Wanam Xposed offers deep customization on rooted Samsung devices running Android 4.2

Have a rooted Samsung smartphone or tablet that’s running on Android 4.2? If the answer is yes, then you might want to take a look at this new app called Wanam Xposed, which lets you customize a plethora of TouchWiz and other settings on any Android 4.2 Samsung device with root access.

The app uses the Xposed Framework, which has gained momentum recently for opening up avenues of customization without needing a custom ROM on any device. Wanam Xposed will let you do stuff such as enable camera during calls, enable call recording, add 4-way reboot options to power menu, unlock Multi-Window for all apps, kill apps on long-press of back key, customize the status bar (transparency, toggle customization, etc), customize theme of icons and menus, and a lot more.


Wanam Xposed is free on the Play Store, though since it requires Xposed Framework, something that can present a few risks, it is recommended that you backup your ROM through a custom recovery first before attempting anything. Once you’ve done that, hit the source link to find out how to set up your device for using Wanam Xposed. 


P.S.: You can also try out Note 2 Hidden Settings, an app which doesn’t require Xposed Framework but is also safer, though with lesser amount of tweaks.

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