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Switch Cover by 11+ is one of our favourite cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the world’s most popular smartphone with a tremendous amount of case selection, so it can be a little difficult to find the perfect one for your device. However, If you want a case which features a stylish design, premium feel and at the same time offers moderate protection, then the Switch Cover by 11+ is the case to buy.

First of all let’s talk about the packaging, the Switch Cover comes in a simple frustration free packaging. The package itself is made out of recyclable transparent plastic. The package contains the Switch Cover and a tiny product description leaflet, the installation is so easy that they decided not to include the instructions.

The Switch Cover is composed mainly of Polyurethane, Protection film and Velcro. The case is available in 5 different colours: Gold Pink, Dim Grey, EJ Blue, Clay Brown and Inspiring Orange. However, you can mix and match different colours, thanks to its “modular design”, which allows the consumer to change the front cover of the case to a different colour (sold separately). We really liked the modular design concept, as this allowed us to customize the case according to our likings, we tried so many colour combinations that you can’t even imagine.

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The Switch Cover uses a re-appliable pad which sticks to the back of the device. We think this was a very nice move by 11+ as the re-appliable pad allows a slim design and doesn’t damage the chrome sides of the device while taking the cover on or off compared to a plastic shell. We have tested the re-appliable pad very well, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind when removed and the original adhesion on the pad is restored when it is wiped with wet towel or wet tissue, so it can be re-applied to the device. The bond between the pad and the device is so strong that no matter what you do the device will not fall from the case, even when you try to remove the case on purpose you will have to apply a little bit of force.

The case also features two credit card slots, so you don’t need to carry your wallet when you go out. At first, we thought the cards might scratch the display when extensive pressure is applied, but folks over at 11+ had already thought about this and have designed the case so cleverly that it’s not an issue. The credit cards and the display do not come in contact, whatsoever.



After so many positive aspects of the case, let’s talk about some negative ones. First of all, as the Switch Cover features a flip cover style it hides the Notification LED and we really miss that. Now let’s talk about the second one, the front cover of the case doesn’t always lay flat on the surface of the display and it remains in the air by a few millimetres, a little magnetic latch would have made things much better. These are the only two issues with the case we had but it could be that these things don’t bother you, at all.

Switch Cover by 11+ is a very minimalistic case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a premium feel and great aesthetics. The Switch Cover offers moderate protection, it will defend your device from scratches and scuffs but it might not be able to save it from a drop. All in all, we really like this case, especially its modular design, and highly recommend it.



You can buy the 11+ Switch Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the UK for a price of £29.99 from Licensed4Men and in the US for a price of $40.00 from Leibal. The Switch Cover is compatible with all Galaxy S4 variants (GT-I9500, GT-I9505, GT-I9505G, SGH-I337 etc). Also, a percentage of ElevenPlus’ sales will go towards UNICEF’s Gift of Water Campaign.

According to UNICEF, more than one out of six people do not have access to safe drinking water, while more than two out of six lack basic sanitation. Nearly 5,000 children die each day from illness caused by these deleterious conditions. To increase the awareness of clean drinking water and its scarcity, 11+ pledges to donate a percentage of its sales for UNICEF’s Gift of Water Campaign, which provides water-related aid to those in need.

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