Samsung considering Android 4.4 KitKat for Galaxy S3 mini, Ace 3, Galaxy Core, and other low-cost devices

With Android 4.4 KitKat, Google is aiming to bring a better Android experience to the masses through features such as reduced memory consumption on low-memory (512MB) and low-cost devices, and that has had a lot of people hoping manufacturers will bring the new version of Android to some of their mid-range devices that may not otherwise be eligible for another update. Well, according to an image we received in our inbox, Samsung is thinking of doing just that, and is considering the update for some of its mid-range and low-end devices.

The list of devices is rather long, and includes the Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S3 mini, Galaxy S Advance, Galaxy Ace 3, Galaxy Core, Galaxy Fame, Galaxy Ace 2, and the Galaxy Fresh – there are likely more devices on the list, but these weren’t captured by the source of the picture. However, just because Samsung is considering the update doesn’t mean the updates will actually come – the Galaxy S4 mini is one device that is most likely to get the update, but for the other devices on that list, there might not be much hope, if only because Samsung’s heavy and bloated TouchWiz skin might negate the work Google has done on reducing the memory consumption on Android 4.4 KitKat.

But then again, we can always hope Samsung will be able to work some magic and update at least some of the devices on the list to Android 4.4 and breathe new life into them, in a nice gesture of support to consumers. Fingers crossed.

P.S: Note that devices that have been in the market for more than 18 months, and devices like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 which have already received two major updates, won’t be getting Android 4.4, thanks to the 18-month support policy manufacturers follow.


Thanks Vaibhav!

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  1. How about my device SAMSUNG GALAXY WIN Duos

  2. Im just waiting for my note 10.1 to be updated to 4.4 kitkat,it deserve a new version of android

    • Well, i would be happy with Android 4.3.. But no news? They are talking about uodates in the future, but no news for Note 10.1 2012.. WTF!

      Never again!

    • Me too

  3. Samsung promised a jellybean update update for ace plus but after months of months of waiting Samsung still haven’t release the update I’m very disappointed

    • that’s never gona happen bro and look now another fake promises who cares

  4. and Note 1 N7000 will get 4.4 ?!!!

  5. What about galaxy s2? :(… i want kitkat for my smartphone!

    • ALL SII users are worth to get 4.4, because SII is one of the best and succesfull samsung phones ever. Need to make a petition for signing to samsung for SII kitkat releasae.

    • need 4.4 for n7000

    • Theres is not much hope for the s2… But you can always just root and install custom ROM for ur phone.. :)

  6. fake news or real ???? if real i m waiting for kitkat :D

  7. i have galaxy ace 2 and i love this news :D

  8. If this informations become truth, it will be a great salute for Samsung’s customers…
    It would be nice to see KitKat on Galaxy SII…

  9. and tablets? the tab2, gt-p5100?

  10. Sir, what about update of samsung galaxy tab 2 p3100 in India

  11. My next phone will be htc or sony…but it will never be samsung

  12. what about samsung galaxy grand duos? will it get?

  13. Let them first update their high-end tablets like note 10.1(2012) before updating this shame on samsung

  14. Are you crazy Samsung? There are a lot of Note users why note will not get Kikat. Stop using Samsung!!!!!!!

  15. WTF Samsung??
    What About Galaxy Note??
    I’ll Never Buy Samsung Again.

    • Why? Which other manufacturer has given more than two major updates to devices that are two years or older? You should only buy Nexus if you expect more updates, other manufacturers don’t even update their flagships twice, just ask HTC Sensation owners.

      • “You should only buy Nexus”

        Even better – buy Apple on next time! I definitely would buy ifnthey only add a pen. But Samsung again? Never! They dont even update their flagship, Note 10.1 (2012). I have much better feeling aboud Asus, my Asus device getting updates soon and many.

        What th idea of thinking like google? “18months cycle” because Samsung is skipping updates and last time I go A 4.1 it was January 2013. They skipped 4.2 and now holding A4.3. So which manufacturer should uodates their devices next 5 years? Yes Samsung, it sucks in updating and holding them…

  16. Very true,we’ve been spoilt with receiving timely update yearly so if they don’t do it anymore then we tend to complain….if we were htc users or other poor update manufactures we would have obvioulsly been satisfied with a gingerbread or ics phone like the htc sensation u said… the i hope ma poor samsung galaxy ace plus gets to taste an update (complaining :-) )

  17. This is great news for people with the low end devices.

    Keep up the good work Samsung.

  18. Please guys we are talking about Note 10.1 2012 samsung flagship tablet and the tablet is only 1 year old Galaxy s3 was released before and will be updated I payed 500$ to stay updated not to stuck on 4.1.2

  19. How about Galaxy Grand Quattro(GT-I8552)?

    • I have just purchased a Galaxy Grand Quattro(GT-I8552). But its still running on 4.1.2, Please reply with the updated news as when to get the Update. Its a quad-core with 1gb ram…. hence it meets every requirement. So please inform…

  20. My tablet N8000. Pfffffffffffff. 4.3. 4.4 samsungggggg

  21. THE FLAGSHIP… that makes SAMSUNG great!!!!

    The galaxy SII must get an update too, last March Samsung said the I9100 gets an update to A 4.2.2 ,but heard never sinds due issues with the touch wiz… Now they have another chance to make things right all along!
    It’s a logical step ;cause the internal rom is 1 gb and A 4.4 needs 500 mb of ram!!

    So fingers crossed you millions of GSII users around the world like myself…

    • Im a GS2 user. but i dont think samsung will update s2.. is too old for them… :(

    • Sorry for being a greedy S2 owner. S2 is worth having 4.4.x as its last update. The hardware is poweeful enough to run.

      The most important thing: S2 brings great success to Samsung. Why not it deserves special treat?

  22. about galaxy s3 mini latin version ? o/

  23. They should release 4.3 update for GS3 first.

    • s3 first was 4.1.1

      then 4.1.2

      THEN 4.3

      s3 mini only 4.1.2

      FEEL US

  24. ç .. ç
    Galaxy S(Shit)Duos …. realy its no salvation for this device .. rsss

  25. Rất thất vọng với SamSUng

  26. Bản cập nhật 4.3 cho Samsung Galaxy S3 lỗi tùm lum, chán samsung quá

  27. wtf, why skip from 4.1.2 directly to 4.4 kitkat for s3 mini GT-I8190??

    • yea, Why dont just give 4.2.2 and then see if people want 4.4 or 4.3..

  28. No es Justo que siendo el Galaxy S II I9100 El Buqe Insignia de Samsung lo dejen atras de una Actualizacion que resulta mas pequeña que una de Android Gingerbread, KiyKat Funciona a traves de 512MB De RAM Y El Galaxy SII Tiene 1 de RAM, 1.2 GHZ DE PROCESADOR, MAS QUE EL S3 MINI. EL Galaxy SII debe actualizarce a KITKAT o por lo menos a Android 4.2.2. O Perderé la fe de que Samsung es el mejor

  29. Samsung doesn´t give a sh** about the make users.I´ve had several Samsung devices and still have the S2 , S3 and the Note 10.1 lte , and like you all still waiting for the updates.
    Samsung main goal (as all the others) is to sell new devices and gadgets.
    I stoped waiting for updates a while ago.


  31. OK please Tell me what about GALAXY GRAND DOUS GT-I9082
    why they haven’t added the list.

  32. What about Samsung galaxy grand duos(GT-I9082)?

  33. Stupid i**ots samsung, why the f**k s3 mini and low peace of s**t phones like s3 mini, ace2, s advance will get 4.4 And SII won’t, FU samsung with your stupid politics, SII is my last samsung phone.

  34. Samsung Cannot claim that it has given 18 months support for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 because the device was launched Nov 2011 and came to Indian market by Dec 2011 and from there it started getting update and ended up the update process by Mar 2013.To count the months,its 16 Months approx whereas later no update over the buggy software 4.1.2.I claim it to be buggy as there still issue with Stock Video player,Gallery and memory management issues.People who accept the truth can give like and support my comment and ask for bug free Android 4.2.2 at least for which Galaxy Note is upgradeable.Thank you guys.

    • I’m agree with the above said statement.
      Did Samsung think Note N7000 will not support 4.2 or 4.4?
      This is not much big task for the gain Samsung to release the update for their VITAL FLAG SHIP device like this N7000.
      Personally Hi Samsung millions of N7000 users are looking forward to the above upgradation which is very much helpfull for all the users of N7000.
      We are not sure these messages are reaching to you or not? Hoping Sammobile may have a pass to convey these sort of users obligation to Samsung???
      Users of N7000 don’t want to leave as such this device and this device is capable to the latest versions too?
      Your engineers are very much of talented and appreciate for supporting us to upgrade till 4.1 and also we hope it will not end with you VITAL FLAG SHIP device N7000?

      Users of N7000 looking forward to your (Samsung) positive feedback and we hope Sammobile will carry the good news to all the users of N7000?
      Thanks! Cheers…

      • Users of Samsung Galaxy N7000 pls put your valuable votes to let SAMSUNG knows our spirits to release further updates to all our Samsung Galaxy N7000 devices.

  35. if they wait long enough, s3 and note2 will be outside the 18month period as well.
    why even bother updating them.
    ditch them like you did with SII and Note.
    Samsung abandons it’s customers faster than android releases newer versions.

    • ya.. where is the not2 in this list .. until now i didn’t receive 4.3 update to my not2 .. it,s a bad serves customers.

  36. what about the tab2 10.1 gt-p5100 in germany?
    (de: dann wird die untere schwarze leiste transparent!?)

  37. podrian actualizar por ultima vez el SGS2, Se lo merece, gracias a este celular ustedes tienen toda la fama :D, el S1 no tanto, pero el S2 fue el celular mas vendido de samsung, y creo que todavia se sigue vendiendo, aparte de eso tiene 1GB de ram, lo corre tranquilamente al 4.4, Saludos desde argentina!

  38. yesterday, I bought S advance to my brother as a birthday gift. It runs 4.1.2 android. The handset is damn slow and hangs a lot. not able to pick calls sometimes. It restarts sometimes. very disappointed by the performance. online there are comments people facing same problem with s advance 4.1.2 Os. Hope that Samsung will fix this lag issues in the next update. Please I put my money in this please

    • no more 4.1.2 in s advance we all have kitkat 4.4 final fuck samsung -_-

    • samsung galaxy S Advance I9070

  39. where galaxy grand duos?

  40. any chance for GT- I9082 (GRAND DUOS) ? :(

  41. [quote]P.S: Note that devices that have been in the market for more than 18 months, and devices like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 which have already received two major updates, won’t be getting Android 4.4, thanks to the 18-month support policy manufacturers follow.[/quote]

    no worries, we’ve got other sources for a 4.4 ROM version rather than the Samsung bloated version.

    /me loves his Note with SlimBean (which will get an update tot SlimKat really soon)

  42. Make official kitkat update for samsung galaxy s advance becoz jelly bean fucking laggy so i m waiting for kitkat 4.4

  43. hi.S Advance will get kitkat and galaxy note not? what is this?.samsung gave us 2 updates both are buggy therefore the second one was a year after android 4.1 came and we cant call it as an disappoited my next phone will be sony or htc or nexus.bye

  44. WTF Aboat SII????!!!
    Kos Kesh دیوث

  45. MUST give kitkat Samsung Galaxy S Samsung Advance. On the other hand, taking into account the errors produced by the OFFICIAL update jelly bean, affecting thousands of users rights, it is the DUTY of the responsible release an update with either kitkat or not, correcting errors and faults. It is not the duty of the user having to endure failures caused by official update. User is entitled to claim, when these things happen, the fulfillment of the duty of whoever has it released the update, which was officially we fail, to solve it after losing confidence that not happen again. And also because otherwise user rights would be prejudiced, as I try to redial. I think Samsung should take care of launching failures produced updated to correct errors, leaving helpless to trust when choosing a brand. NUCA but would have trusted with ANY cellular and sometimes that could be repeated. You, do not you think it is and should be so? Do not believe any official update should be responsible for errors or failures caused to users in any cell in question also have a year or more are purchased? Hopefully so be it. We want kitkat in S Advance and others.

  46. Como quiero kitkat!! en s3 mini estoy probando de maclaw y va estupendo!!!! ojala nos den una actualizacion!!

  47. The Galaxy S Advance have more than 18 months.
    Was released at January 2012, January 2013 made one year (12 months), after 6 months (July), made 18 months. At moment, the device have 23 months.
    So, if the update comes only in 2014, the device will have 2 years or more, if the update comes after January.

    In this scenario, the Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 can be upgraded as well. Because the Galaxy S2 has not been updated properly during the 18 months of support.
    The S2 should have ended in Android 4.2.2 and not in 4.1.2.

  48. no more 4.1.2 we all have kitkat 4.4 final fuck samsung -_-

  49. no more 4.1.2 in S advance we all have kitkat 4.4 final fuck samsung -_-

  50. Will this update release for samsung galaxy s2 plus

  51. I’m waiting to get my galaxy tab 7.7 Kit Kat (android 4.4) update.
    I hope Samsung does that


  52. I am eagerly waiting for official update of android 4.4 kitkat for my samsung galaxy grand duos I am requesting you guys the entire team of and also samsung developer plz….plz…plzz….release update for my SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND DUOS GT-i9082.i hope,i will get the updates of 4.4v.thanking u guys.

  53. P1000 please update to kitkat :D

  54. Well, and at last, those updates will be a dream for sure, thanks samsung for that, but at least, and the fact that will be and i get, is to use a custom rom. I know, no body will spect of that, but, being reallist, samsung will not give us those updates, so, my s3 mini already got kitkat, thanks to a custom rom. Thanks free developers, that make our dreams come true.

  55. How about Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Gt-i9082 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 . I want my device have android 4.4 KitKat .


    I am eagerly waiting for official update of android 4.4 kitkat for my samsung galaxy S Advance I am requesting you guys the entire team of and also samsung developer plz….plz…plzz….release update for my samsung galaxy S Advance I9070.i hope,i will get the updates of 4.4v.thanking u guys.

  57. We all have kitkat in samsung galaxy S Advance I9070

  58. Hi All I am having Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082. I just upgraded my OS from 4.2.2 to 4.4 (Kitkat) by CyanogenMod. Its running on 4.4 kernel and is low memory consuming. Battery backup is greatly improved and no lagging/hang. :D

  59. Can you please tell us the date of updating Samsung Galaxy Core to Android 4.4 kitkat?

  60. Samsung,

    God damn you!

    You brought a second quality phone to Turkey.(Note3 N9000 iso N9005). Now, you upgrade N9005 to Android 4.4.2 Kit-kat, first. Do you think that we don’t pay any money for N9000? The price is the same, the service we get is much less.

    So, god damn you!

  61. I have ace 2.
    When is an update kitkat release for my device..?

  62. Uploader plzz reply when s advance will get kitkat offcialy ?????

  63. please tell me approximate date for s advance KITKAT update

  64. when it will be clear which phones get an upgrade and which are not ?

  65. Any official update for Galaxy W?

  66. yo quiero android 4.4 kitkat en mi samsung galaxy core GT-I8260L ya que seguramente samsung va a actualizar el GT-I8262… :(

  67. I have just purchased a Galaxy Grand Quattro(GT-I8552). But its still running on 4.1.2, Please reply with the updated news as when to get the Update. Its a quad-core with 1gb ram…. hence it meets every requirement. So please inform…

  68. Samsung make update 4.4 kitkat for Galaxy Trend Plus S7580 ,DEC 2, 2013 released – only 5-6~ months old !! JB 4.2.2 have some glitches, HW+ doesnt work properly, videos when u using it – stuttering !! Common problem of this device !!

  69. How about samsung galaxy grand duos (I9082). it will update to firmware 4.4 also?
    when we can update all device low-end to Kitkat?
    please advice..

  70. i hope samsung galaxy ace 3 will be able to update to andorid kitkat 4.4

  71. tengo samsung s3 mini quiero actualisacion de android 4.3 cuando sera eso

  72. Hello I’m Android 4.4 Samsung Galaxy Ace3GT-S7275R

    • Where you got the update?is it official?

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