US Cellular Galaxy S III also getting Android 4.4.2 KitKat update today

It seems US carriers have chosen today for updating quite a few of Samsung’s phones to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Sprint will be rolling out KitKat to the Galaxy Note II as we reported just moments ago, and it turns out that the Galaxy S III on US Cellular will be getting the update as well, which isn’t surprising as we recently saw the carrier mention Android 4.4.2 right on its official page for Samsung’s third-generation Galaxy S flagship. The rollout has apparently been going on since last night, so you might be able to pull it from the Settings » General » About phone » Software updates menu right away, though may not work for some folks.

Expect the update to bring the same old features that we’ve been seeing in KitKat updates, including advanced location control, camera shortcut and full-screen album art on the lockscreen, KNOX 2.0, white status bar icons, wireless printing support, SMS and launcher app selection, expanded emoji icons, and performance improvements.


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  1. It’s for Galaxy S3 LTE GT-i9305?

    • are u retarded? cant u see its for US cellular??????????????

  2. Also SGH-I747M?

  3. GT-I9300 ?!

    • Have you not seen posts before? GT-I9300 will not receive kitkat due to kitkat. Please stop asking and google before you ask.

    • Get a Galaxy S5! I am!! Since my GS3 (I9300) is so freaking laggy!!

      • i run cm11 kitkat on my i9300 , and fast and smooth, no lag :D touchwiz blows

        • What about the camera? its sucks on CM roms dude :(

          • works flawlessly on my CM11 with google camera

          • I agree. I don’t use the camera often, but when I do, I want to take the best pictures possible and with CM it’s just not possible. Samsung works magic into its camera application.

  4. What about SGH-T999 ?

  5. When will there be finaly the 4.4.x release for GT-I9506? It is becoming quite funny to have the most reasoned S4 and old OS

  6. Para el S3 i747 de at&t..??

  7. buahhh nothing so far for my sch-i535,cant wait to see kitkat,but…..

  8. Quando vai sair para meu GS3 Neo Duos i9300i ?

  9. when galaxy tab 3 7.0 3G will be update to kitkat ?

  10. i9305 4.4.2?

  11. When it become true update on SHV-E210k? :(

  12. when will you uplode update to the gt-i9305 ?????????

  13. i9305 kitkat?????????????????????????????????

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