Note 2 Hidden Settings lets you access secret options on rooted Galaxy S4 and Note 2

There’s a lot of settings in an OS that require editing of system files to be changed and are therefore usually off-limits to most users, but if you’re using a rooted Galaxy S4 or Note 2, then a new app called Note 2 Hidden Settings will let you access many secret system settings and toggle them by hitting a button.

The app works on both devices, and will let you do things like adding an exit button to the browser or adding an option to select user agent (desktop, mobile, etc), enabling the enter key on the keyboard into creating a new line, enable infinite scrolling in the launcher and app drawer, toggle a shutter sound menu in the camera, remove that ‘Software Update’ menu in settings, and more.


It’s a pretty nice app, and if you’re adventurous enough, you can try it out on a device other than the Note 2 or S4 as well (it didn’t work on my Nexus, but that’s to be expected as most of these options are not present in stock Android). Go ahead and download the app from the Play Store on your device or from the source link. It’s free.

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