SamMobile failed and scored regarding the Galaxy S 4 rumours

From the beginning, SamMobile posted many rumours about the Galaxy S 4. Some of them were true and some weren’t. But how did we score bad or good? Now let’s make a list about the things we were right and the things we wrong about! The overall score is OK we completely failed at the display but we were right about the processor. which is nice. Now let’s try to get everything right with the next Galaxy S!


1 - BREAKING: Samsung ditches own AMOLED and EXYNOS inside new Galaxy S IV
2 - ‘Galaxy S IV to have floating touch and Green PHOLED material AMOLED display’
3 - Samsung to sell the Galaxy S IV in 6 variants
4 - Samsung dumped better Galaxy S 4 prototypes for cheaper version

We want to thank our insiders for all the info they gave us about the Galaxy S 4 and the upcoming Galaxy Note III. Stay tuned!

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4 years 1 month ago

Ops! Stop cheating SamMobile!
You said (in fact, everyone) that the 4 Cortex-A15 are clocked at 1.8 GHz but it ended up 200 Mhz lower! However, the rest 4 Cortex-A7 were guessed right to be clocked at 1.2 GHz ;)

Have a nice day!

4 years 1 month ago

You guys did alright and be sure to keep that insider guy well fed ;p. Dimensions, weight and build were close enough that probably your 007 dude didn’t have the luxury of time to properly gave whatever proto he saw a good once over.

Note III is where it’s at next time around so I hope that he’s gonna go all out Jason Bourne on that one.

4 years 1 month ago

The rumors were close enough. When can we expect this in US stores?

4 years 1 month ago

PHOLED? We already know that Samsung is going to use Full HD Super AMOLED for the Galaxy S4, since that leak at CES 2013 displaying all of Samsung’s AMOLED display sizes…..

4 years 1 month ago

Exactly. And since MWC we knew that the Exynos 5 Octa will have a PowerVR GPU, but long after that SamMobile still claimed that the S4 will have Exynos 5 Octa with Mali GPU.

Rony Wijaya
4 years 1 month ago

PowerVR used the same as that used ps vita (tri-core),,,,better than mali,,,

4 years 1 month ago

At least your honest :) i like that :) And it was very close, so it’s ok :) If there would be 100% conformity, it would not be rumours ;)

4 years 1 month ago

Don’t worry Danny, if you done your Best & I believe that Samsung has indeed played with some other specs as your so called Insiders had provided to you.
if its 100% true then it wouldn’t be called as RUMOURS…;)

4 years 1 month ago

Throw enough crap on the wall, you’re bound to get something right.

You spent a week wasting our time with PHOLED misinformation.

4 years 1 month ago

Well you’re a bitter ingrateful brat..

Rony Wijaya
4 years 1 month ago

i hope indonesia have samsubg galaxy s 4 with snap dragon 600 and 32/64gb storage,,,,, 16gb(available 9gb) = fakir storages

4 years 1 month ago

Close call on the specs :)

4 years 1 month ago

Polycarbonate == plastic, and the Red and Green subpixels are pholed(blue pholed subpixels cannot yet be produced). So those are almost right. ;)