Posted by Abhijeet M. 1 year ago

Samsung SM-G900A, possible Galaxy S5 variant, appears with 1080p display


The SM-G900A is expected to be the AT&T variant of the Galaxy S5, and it has now shown up on Samsung’s mobile website. Oddly, the user agent profile (UAProf) for the device mentions a 1080p screen, when the phone is confirmed to sport a QHD (2,560×1,440) display – it’s possible the plastic / cheaper version of the S5 won’t be toting the 2K display, the phone being tested is an early prototype, or this isn’t the Galaxy S5 at all, as there has been no conclusive evidence to prove that the SM-G900A really is a variant of the upcoming flagship.



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6 comments on “Samsung SM-G900A, possible Galaxy S5 variant, appears with 1080p display

  1. gtone339 1 year ago said:

    Could be a Galaxy phone soon to be announced…

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  2. megalomaiac14 1 year ago said:

    If this is a 5.25 inch device with 2550×1440 display, that would give a ppi up in the 500 range. By far the most densely packed pixel ratio of any phone to date.

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    • simst 1 year ago said:

      yeah if it was, now it is clearly NOT 2550×1440 dno where you get that from since it says 1080×1920.

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      • megalomaiac14 1 year ago said:

        Lol…oh I don’t know maybe from above where it b clearly states…”the uaprof mentions a 1080 screen, when it’s confirmed to sport a uhd 2560×1440 display.”

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