AT&T Galaxy S4 Active also getting KitKat update

Looks like this weekend is going to be an exciting one for owners of yet another Samsung device. The Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition started receiving the KitKat update yesterday, and it turns out that so has the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S4 Active in the U.S.. AT&T has announced that KitKat is now rolling out to the device over the air, and the update’s file size will vary between 447MB – 877MB depending on the version of the OS your Galaxy S4 Active is currently running. Also, the update will only be available over a Wi-Fi network for the first few days of availability.

The changelog and feature list remains the same as those for other Samsung devices updated to KitKat. Highlights include faster performance, while status bar icons, improved battery life, full-screen album art on the lock screen, and wireless printing support. Be patient as the update will take a while to propagate to every device, though as always, you can manually check in the Settings » General » About phone » Software updates menu.


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  1. Typo “while”.

  2. What about S3mini (i8190) Android 4.4 Kitkat update??!

  3. Seems Samsung needs to improve their update time. Actually i have a i9190 which is s4mini, almost latest device from samsung, but no updates for more than 1 year. Still on 4.2.2 for 1 year!!! Thats terrible. Samsung must improve their update policy. Lets say 1-2 official updates. For the phone cycle. Else, i will have to move to another manufacturer that offers at least 2 updates of firmware.

    • yep, if u care too much on updates better go for a nexus

    • So agreed with you. I have already my post about this delay…I even have S4 Active but model GT-I9295 but this update won’t work on this but only on AT&T model…what’s the preference? we all deserve this updates…

  4. and note 2 Whenn ATT :@

  5. What about model GT-I9295 (Samsung Galaxy S4 Active)? I’ve seen 2 updates now for the AT&T model and I still roll on the 4.2.2 (JB) how long we have to wait for the updates promised to the other users of the GS4 Active I9295?


  7. We also want the update on th gt i9295… common samsung is basically the same thing.

  8. sono passato dal s3 a s4 active i9295 e sn fermo a 4.2.2 sicuramente il mio prossimo dispositivo nn sara un samsung volevo prendere un note 3 ma valuterò sicuramente altro non samsung se sn questi i tempi mi sn pentito anche di aver preso il portatile samsung 535u3c 01Ait pessima samsung troppi deevice da seguire e lo fa male con tutti meno device piu serietà

  9. How can I get this sir?

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