Posted by Abhijeet M. 9 months ago

Research suggests Galaxy S5 price could fall by 24% in three months

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3 comments on “Research suggests Galaxy S5 price could fall by 24% in three months

  1. vslsnks 9 months ago said:

    The Galaxy S2 was really amazing. In some cases you can find it at a higher price than the S3.

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  2. q8peace 9 months ago said:

    cause it going to be sucks

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  3. Targonis 9 months ago said:

    When new devices come out with higher specs, of course older devices with lower specs will see a price drop. The idea is that those who sell devices know that consumers tend to look for what products give the best value for their money, and only Apple, with no other iOS device makers can hold prices artificially high for the specs on the device.

    So, 5.25 inch phone, quad-core or oct-core processor starts off at $800 or $900(non-contract price). Three months later, we see 5.5 inch devices with similar specs, and the price will drop due to the smaller screen. That is NORMAL.

    Now, the thing that may change this a bit is that if Samsung does have a 2560×1440 or 2560×1600 display and no one else does, the price may stay up a bit higher. It is all about how well the device can compete, and how popular it is and remains. The Android phone market is very competitive, so device makers and product vendors KNOW they need to keep things balanced. If Samsung can establish enough hype and keep it up instead of it falling off after the initial launch, that will change things a bit.

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