[Updated: Registration closed] Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge owners start receiving Android 6.0 beta firmware in the UK

We had reported yesterday that Samsung UK was looking beta testers for Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the Galaxy S6. Now, we’ve noticed that the users, who registered to be the beta testers for the program, have started receiving the Android 6.0 beta firmware on their devices already.

The beta firmware is being rolled out in the UK to the Galaxy S6 as well as the Galaxy S6 edge, and you can see from the screenshots there are quite a few changes in the interface. If you are someone who opted in for the beta testing program for the Marshmallow update and has received the update on your device, you can tell us about new features or changes that you may stumble upon.

Head over to this post to see how you can get the Android 6.0 beta on your Galaxy S6 or S6 edge!

New Features with Android 6.0 Marshmallow beta firmware update:

  1. A lot of nice and fluid animations and effects.
  2. An option to save images in RAW format.
  3. Pro mode in the camera app brings shutter speed option to the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge.
  4. New power menu.
  5. An option to customise lock screen app shortcuts.
  6. New colour for quick settings panel.
  7. An option to enable or disable fast charging.
  8. An ability to add apps to a folder directly from within the folder.
  9. App permissions.
  10. Google Now On Tap.

Screenshots (thanks, Jack!):

Update: Registration for the Marshmallow beta program has now been closed.



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5 months 21 days ago

so now, I can’t download Marshmallow beta?

6 months 29 days ago

how do i stop my phone from downloading the update tried to cancel the beta registration however cant see where to do it i really dont like this firmware as is the now battery drain is worse than ever even after a master reset its very poor now im back on android 5.1.1 but have 6.0 to install want to rid of it every reset i do it re downloads again aaaargh

6 months 29 days ago

The only practical addtion till now is the option yo enable disable fast charing

Faisal 123
7 months 3 days ago

Samsung please add Ultra data Saving mode in 6.0 Marshmallow…

7 months 1 day ago

It is added. I can use it just fine

7 months 2 days ago

Currently only available in India.

7 months 5 days ago

Raw button in camera settings is disabled…yours??? : (

Ionut Ciprian
7 months 5 days ago

Can only be activated in Pro mode :)

7 months 5 days ago

you need to go in pro mode to unable it

7 months 5 days ago

If you weren’t on BTU before and just installed it, do a factory reset and the OTA starts downloading immediately after the first boot.

7 months 5 days ago

Ugly as always, furthermore, if Sammy is going to make 6.0 slower or anyhow worse than Lollipop I promise to sell my S6 same week and never touch a Samsung device again…

7 months 6 days ago

What about fingerprint encryption for native apps. Doze mode. Guest mode. Any update about these would be welcome. People who are able to report or suggest pls do suggest all these to the Samsung got a chance to let them know what we are expecting. Any news about g925i beta testing version release…..

6 months 29 days ago

According to reddit/various people…
1. native fingerprint API is there
2. Doze is there (though it’s hard to tell off the bat)

7 months 6 days ago

I wonder if the Samsung Note 4 Users will get the chance to participate in this project

7 months 5 days ago


7 months 6 days ago

Does anybody here get bugs with new MM rom?

7 months 6 days ago

wow every things is awesome .. camera, battery life, new animation , new touchwiz, finger print , ram manager , …… every thing improved nice .

7 months 6 days ago

Has anyone with “dirty” flash from another CSC to BTU firmware got the update without also factory resetting the phone to also effectively change the CSC? I would like to avoid erasing everything if I do not need to do so. Thanks.

7 months 6 days ago

An option to enable or disable fast charging.
Already on note 4 5.0.1 …was on 4.4.4 also..

7 months 6 days ago

Is Doze included???

7 months 5 days ago

no it’s not..at least I can’t find it from search in settings

6 months 29 days ago

That’s because Doze is always active beneath the system. Of course you won’t find it in settings

7 months 6 days ago

One thing left, a link to download this beauty.S6 920I

7 months 6 days ago

What about note 5?

7 months 6 days ago

I did not finish like the background color of the icons of the non-native apps from Samsung, I hope to change that color to an automatic selection depending on the colors of the icon or let us choose to us the color that we like or remove the shape of the icon and leave ordinary. Native apps are the same as lollipop? (Colors, designs, etc.)

7 months 6 days ago

XEU fw, update went smooth, but now Play Service keep crashing, looks like I have to factory reset….

7 months 6 days ago

Thought was for BTU only?

Faisal 123
7 months 6 days ago

I share a some suggestions..like..
1. U have to change the lockscreen camera and dialer icon with the 5.1.1 old lockscreen icon …old icons r coolll and enhancing the Look of lock screen. ..
So please change it..

Faisal 123
7 months 6 days ago

This touchwizzz is so coollll…
Please Samsung …make this Touchwiz for Galaxy S5 ..because S5 also high end flagship device..
Please Samsung development sector…
Accept Users Request….

..Always love Samsung..

Ionut Ciprian
7 months 6 days ago

What a surprise for Christmas, i’m now updating :)

7 months 6 days ago

I joined beta program 14 hours ago. I checking updates but “latest updates installed.” What can i do?

7 months 5 days ago

just wait..it says 24 hours max

7 months 6 days ago

Just wanted to let anyone know.

I’m on XEU G925F, latest version. Checking for Update took a little longer than usual. At the moment, it installed the update and now is Optimizing my 137 apps. Will do a Factory Reset, once complete for better performance.

7 months 6 days ago

Looks so good.
S4 user just wishing

7 months 6 days ago

Is doze already working?

6 months 29 days ago

Apparently, yes

7 months 6 days ago

Any changes to the memory management?

Asaduzzaman Abir
7 months 6 days ago


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