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EXCLUSIVE: Android 4.4.3 being tested on Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 LTE-A, 4.4.2 update status for other devices


Android 4.4 KitKat might have rolled out to quite a few Samsung devices already, but the update is yet to start making its way to most of the low-end and mid-range phones in the company’s lineup. We’ve heard that Samsung has been working on those updates and is also planning on bringing Android 4.4.3 to some of its devices, and thanks to our insider, we’ve obtained info on where the company stands regarding said updates. Starting off with Android 4.4.3 (build number KTU70), the yet-to-be announced version of Android is currently being tested on the Galaxy S5 (both the Exynos and Snapdragon models) and the LTE-A variant of the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9506A).

However, Android 4.4.3 is only being integrated with Samsung’s own software and features at the moment, so it will likely not be made available for a month or so (Google will probably roll it out by the end of this month or sometime in June before Google I/O, after which we can expect to see it rolling out to the Galaxy S5 and other devices.) It’s also a bit strange that 4.4.3 is currently being integrated into the Galaxy S4 LTE-A – from what we know, Android 4.4.2 is actually being tested on that device, but since it hasn’t rolled out yet, we might see the handset skipping directly to 4.4.3 in the future.

As far as older, more modestly powered phones are concerned, it seems that Samsung is on track to follow the time frame that we’ve seen in the past. Devices like the Galaxy Grand 2, Galaxy Mega 5.8, and the Galaxy Mega 6.3 are undergoing final testing and should get the Android 4.4.2 update sometime in June. Like the Galaxy S4 LTE-A, some of these devices might skip directly to Android 4.4.3 as well, so it’s possible that the update’s rollout could be pushed into July or later.



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62 comments on “EXCLUSIVE: Android 4.4.3 being tested on Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 LTE-A, 4.4.2 update status for other devices

  1. d2kx 8 months ago said:

    The real breaking news Herr is that they are trying a New i9300 (S3) build right now (from May, in The April sheet it said canceled without a firmware number). Even it it says unstable.

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  2. idell 8 months ago said:

    What about Galaxy S4 LTE GT-I9505?

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  3. flotaa 8 months ago said:

    what a pile of bullshit

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  4. blackrow 8 months ago said:

    Galaxy S3 i9300 Kitkat Coming soon ?

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  5. joaocgf 8 months ago said:

    Samsung does not respect it’s consumers. They’re already working on 4.4.3 and still lot’s os devices havent received the 4.4.2 update..

    By the way what does the status “Pending” means?

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  6. lasic.2000 8 months ago said:

    I really would like to see KK on SM-P605, @Sammobile have you got any news about tablets? I feel kinda weird since i still use my SII and Note so different ( kina ot)

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  7. shaktishekhar 8 months ago said:

    when note 3 neo will get the kitkat update i mean :( its more expensive phone still no update :(

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  8. blackrow 8 months ago said:

    [Unstable]I9300XXUHNE5-Galaxy S3(GT-I9300)KK test firmware

    Download link ?

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  9. gagaraz 8 months ago said:

    Kitkat 4,4 Download link Gt-i9506 ?

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  10. tomikt 8 months ago said:

    I’m waiting i9305xxufne4 rom. When will we get it?

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  11. gtone339 8 months ago said:

    Find a way to get rid of the ‘unstable’ part of the I9300 (GS3) model Samsung.

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  12. venkatish1992 8 months ago said:

    What abou samsung tab 3?

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  13. Zosorocket 8 months ago said:

    Be nice to have more news on sgh-i467m update to 4.4.2. Patiently waiting.

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  14. moothee 8 months ago said:

    I would be happy with Android 4.3 for my Galaxy Nexus… Any news about it? :)

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  15. mezo91 8 months ago said:

    Where download link for 4.4.2 i9506? Or at least a leak for it. And kernel sources too if available.

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  16. sorg 8 months ago said:

    I9506XXUQDNE4 – is generation D of I9506 ROMs. Generation B is JB4.3 ROMS for I9506.
    It means they really have 4.4.2 (Gen C, same as E330S) ROMs but don’t want to release it for public. Most likely because of competition to S5…

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  17. gagaraz 8 months ago said:

    When will there be finaly the 4.4 release for GT-I9506? It is becoming quite funny to have the most reasoned S4 and old OS

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  18. b0g 8 months ago said:


    s4 Active get android 4.4.2

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  19. AquilaSol 8 months ago said:

    IS nobody going to ask…? 4.4.3 for the Note 3 n9005?

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  20. lqhorochi 8 months ago said:


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  21. lqhorochi 8 months ago said:


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  22. lqhorochi 8 months ago said:


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  23. Gerain 8 months ago said:

    what about aprox date of release for GT-i9506?

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  24. gagaraz 8 months ago said:

    i9506XXUQDNE4 ????

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  25. strat66 8 months ago said:

    Of course they should been having new issues with i9300 because they are interrested only with their new devices and its more easy to ignore s3 international users.

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  26. fabry2403 8 months ago said:

    Any news about kitkat for tab3 series?

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  27. luisillo69 8 months ago said:

    para el galaxy note II SGH-I317M estamos en 4.2 y no queremos quedar atrás en el avance de estos celulares esperando ya puedan liberarnos

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  28. hip hop 8 months ago said:

    alguien sabe si es verdad que van a actualizar el galaxy s4 mini i9190, aparentemente se actualizara en junio pero como es samsung ya no se le puede confiar… :)

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  29. vaibhav9295 8 months ago said:

    what about galaxy note N7000 ???????

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  30. rusko1980 8 months ago said:

    Damn still nothing for galaxy s3 sch-i535 from verizon ,buah im waiting for kitkat almoust a few month verizon is the worst carrier in a world….

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  31. ugo71995 8 months ago said:

    Tomorrow is frist of June. The relesse was scheduled for May 2014 for GT-i9305 …

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  32. Gerain 8 months ago said:

    By the way,all this information is fake,spoof,bullshit…. !!!! If you will read all changes wich are made in 4.4.3 for S4 and S5 in this update,completely same as for Nexus Phones…. So what I gues,all its were copyed from Nexus update list,Edited and Pasted here!!!!! Keep and eye at – of June,date when Google I/O 2014 will happen,date of 4.4.3 Release for S4 CAT.4 (i9506)… If it will not be released,its fake information!!!!

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  33. kavinselvam 8 months ago said:

    when i ll get 4.4.2 update for s4 mini duos

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  34. blackbrontok 8 months ago said:

    any info for update on galaxy mega 5.8?

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  35. Muhammad Haris Khan 8 months ago said:

    Dear Abhijeet

    what about 4.4 for I9305 ?
    According to your schedule it should have release in May, but still no update…..

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  36. leo143 8 months ago said:

    please help me. my note 3 didn’t start. since i’ve wrong in rooting.. indicate in screen “firmware upgrade encountered an issue. please select recovery mode in kies… I need your help

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  37. masamunesuzuki99 8 months ago said:

    please report kitkat update status for galaxy mega 5.8 GT-I9152

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  38. stankoi 8 months ago said:


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  39. stankoi 8 months ago said:


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  40. amirakram 8 months ago said:

    What about the update sm-g7102

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  41. regaiegadnen 8 months ago said:

    Mini GT-I919 Galaxy will upgrade to 4.4.2 KitKat?

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  42. arman123 8 months ago said:

    HI plz 4.4.3 GAlaxy S5 SM-G900H ………..

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  43. Alienns 8 months ago said:

    This will be super integrated rom ever. How much they need to make it public… :(

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  44. zac69000 8 months ago said:

    lol ;-D roll on with the lolipop 5.1 update, for my “S5 LTE A G906S”
    I WANT IT NOW! lol….ha_ha never mind the s3 shyte hahaha

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