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Phones 15
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  1. The suspense is killing meeee!

    *refreshes front page every 10 secs*

  2. note 4 will be great but not killer spec like snapdragon 810 64bit or even exynos 64 bit and missing android L but i don’t blame Samsung i blame Google for delaying android L – shit galaxy s6 will be 50% faster as they saying 64 bit and art will be much faster then 4.4.4 kit-Kat

    • Yeah, and the Note 5 will be faster than the S6, and the s7 will be faster than the Note 5, and the Note 6 will be faster than the s7…… see how this goes.

      • i understand what you say but what is the point for upgrading i own note 3 9005 which is snapdragon 800 32 bit and its quiet fast also 4g-lte and the same 5.7 / and probably in my country will get the snapdragon version which is just overclocked 805 so the performance may not noticeable / and lets say galaxy s6 50% more faster with 64 bit which is really huge different than note 4 32-bit so its not worth upgrading and dont forget that samsung may push worse android L version to note 4 to make it less useful to encourage people to buy s6 as they did with kit-kat note 3

        • I take it that u are opting more for a 64 bit S6 but telling 805 is just an overclocked 805 woould be a pure understatement. It is obviously known to everyone the Krait 450 cores are marginal upgrades over the existing 800 (MSM8974, AB, and AC) proccies but the adreno 420 is a significant boost/upgrade from the adreno 330. For example, it can play/decode h.265/hevc videos. HEVC is the next big thing after x264 that it can produce magnificent videos that is at least on par but with much lower bit rate. The 420 has tesseletion which is significant for video games. If u care about QuadHD (u have the reasons to not care aboutQHD and that is okay) then according to Anadtech the 805 Can drive a QuadHD with the same ease and efficiency that an 800/801 can do to an 1080p display. so it is a significant update over the 800s.

        • There has never been a signifiact improvement between the current and new devices. S4>S5 wasn’t spectacular, N2>N3 wasn’t. N3>N4 won’t be. N3>N5, however…

          People buy devices on a two year contract in general. Manufacturers aim for that.

          • simply disagree regarding N2>N3. N2 had 8 mega pixel camerawhere as N3 has 13 megapixel with digital image stabilization and 4k recordability. The USB 3.0 which was very useful for me transfer stuffs b/w lappy and pc. The N3 has Exynos 5 series Exynos octa-cores. N3 has 1080p display while N2 had 720p. If these improvements “never have been” a significant update over the previous installment then I do not what would make “people” think or perceive as significant improvement. An improvement is an improvement no0 matter how it is perceived to a consumer either being marginal or significant. Face palm.

    • Note 4 exynos version is 64 bit mate!

  3. Note 4 is a MUST for me……. @ShadowFlare1 lol. Feel your pain.

  4. Is that an official leaked wallpaper or just a random one?

  5. The wallpaper above is the best hint: it’s 2560 x 2560 px

  6. S5-like Wallpaper…

  7. 冒个泡……

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