Galaxy Note 3 had a fingerprint scanner in early stages of development

When evidence was found in a few system files from the Galaxy S3 that Samsung was looking towards putting a fingerprint scanner on its upcoming devices, many expected the Galaxy Note 3 to be the first device to have one. However, that didn’t happen, and Samsung was recently reported as saying that they weren’t developing the technology, as it was in its nascent stages and the only company capable of mass producing fingerprint sensors was owned by Apple.

Now, a new report published by ETNews claims that Samsung had designed the Galaxy Note 3 with a fingerprint scanner at first, only to later scrap plans as the Dittisham Valley they had contracted for the fingerprint sensors did not pass quality assurance tests. Samsung is reportedly thinking of developing their own technology, though that will take quite some time to get ready.

Of course, since Apple introduced a fingerprint sensor on its latest iPhone, Samsung won’t be sitting idle, and with lots of resources at their disposal, don’t be surprised if the Galaxy S5 lets you unlock it with a touch of your finger, while sporting a 64-bit processor, another talked-about feature of the iPhone 5s.


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