Samsung’s new mobile alarm app lets you dedicate unused computing power to scientific research

Samsung has collaborated with researchers from the University of Vienna in creating a new mobile alarm app called Power Sleep that lets you donate unused computing power to scientific research. By using this utility, your mobile’s CPU cycles would be pooled together to create a “supercloud computer” that is accessible to researchers all over the world.Power Sleep is made by Cheil Worldwide in conjunction with the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna for Samsung handsets.

All you have to do is set an alarm while going to sleep. After you’re asleep, the app uses your smartphone’s CPU cycles to compute data, and the finished calculations are then sent out to the research lab’s servers, with file sizes usually under 1 MB.Researchers at the University of Vienna then collate the collective database of small calculation series from participants all over the world. The data is turned into an open-sourced protein-calculation database that can then be used by the scientific community to find a cure for diseases like Alzheimer’s.

This free utility will be available for download starting later today from both Google Play and Samsung’s own store. All Samsung devices running Android 2.3 and higher will be able to run this utility.

Claus Adams, COO of Cheil Austria, said that Power Sleep was designed to make it easier for individuals to collaborate their unused resources. “There was this amazing technology out there, which was unfortunately still unknown to the vast majority of people. We realized that the greatest barrier to usage was, paradoxically, the existing technology’s excessive ‘techi-ness’. So we focused on one question – how do we make it easy for a wider crowd to embrace and participate in a crowd-sourced donation platform?”

As soon as Samsung heard of the initiative, they endorsed it. Samsung has been undertaking similar global initiatives that allow individuals to create innovative products that contribute to peoples’ lives and communities. “At Samsung we believe that technology only begins to have meaning when put in the hands of people. Power Sleep was a great project to support, because we felt it was an initiative that really aligned with the brand’s core belief. Moving forward with programs like Power Sleep, we believe innovation should become the bridge that enables people to utilize technology further – not just for themselves, but also for a greater good,” said Gregor Almassy, CMO of Samsung Electronics Austria.


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3 years 2 months ago

My s4 heated enormously while charging, sorry ill delete this app :((

3 years 2 months ago

Your battery heats up while charging normally. So why in the world do you care? It’s asinine to think just because it heats up while charging, same as any other time, that you get all freaked out about it! lol…. unless you use cheap batteries instead genuine Samsung Batteries!

3 years 2 months ago

I(like normal user-i don’t keep secrets on my phone) don’t mind to use it for something good until i am at bed. BUT – EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE.
And i have a deal for them — i will let them use my CPU and phone during night time IF
They let me use it with software on my choice e.t.c Give me choice to have KNOX or No without voiding the warranty.

3 years 2 months ago

I find that a bit shifty.

3 years 2 months ago

Let me put it this way, I don’t trust them on this one. Let them find another way of doing this, not on my electric bill.

3 years 2 months ago

Samsung thinking in different ways.
Like apple

3 years 2 months ago

Absolutely and this is one of the reasons I buy Samsung products instead of belligerent Elitist Mentality Apple Products. They are only concerned with higher profit margins instead of ever donating anything to charity. Steve Jobs was proud of always taking and never giving back to society.

He prided himself and Apple on spending nothing on R&D and CAPeX spending for their future and instead paying higher dividends to share holders, thus stuffing more in his own pockets, even though he got no salary. Proud of not caring for his own child Lisa and claiming she wasn’t his child, while never paying child support until forced to. He was the total hypocrite and insensitive and cheap Megalomaniac to the max! ….just like Apple is today!!!

btw…. I make sure I close out all unnecessary Apps and tasks. Seems to work more consistently on the protein folding process! ….and unlike Steve Jobs and Apple, I’m proud to be able to help better society this way!

3 years 2 months ago

I would be better mining for bitcoin myself than consume my battery and stress my cpu for God knows what without any direct gain for me!

3 years 2 months ago

It just works when battery is at 100%. So you won´t help anyone if you don´t get a direct gain from it….#facepalm

3 years 2 months ago

world is getting even worse i dont trust them when they say its not access the software and data

3 years 2 months ago

Yeah, since you probably own industrial secrets and valuable data….