Exclusive: I9505XXUFNAD – Leaked Android 4.4.2 KitKat Test Firmware for Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505)

It’s been a few weeks since the official Android 4.4 KitKat release for the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy S4 has still not received its update by Samsung. Plus, it’s been a while since we released a test build, so we decided to release one of the latest test firmwares – I9505XXUFNAD – for you folks out there who are still on 4.3 or the previous KitKat test build.

The new Android 4.4.2 update brings minor UI changes, the most noticeable change being the use of KitKat style white status bar icons instead of the multi-colour icons Samsung has been using in all of its devices until now. The phone has also received a performance boost with the latest update and there is an increase in benchmark scores, as well. Samsung has improved the lock-screen by adding a camera shortcut directly on to the lock-screen for quick access and while playing music the album art now shows up in full screen. Samsung’s keyboard layout has been improved for use in landscape mode, which makes gesture typing easy and much faster. Core Android 4.4.2 changes include: wireless printing, new emojis support, choice between stock messaging app and Hangouts for SMS/MMS, option for changing default launchers under settings, and more.
S4-KitKat Model: GT-I9505
Country: Open Europe
Version: Android 4.4.2
Changelist: 481100
Build date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014 22:02:19 +0000
Product Code: OXX
Download: Discussion Thread


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  1. Where is the FM radio app??????

    • There is no FM in I9505 i guess… :-)

    • another OS another disaster …….when it will end?

    • FM needs fm components in your phone hardware, maybe the fm component excluded in s4 hardware.

    • S4 doesn’t have FM radio.

    • Não há rádio no Galaxy S4 GT-I9505.

      • Bom dia,

        Ainda bem que encontro um português por aqui, tenho uma questão para si se tiver disponibilidade para esclarecer. Era o seguinte…ao nós pormos esta versão de teste de KitKat quando sair a oficial o nosso equipamento irá actualizar ou vai reconhecer como a versão final e não actualiza??

        Grato pela atenção



  2. Where can I download this free??? Because in free download, the max download size is 1024MB, but the ROM size is 1,5GB. Thanks.

    • just create an account for free and then you can download it :)

    • You can download from this url: adf.ly/djflP

  3. OMG… again terafile… :’(((

    • There is a link for download from Mega on XDA forum

  4. What about Google now on left slider? Is that avaluable?

  5. wont let me download as its over a allowable limit :( GUTTED

    • cancel got it downloading may well have it for tomorrow 14 hours :(

  6. terafile limit ;/

    • just create an account for free and then you can download it :)

  7. where to download:((

  8. 2 questions
    igot Product Code: OXA can i use this testfirmware with my phone?
    will i be able to autoupdate to the final release OTA?

    • 1. You can use with I9505 without any question.
      2. No, the custom firmware disallow auto update. however, you will be allow auto update if you will be installed official firmware. i think there is no issue.

  9. Can you ‘decide to release’ a Note 2 KK test firmware too? :)

  10. is there any information when will samsung push the official kitkat update via OTA or kies?

  11. Hello! When GT-I9500 4.4.2 TEST will be available? Thanks

    • There is no ETA. Just keep in your mind to search in sammobile.com with this keyword “I9500″ if there any updates available, then you will be find searching by keyword.

  12. Did they remove the shutter sound of the cam yet? Can anyone confirm?

    • I think you are feeling a little bit hesitation when using camera, because the camera shutter sound still working. In this version actually same as your (if you use 4.4.2) version. By the way turn off shutter sound by mannually, see Notification Panel > Sound. Click to Vibrate or Silent. Should be ok.

  13. i9305 pls :)

  14. its has been anything different or c between from I9505XXUFNAD I9505XXUFNA1 I9505XXUFNA5 ? any thing improved?

  15. 9505? Really? Another firmware for the qualcomm model and your own exynos model nothing. Samsung is a crap with ur own CPU.

  16. 4.4.2 does not have any major changes that were completed 4.3

    • Fix for delivery of the voicemail indicator
      Various “additional software fixes”
      Security enhancements
      According to +JR Raphael, fixes the SMS denial-of-service vulnerability that had been previously reported
      ART-related bug fixes (including fixes to address the WhatsApp Messenger app)
      The new Photo application is now the default Gallery application when swiping out of the Camera application
      Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes

  17. why i9505???
    why why???
    why not i9500????????????????

    • Nosotros tendremos que esperar hasta al año 2025, no nos queda de otra.

  18. why cant i install onto the fn5 firmware ?

  19. Nothing for GT-I9500 ?

  20. Hello! When GT-I9500 4.4.2 TEST will be available? Thanks

  21. When will b available for the I-9500..??

  22. Salut, Sunt din Romania…Nu imi vine sa cred ca ati recurs la asemea lacomie, Credeam ca firma Samsung este o firma serioasa si Sammobile site partener, dar daca ati ajunj sa va pretati sa cereti bani pe aceste rom-uri…dupa ce riscam sa ne stricam telefoanele telefoanele,… aveam o pasiune si nimic mai mult sa facem update de firmware am cumparat un i9505 pt asta. dar acum am sa il vand si am sa imi cumpar un IPHONE 5S. Good Bye Samsung!!!

    • cine ti-a cerut bani?

      totul este free…iar sammobile nu este site partener cu samsung

  23. Salut george. Imi pare bine sa vad ca mai sunt si alti romani pasionati ca mine:) din ce stiu eu sammobile nu este site partener samsung ci doar un site care a fost construit de oameni care sunt la fel de pasionati ca si noi. Sunt fan samsung de mult timp. Am avut s2 s3 si acum am s4(i9505), si sincer am fost mereu multumit. Site-ul a fost reconstruit si probabil inca au anumite probleme…nu cred ca o sa ceara vreodata cineva bani pt niste softuri care sunt free.. probabil au si ei niste probleme si merita sa le acordam timp ca sa le rezolve… ideea ta de a.ti cumpara iphone nu este una chiar atat de buna. Este i tradevar mai rapid..dar nu cred ca se merita sa dai atatia bani pe un telefon care ofera doar un mic spor de performanta. Ecranul la s4 este net superior celui de pe 5s. Camera foto este aproximativ la fel de buna exceptand conditile de luminozitate scazuta unde iphone-ul este superior. Deci acei 300 de euro in plus nu cred ca se merita. Eu zic doar sa ai rabdare. O seara placuta:)

  24. Am pus pe google I9505XXUFNAD_I9505OXXFNA2_I9505XXUFNAD_OXX.zip si am gasit de unde sa il downloadez…

    • salut,
      ai si pus pe tel?

      • Am pus eu si pot zice ca se pisha pe android 4.3

        Parca si-a revenit telefonu, merge mult mai repede si nu se mai blocheaza.

        Pana acum merge super

  25. Come on Samsung, did you forget your i9500 model for S4? We did not get any update while i9505 users get second test firmware.
    Please give us information about the any kind of 4.4.2 firmware release date for i9500..

  26. Cauta pe xda-developers.com acolo gasesti orice:) custom rom-uri ,kernel-uri etc cautati device-ul pe forum si gasesti orice vrei despre el.

  27. Eu m.am obisnuit deja sa nu imi mai pun aceste leak-uri :)) am invatat sa am rabdare. Mie sincer imi merge excelent 4.3 stock de la samsung

  28. Write I9505XXUFNAD_I9505OXXFNA2_I9505XXUFNAD_OXX.zip google and you will find where to download …

  29. Cu 4.4.2 FNA5 tine bateria mai mult cu 10% in rest e totul lafel ca 4.3

  30. Cat despre iphone stiu ca e varza ca aparat totul e IOS-ul care il face rapid si eficient

  31. Sa imi spui si mie cum e FNAD dupa ce il folosesti cateva ore. Astept comentariu aici. Ms

    • Nu stiu ce s-a intamplat cu device-urile de mai jos, eu nu am nici o problema cu I9505XXUFNAD, o tastatura noua, nu mai gresesc cand ma grabesc, incarca agenda mai repede ca niciodata, Equalizer-ul playerului audio nu merge la nici un ROM 4.4.2, totul e mai rapid,totul perfect functional recomand tuturor I9505XXUFNAD sper ca ROM-ul official sa fie si mai bun, cat despre batrerie pana acum se consuma normal cred e cam devreme sa fac o afirmatie in acest sens.

  32. E rapid ios-ul pentru ca e total diferit de android. Nu sunt atatea procese care ruleaza in fundal. Nu are multitasking real. Nu ar mai fi la fel de rapid daca ar avea la fel de multe functii ca si androidul

  33. I don’t see any visual changes!.It’s boring and frustrating :(…

    • If you are using existing 4.4.2, there is no major changes in this firmware.

  34. even the smearing is still there.another hour waisted on installing new rom :((

  35. Can somebody tell me what they mean with, ‘your date will be wiped’ (I guess int storage?)? I mean, I always install new roms, so what’s different with this version? Is it because it’s a test version? Or does it redo the partitions?

    • Wiped mean your data will be lost, so backup before firmware update. If you are currently use 4.2 or 4.3 then should be update this version to improve UI features, and you will save batter charge as well.

      • Yeah thanks for the advice. But my int-sd is almost fuil and if the final update will come in a couple of days, I can do the job twice ;-)

        And you know something about the message somewhere below mine with ‘don`t repair bug on protect sd card’?

        • I think you have ask your sd card is protected, there is two types of protected, one is password protected and two is corrupt protected. If the sd card password protected, then some device can be unprotected the sd card. If corrupted your card like as virus issue or another, there is many factor to removed the corrupt issue.

          • Ahaaaaa. Ok, thx :-D

  36. Its just factory reset ur device. Meaning that u lose contacts photos settings and apps… but only data from internal storage. No repartition will be made

  37. Ok ok. That’s still f-cked. But somehow there must be a reason for it, to do the factory reset. I wonder if that will still be necessary whit the real update.

  38. Hahahaha, this is a very known nightmare, what a disgusting deja vu lol.-

  39. This is the third test firmware for the i9505. The i9500 doesn’t even have one. Shouldn’t have bought the i9500 faulty model anyways.

  40. sad face, still no news for us poor cousins with the i9506….

  41. A ce que le problème de redémarrage de galaxy s4 lorsque en démare les vidéo de YouTube est réglé sur cette version

  42. I’m running my GT-I9505 on Android 4.2.2 with modem XXUBMF8. As my modem is different from what is stated here, can I try this 4.4.2 firmware?

    • :) No there is nothing effect your modem.

  43. don`t repair bug on protect sd card:(

  44. again only for i9505 !!!!!

    thnx for keep ignoring us , I9500

    , @SamMobile, you became so bad in leaking firmwares

    • stop complaining they give us what they can when they can. and the i9500 4.4 is offical

  45. One to GT-i9500 remember

  46. After update, I got frequently reboots… Tried to wipe cache, factory reset… same….

    Tried to reflash..now, wifi does not work….returning to FNA5…

  47. installed but mobile data network does not work!!!?? any tips?

  48. i,ve instalated yesterday… but there a problem with a wifi, not detected… some solution?

  49. I do not know what happened to the device’s above, I have no problem with I9505XXUFNAD a new keyboard, not wrong when I rush, load contacts faster than ever, the Equalizer audio player does not go to any ROM 4.4.2, everything is faster, everything perfectly functional recommend all hope I9505XXUFNAD official ROM to be even better, how about the battery before I normally consume it a little early to make a statement in this regard.

  50. Always do the update priority international models that s4 s3 i9300 i9505 are the most sold.

  51. For Samsung:

    I am in total disbelief how a giant company like Samsung is unable to give latest updates (kitat) to its own in-house octacore processors S4 but rather the outsourced snapdragons….

  52. Nobody with launcher problems???? I really want to use Nova, but I can’t. Folders and/or appdrawer are suddenly empty. Widgets not loading. I have to restart the launcher almost every few minutes. The same with Apex. First it looked like it worked fine, but then the same problem. No problem at all with the f-ing TouchWiz launcher.
    Soooo, I’m not really glad I flashed this version.

  53. Anyone with launcher problems? Nova and Apex are no longer working. Stupid TouchWiz and Go do work, but really suck. I really want to use Nova ;-(

  54. Sorry for the double messages, as I don’t see any of my messages appear :-S

  55. Oooooh yeeeeeees

  56. hi all having major problems since installing this firmware phone will not stay on just random crashes all the time have no wifi it will not switch on how can i get back to stock 4.3.

  57. can I get the official update OTA if I got this leak

  58. Hi all. No version for GT-i9506 kitkat 4.4.2 ?

  59. Where is the new version for GT- i9505 with android system 5.0 lollipopy?

  60. de ce nu pot sa descarc un firmware de Samsung galaxy fame?

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