Posted by Abhijeet M. 6 months ago

Samsung finally updating the Galaxy S4 LTE-A (GT-I9506) to Android 4.4.2 KitKat


Owners of the Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9506), the day you have all been waiting for has finally arrived. Samsung has started pushing out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update to the international LTE-A-enabled and Snapdragon 800-powered variant of its 2013 flagship. The update (build number XXUCNG3) is currently going out in the Nordic region (Sweden, Finland, etc.) according to some of our readers, and is available over the air. We expect it will have the same features that we’ve seen on every KitKat update – improved performance, redesigned status bar with white icons, enhanced lockscreen with a camera shortcut and full-screen album art, wireless printing support, newer versions of Samsung apps, and better battery life.

Samsung has ignored the international Galaxy S4 LTE-A for a long time, but it is good to see KitKat is finally arriving on the handset. Of course, you will still need to contend with the phased nature of the update’s rollout, but it shouldn’t be long before it comes knocking on every user’s device.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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30 comments on “Samsung finally updating the Galaxy S4 LTE-A (GT-I9506) to Android 4.4.2 KitKat

  1. oceanicraz 6 months ago said:
  2. LeonKing2802 6 months ago said:

    FINALLY! Have been waiting so long! downloading now, so happy about it! but very sad that its not 4.4.3 :( anyway! Thanks samsung! It has been time for it.

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  3. elmassarihakim 6 months ago said:

    fiinaly waiting for my country france (FTM)

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  4. oceanicraz 6 months ago said:

    waiting Nordic Countries firmware to flash 4.4.2

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  5. Atexor 6 months ago said:

    I hope tomorrow we will get update to i9305. I really need it before my furlough.

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  6. pizzaman 6 months ago said:

    The lucky Galaxy S3′s that would get the update, the i9305′s are still waiting…

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  7. baleste 6 months ago said:

    i’m so happy about it!

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  8. urbalfred 6 months ago said:

    I9195 PLEASE!!!1

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  9. savakc 6 months ago said:

    wtf ….no kitkat 4.4.4 ? :(((

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  10. eclipsados 6 months ago said:

    where I can download?!

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  11. koipu 6 months ago said:

    Downloding!! Hope it works as it should. 20% left ;)

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  12. koipu 6 months ago said:

    If your in Finland as me, jsut go to about phone, and then check for update and it will start downloading.

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  13. arshamatonyan 6 months ago said:

    Dont buy samsung.
    i9300 user.

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  14. firedviper 6 months ago said:

    dooo noooot update to this firmware it will kill your phone i updated 3 i9506 devices and the phone boot is killed

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  15. hzozo 6 months ago said:

    battery drain or lags like with the standard S4? anybody?

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    • arvekaril 6 months ago said:

      I’m getting way better battery life after the update to 4.4.2. No lags whatsoever. Maybe factory reset would help?

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    • vidoqas 6 months ago said:

      Nope, now I charge my gt-i9506 every 2 days, on 4.3 I did it everyday.
      No lag at all, works like a charm. It was not slow with 4.3, but now it flies.
      Just that SD card copy can be done with the default file browser, and when connected with a usb cable. ES File explorer cannot write to external sd card, just to read, because of the new policy.

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  16. eneapoma 6 months ago said:

    Can i flash this firmware with odin tools? I have the Czech Republic version of i9506.

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  17. matrix-s3 6 months ago said:


    I am very disappointed with Samsung after had to wait forever with latest firmware for i9506 Nordic.

    I do not see any improvement at all so far despite factory reset.
    What is now “worse” is the role of curtain in the status hands down it is now tough.

    Having had the Samsung i900 since 2009, starting to become ran out on them even angry indeed when they do not seem to handle it is to be done with software and way too long waiting with their uda modeler just as S4 +.

    You buy the latest and fastest model gets forgotten and then be disappointed in performance with “new upgrade”!

    It is shame from giant Samsung. Shape up Samsung.

    PS: No, I have not forgotten the disappointment of S3 that was forgotten with various things.

    Excuse for my english.


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  18. renard.7 6 months ago said:

    Hi Sam.
    I’ve updated my samsung note 2(gt-n7100) officially on the phone from 4.1.2 to 4.3 but when its finished I cant make or receive calls and when I asked for my IMEI they tell me not registered on the network how can i fix that please help me

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  19. moazhmi 6 months ago said:

    Hasnt rolled out in Norway yet , hopefully will follow soon…..

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  20. wulung 6 months ago said:

    i am getting battery drain worse than 4.3 (just 12 hours), which previously about 18-24 hours on same level of usage. could it be application(s) causing it ? how should i check?

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  21. MrElvisKc 6 months ago said:

    I live in Germany and my carrier is T-Mobile on my GT-I9506 LTE+ …
    can i use any other country update? like France or else?

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  22. Plastbiker 6 months ago said:

    DON’T! Or be welcome to the completely GPS free world of 4.4.2!! How do I downgrade?? And why do I ever upgrade so fast?

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