Posted by Johan N. 12 months ago

Verizon Galaxy Note II’s Android 4.3 treat is a go (build VRUEMJ9)


Following the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S III, Verizon is now pushing the new version of Android to the Galaxy Note II. The update has the build number VRUEMJ9 attached to it, and brings many new features including Galaxy Gear compatibility, faster performance, KNOX support, upgraded interface, new Samsung apps like S Voice and keyboard, improved camera firmware with a new camera mode (Sound and Shot), enhanced Easy Mode homescreen, new additions in the notification center, and much more.

The update is rolling out over the air, and as an alternative, it can also be obtained through Verizon’s computer-based Upgrade Assistant. For the adventurous folks, downloading the firmware from our firmware section (for the SCH-I605, Verizon’s Note II’s model number) and updating manually is also an option.



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25 comments on “Verizon Galaxy Note II’s Android 4.3 treat is a go (build VRUEMJ9)

  1. hanxueliang 12 months ago said:


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  2. akash09766 12 months ago said:

    Just upload the 4.3 firmware for Verizon s3 in firmware section “sammobile”.

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  3. amged fetoh 12 months ago said:

    i have s3 GT I9300 WITH VERSION 4.1.2 when i can set up 4.3

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  4. juniornoia 12 months ago said:

    esto esta en español¿¿?

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  5. eldurs 12 months ago said:

    :( update note 2 4.3 super bad wooow poor OMG

    this update is the worst I have seen and that crap woow wait so long for nothing…….

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  6. caci66 12 months ago said:


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  7. Adder1812 12 months ago said:

    What has happend with Roboto font?

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  8. caci66 12 months ago said:


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  9. lufesa924 12 months ago said:

    It will never get to Colombia, think so

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  10. nielson23 12 months ago said:

    pensei que esta atualização viesse com air comand e nao veio , pena ficaria perfeito com a atualização

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  11. mikemamer 12 months ago said:

    S Note very serious unstability, do not update.

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  12. berkanguvenc12 12 months ago said:

    artık türkiye’ye gönderilsin şu yazılımlar hem s3 hem note 2 için kaç zamandır yazılım bekliyoruz fakat 3.sınıf ülkeler alırken Türkiye en son alıyor ayrıca yazılımlar arasında da fark oluyor ne bu saçmalık.

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  13. xraywhiskey 12 months ago said:

    Thailand has got its update and so S4. This is unusually quick for Sam.

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  14. mikemamer 12 months ago said:

    Ok in resume, serious instability in S Note, Unfortunately Quick Command stopped, NO One hand function in all screens, and NO PEN UP app. Kernel 3.0.31-2138564

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  15. radulescu21 12 months ago said:

    Data/cache wiped and factory reseted my device. Wile using 4.1.2.Then installed OTA update. Again factory reset. Device works absolutely flawless. None of the problems described by others. Phone works great. Just a bit smoother…mostly same RAM usage. A bit better i.d say. 21550 antutu score. Nothing is missing…nothing is causing any issue. Been using it hard for 5 days and no problems at all. It is a major update guys…so you should do it my way to get the best out of it.

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  16. Salatiel 12 months ago said:

    quando chega a atualização pro note 2 N7100 ZTO avisem por favor.

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  17. ponchoroa 12 months ago said:

    ¿Esta fue la última actualización para los Samsung galaxy note 2? ¿cuándo llegará para las terminales en México?

    Was this the last update for Samsung galaxy note 2? When will it come to the terminals in Mexico?

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    • Dave_Arr 12 months ago said:

      Si, esta es la mas reciente, es extraño pero Telcel ya la tiene para el N7100 incluso para el GSIII y SIV pero para el Note 2 LTE (SGH-I317M que es la misma version que la de Canadá) aun no lo ha sacado…. yo le instalé la version de Virgin Mobile y a decir verdad me dejó bastante que desear :/

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  18. apody100 12 months ago said:

    How long is updated to 4.4 for not2 sch-i605

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