Judge rules Samsung infringes a patent, invalidates the other before trial

Samsung received a double blow in the US court this week as Judge Lucy Koh ruled Samsung to infringe an Apple patent and invalidated Samsung’s claim of Apple infringing one. The patents in question are the Apple owned autocomplete patent, which is infringed by Samsung and the one that got invalidated was Samsung’s patent on multimedia synchronisation.

Foss Patents points out that both Samsung and Apple were asserting five patent infringements each and with two patents siding with the iPhone maker, Apple will get the headstart at the trial that is scheduled to begin on March 31.


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3 years 6 months ago

Hey, Judge whatsyouname, ever used a pc? Windows, and even Google.com, have had Autocomplete well before the iPhone came out or Apple even started thinking about smartphones. You’re talking bollocks lady. Do tell, how many iPads did you recieve as a ‘gift’?