Tizen phone with model number SC-03F for NTT DoCoMo clears FCC

Of all the partners Samsung has for Tizen, Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo is reportedly in the biggest hurry to have a Tizen phone out in the market. Now, it seems the carrier’s wishes have taken one step closer to being fulfilled, as the SC-03F, which is DoCoMo’s Tizen handset, has managed to get clearance from the FCC for its network radios. Samsung is expected to show off the first Tizen device on February 23rd, and if all goes well, NTT DoCoMo might be the first to market with a Tizen phone.

The SC-03F seems to have a design that’s pretty similar to the Galaxy S4, and is 136.1 mm long and 69.1 mm thin, which is to say it’s a bit more slim. Specs are currently unknown, but it should carry hardware that’s at least similar to the Galaxy S3, if not newer.

Samsung SC-03F FCC TIZEN Indonesia NTT Samsung SC-03F FCC TIZEN Indonesia

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