Rumor: Galaxy Note III to support 4K video recording, 24-bit/192KHz music playback

Fresh rumors about the Galaxy Note III have cropped up, and this time, they’re about the video and audio capabilities of the upcoming handset. According to The Korea Economic Daily, the Note III will let users record video at 4K resolution, or at 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution, and will also offer 24-bit/192KHz music playback to keep the audio buffs happy.

Now, while better audio support is something we all like, many will question the need of 4K video recording on a smartphone, as neither the display resolution nor storage space are enough for 4K video on a smartphone. However, with Ultra HD 4K TVs on their way to becoming the next big thing after Full HD TVs, 4K video recording is a feature that might start appearing on all flagship devices in the near future (even Sony’s 20-megapixel Xperia Z1 Honami is expected to have it).

As always, nothing is confirmed until the handset goes official, so take everything with a pinch of salt. Samsung will officially announce the Galaxy Note III in September at its UNPACKED event, and we can’t wait to see which of these rumors turn out to be right.


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3 years 7 months ago

How about putting that into the next GALAXY flagship smartphone?

3 years 7 months ago

I’ve a HD’TV and a 28″ CRT in the citchen. Maybe I’m a “Flinstone”
gt-i9305 user ;-)

3 years 7 months ago

“many will question the need of 4K video recording on a smartphone, as neither the display resolution nor storage space are enough for 4K video on a smartphone.”

It is totally irrelevant to match the default screen resolution with the camera and video recording capability. I own a S3 which has 1280x720p display using SAMOLED tech. But it shoots 1080p videos and can play almost any 1080p videos. Why? Because The GPU chip embedded in the Exynos SoC is capable of rendering and producing such stuffs, that is why it is possible. Does anyone complain watching a 1080p movie or video file on their 720p display? NO ONE.
Same way, I have a windows based laptop that has a 1366×768 display with 1 GB nvidia 525GT M discreet display chip and it plays a 4k video (Elysium movie) just fine. Why? I already answered it in the above example.
So, even though a Note III device will have 1080p display that does not necessarily mean it should not capture or playback 4k content. If either the T628MP6 or the Adreno 330 (which is said to formally support 4k playback, dunno much about recording though) turns out to be playing them well and ALSO, if the rumored least storage space turns out to be 32 GB, then there no questioning should arise regarding playing them back.
It is people’s demand plus company’s marketing efforts that push all these techs out in the sky.
The only difference is the (alleged) 3200 mAh battery. :P