day and CES, a new report from the Korean media is claiming that Samsung is gearing up to do the same once again. However, this time, Samsung will go a step further and show off a bendable tablet that can be folded up to 90 degrees.

That will reportedly allow the tablet to be used as a laptop, though the report is pretty light on details, such as whether the screen itself will be slightly curved or bent when the device is folded. It’s possible that bending the tablet will let us prop it up on a table without additional support, or it could be something even more exciting and – if I may dare use the word – innovative. Of course, this would only be a prototype that won’t come to market anytime soon, but it looks like Samsung is working hard and fast on its bendable/foldable display/device technology.


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