Samsung VP seemingly confirms MWC announcement, new build material for Galaxy S5

Remember how so many rumors have pointed to the fact that Samsung might somehow announce the Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress in February instead of at a dedicated event of their own? Well, according to the Korean media, those rumors might have been right – at a New Year’s party at Shilla Hotel in Seoul, Samsung’s Vice President and Head of Design Strategy, Dong-hoon Chang, reportedly confirmed that the rumors of an announcement at the MWC are “about right,” giving us enough fuel to start speculating on the company’s next flagship as we welcome 2014 into our lives.

Chang also mentioned that the Galaxy S5 would be made out of a “new material,” and that the company is reviewing whether it should put a flexible display on the device. Before you get excited about the fact that the Galaxy S5 will not have any plastic adorning its front and back, keep in mind that the new material and flexible display could be for the rumored premium version of the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy F, and that the inclusion of a flexible display could suggest that the Galaxy F would be produced in limited quantities, not to mention rather costly as well (the Galaxy F could also be the variant that sports the QHD display and Samsung’s rumored Exynos S processor.)

As for the MWC announcement, it could simply mean that Samsung would be holding a dedicated Galaxy S5 event a few days after the MWC, since the vague wording doesn’t exactly confirm anything. It’s only a couple of months left before we find out though, and rest assured that if an MWC announcement does take place, we’ll be bringing you all the info on the new flagship live from the ground.


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