Samsung Galaxy Note 3 pre-orders at Phones4U will get £100 off Galaxy Gear, free accessory pack

The Galaxy Gear might be better than we were expecting, but it’s price tag ($299) is something that failed to impress, and has people wondering whether they’ll be bundles of the Gear with the Galaxy Note 3 that will make the combined price lower than when buying the two devices separately. Well, we don’t know yet if those bundles exist, but for those in the UK that pre-order the Note 3 from Phones4U, the retailer will remove £100 off the Galaxy Gear’s price.

Wait, hold your excitement, that’s not all. The retailer will also be throwing in a flip case and a free wireless speaker worth £120, which should make it one of the best deals for the upcoming phablet. Pre-orders are already open, and the device will be made available on Wednesday, September 25th. The price isn’t known, though going by the supposed 939 CHF price in Switzerland, you may want to wait a few days before hitting the pre-order button.



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