Phones4U UK offering free Galaxy Gear with Note 3, accessory pack with Galaxy S4 Zoom

If you’re in the UK and have been thinking of buying the Galaxy Note 3, well, drop whatever you’re doing right now and head to the nearest Phones4U store and hand in the cash – from now until November 14th, the retailer will be giving away a free – yes, free – Galaxy Gear (our review here) to anyone buying the Galaxy Note 3 on contract from its stores (not online).

That’s a 100 percent discount (is there such a thing?) on Samsung’s smartwatch, a smartwatch that has kept people away mainly because of its high asking price (£299 in the UK). Sales probably haven’t been too good and that is likely the reason for this great offer, but hey, this isn’t the time to discussing all that, is it?

Oh, and if you’ve been looking for a camera-centric Android device, then Phones4U has an offer on the Galaxy S4 Zoom as well – you’ll get a free accessory pack with the device, which includes a flip case, tripod and charging unit. Not as impressive as the Gear offer, but not too bad, either, considering how costly Samsung’s official accessories can be.

Links: Galaxy Note 3 | Galaxy Gear


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i just checked, its online too