Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505) receives official Android 4.3 update

Samsung promised at its Mobile UNPACKED Episode 2 event that it will start rolling out Galaxy S4 updates in October and we are very pleased that Samsung has kept their promise. As Samsung has just started rolling out Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) update to the Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505).

Samsung is always a bit late with updating its devices to the latest version of Android but always manages to delivers the most bug free and stable software after a ton of R&D. Also, Samsung is the only OEM which gives its older devices the latest version of Android even after completing the usual 18 month update cycle. For example, Samsung provided Galaxy S II users 2 major Android updates (Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean), a device which was released in April of 2011 and initially shipped with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), and finally ended its support in May 2013 (25 Months).

Now let’s talk about the new Android 4.3 update. There are not much visual changes but there are a ton of under the hood improvements and optimisations. The device simply feels much faster than before, and benchmark scores have significantly increased as well. In Antutu Benchmark we used to get a score of 25-26K with Android 4.2.2 and now with Android 4.3 we get around 29-30K. Samsung doesn’t provide an official change log for its updates but after testing a few internal builds and this official one, we can give you folks our own list of changes and improvements we have noticed.

- OpenGL 3.0 Support
- TRIM Support (Makes the device much faster)
- ANT+ Support
- Samsung KNOX Implementation (KNOX bootloader and dedicated application)
- Samsung Wallet comes pre-loaded
- Improved RAM management
- Improved Display colour reproduction (Display looks much sharper than before)
- Improved TouchWiz Launcher (Much less launcher redraws and less lag)
- New Samsung Keyboard
- New Samsung Browser (Full screen by default, new tab interface and more)
- New Reading Mode (Optimises display for reading, used by only a few specific applications)
- New Camera firmware
- Minor UI tweaks (Contacts app, Flashlight Widget, dialog boxes etc)

The software update is being rolled out in phases, so it may not yet be available in your country at the moment but don’t worry it will arrive very soon. If your device is carrier branded then it might take sometime as the update has to get improved by the carrier first and only then Samsung will make it available for your device.
To keep track of the countries and carriers receiving the new Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505), check out our live feed below:

To update your Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, connect your device to your computer and use Samsung KIES or simply use Samsung’s OTA service. To download and install the firmware via OTA, go to Settings > More > About Device > Software update > Update.

All new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Firmwares for the Galaxy S4 LTE (GT-I9505) are present in our Firmware Section, as well. You can use our Firmware Section to manually update your device if for some reason you can’t officially update your device via Samsung Kies or via OTA as you might be using a Custom ROM or if your country has not yet received the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update. Also, bookmark this page as we will keep this page up to date with the latest information on countries and carriers releasing the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update.


SCREENSHOTS (From Android 4.3 test firmware)

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  1. nice :) …frw is stable and work verry fine.

  2. A good support should be at least 2years of firmware support from the date Samsung stop selling the model.
    So stop bitching on what Sammi really doing good support.
    Well my last 3 devices is the last. I moving to Nexus so should all of us that still begging for upgrade. FU Samsung !

    • Did you miss the memo where the Galaxy S2 got updated to Jellybean with Touchwiz UX and most of the S3′s features?

      I dont know what you’re smoking

    • The Galaxy S4 also has Google Play edition firmware available so I dont see the need for a Nexus device if you have one

    • That’s something no manufacturer will do, and that would mean that many people would not buy the newer devices, so it doesn’t make any business sense either. I find it funny that people keep asking Samsung to do this, when even Google itself doesn’t provide support for two years after a Nexus device stops selling.

      • Well it up the buyers to change the manufacturers profiting idea that they thinks they can get away with it.

    • Get off this site then. Its people like you that must give the editors and writers on Sammobile a headache.

      • If you cannot handle comment then don’t revert ,its feedbacks from buyers that Samsung should heed and site like this have a followings . What wrong for asking for support of firmware when you know that flagship you buying is at a premium pricing like 600+ for a phone.
        Price for been ignorance = Blackberry, Nokia they were once invincibles too…my 2 cents
        P.S by the way all my 3 phones still have upgrades coming…buy I felt sorry for those with S2 that have made Galaxy S the brand is it today !So that my stance to call for a 2 year prise of firmware support on product Sammi sell to anybody unless the hardware cannot support the Android new firmware!

        • There’s a difference between wanting something and being realistic…

          You know though, technically Samsung HAS given two years of support, or almost. The S2, sure, it got updated to 4.1 back in May.
          But, consider that it was released in 2011. And the Jelly Bean update was 2013.
          That’s two years for two major updates. And when you’ve got other flagships to attend to, you really do have to be realistic.

          As Abhijeet said, not even Google does this yet. So, you have quick updates, but will Google give two years?
          The Galaxy Nexus is nearing its 2nd birthday. So we’ll see.

    • Are you serious?Can you see this on other companies?Samsung has the most update of their smartphones than the other smartphone companies. I know sony is there too.

    • I don’t know why you people are supporting Samsung so much. Look at apple. iPhone 4 got updated to ios 7!!!!! when apple can update their 2010 flagship, why cant Samsung. Don’t tell me crap like “APPLE MAKES ONLY ONE PHONE EVERY YEAR!!!”. it doesn’t make any sense because a S2 owner did not force Samsung to release note as a flagship. when apple is providing three years of service to its users, why shouldn’t Samsung do the same??? I am a Samsung fan boy but certain things Samsung does is stupid. And PLEASE DONT TELL ME THAT IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE WITH BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE. Samsung has to work harder.

      • LOL did you see ios 7 working on iphone 4? SLOW!
        My boss has the iphone 4 and recently upgraded to ios 7.
        The whole iphone experience like smooth transitions is GONE.
        Thats what you get with modern os on a OUTDATED phone.
        You don’t want that.

        • Profiteering on the customers is making the customer with an perfectly well supported hardware like S2 not able to upgrade to the newer firmware where else phone of equal specifications or lower able able to run newer firmware.
          I do not even owned a IOS phone but I have to give respect to support for her loyal customers.
          Anyway I know loyal fanboys will wake up some day when they come to realize that loyalty is a ONE WAY STREET with greedy Samsung.
          All we are asking to support your well made products and I am sure you make more friends.
          Maybe that why we still have loyal fanboys lining days for a new IOS phone.
          No its not my kind toy but I m sure alternative are coming soon..Firefox …Ubuntu… or that for now my next Phone won’t be a Samsung for sure.

        • ios 7 may be slow on iphone 4, but here is a twist. Cyanogen mod 10.2 is as smooth as butter in S2. what do you say about that??? Work harder SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!! and btw, cyanogen mod ported 4.3 to s2 for free. so why cant samsung update touchwiz????? we have all payed a good sum of money to buy phones. All OEM have to become more mature, like apple :P

          • Try port the S4′s 4.3 and you’ll probably see why.

          • Apple hasn’t changed much in terms of the hardware…faster yes, but internal designs have been similar enough where the OS doesn’t need a lot of work for each iPhone. Android devices on the other hand have a lot of differences between all the components, so needs a lot more effort for updates.

            With that said, do you understand the difference between a SUPPORTED release and something you do at your own risk? How many people have you heard about that install a custom Android version and then have problems of one sort or another? When you install Cyanogenmod, most people fully wipe their phones for the update, which is a lot easier than needing to do an in-place update, keeping installed apps, settings, and data. Also, if you install Cyanogen and it breaks, you don’t go back to them crying how the update wiped all your data or bricked your phone. If something comes from the device maker, or cell phone carrier, then it had better be SOLID, and have few major problems where customers may start a lawsuit over lost data or whatever.

            Samsung MUST test before releasing updates, or run into the risk of lawsuits. Samsung has to also test, not just Android on devices, but Touchwiz, and the dozens of customizations that go with it.

            As far as Apple, you did hear about the blue screen problems some ran into with iOS 7, right? How about when iOS 4 came out and it made older phones run slower due to RAM limitations? When your updates are trivial(such as every version of iOS prior to 7), it is also far easier to release updates than when there are big changes.

      • -Is it really worth it updating a device to firmware with a chance of being incapable to run smoothly enough (and don’t bring CM or other custom roms into this because its a pointless comparison)
        -Bear in mind the Note series was originally released as a niche product
        -Comparing iOS to Android is like comparing a xylophone to a grand piano, both have differing complexities
        -Comparing Apple to Samsung is the same
        -Two years is a very long time in a smartphone’s life. Sure, three years is great, but if Sjokoprins is right in saying the iPhone 4 can’t really handle iOS 7, well, that does say a lot about whether it’s really the right choice to update a device perhaps past its capabilities.

        -I agree though, certain things they do is stupid

        • Google seems to be somewhat focused on reducing the memory footprint in new versions of Android, and the updated from 4.1 to 4.3 have shown performance improvements. The big issue is how much RAM a device has, since that is often the reason for performance issues with an update. 1GB is a decent amount of RAM, but 2GB as seen in the North American version of the Galaxy S3 means that there should be no performance issues with updates that don’t increase the CPU/GPU demands.

          Storage space is really the big issue at this point, where 16GB is starting to be a limiting factor for new stuff that Samsung is adding to devices. Using more shared libraries between all those new features, and doing some optimization where you don’t need 50 different program functions that do the same thing, but have been re-written for each app because developers don’t talk to each other to see what can be shared are a huge part of the problem for most modern operating systems. Microsoft has this with all the different APIs that have a ton of very similar functions that really could be consolidated down if anyone thought to do it.

    • Android 4.4 KitKat may very well solve this for us if it does what I hope it does, and separate the layers of the OS so Google can update virtually all of the features without needing an OS update for them. If you think about it, the core of Android is Linux, plus some basic stuff on top of it. Now, what if Google makes it so virtually all of Android can be updated without needing manufacturers and carriers to be involved? Wouldn’t that solve the problem where people really want the latest OS BECAUSE of the new features and design elements?

      • I can agreed to no updates for new firmware IF the hardware specifications on the phone we brought is no longer able to support new firmware.
        But take a look at the newer phones with low and midrange specification YET Sammi is running them at 4.2.1 or later.
        Well anyway,its my fair view that if the manufacturer try to sell us high specifications phone they should be obligated to promise certain period of support.
        After all with 600+ to 800+ a high end phone,there is margin for a lot of profit to them and that is a lots of hard earned saving to us.

        Who have made Samsung phone into the mobile giant today! It is all of YOU that owned a piece of their well made hardware but they are getting greedy and want us to GET a new one every year just so that we may that new firmware update that they GOT it for FREE from Google.
        Enough is enough for me and my families, between us we owned MANY Samsung phones.
        Call me old school but aleast IOS and Nexus truly tried for customer satisfaction.
        We love our Android updates and I sure they are many like us judging from this very well supported site for Sammobile offerings of firmware updates.

        As much as we like Sammi phones BUT we are making our commitment to trust Nexus or any others OEMs which dare to give us firmware update commitment for our hard earned purchases for as long the hardware permit it!

        I think many will agreed with me that LOYALTY IS NOT A MARRIAGE!
        Listen to your customer feedbacks and give a FAIR DEAL and we shall stick with you a long time.

        Well hope you are listening Samsung, today its just me and my families migrating to another brand who willing to SERVE us better,tomorrow could be MANY more of your loyal supporters when they find that older flagship you selling with a perfectly performing hardware that YOU choose NOT to support.
        Shame on your updates policy support for Android firmware, Samsung!!

        • And what brand will that be???????????

          • Ever heard of Nexus by Google?
            Me and families decided to give our Note 2 and S3 upgrade to Samsung Note3 a skip.

            We going prebook for the Nexus5.
            Wanna join us to start the ball rolling….. downhill for Samsung !

  3. i9500 How to insert android 4.3

  4. i9500? !!! =(

  5. sami what about i9500 !?!?!?!?!?

    • I9500ra már van 4.3 costum romos

    • Wait… For variants of main models the 4.3 usually follows within a week or two, like it did with the Tab2 and the Note 8.0 updates… So just be patient, it’ll be there very soon

  6. Thank You!

  7. I expect note 2 to follow soon

  8. Genial! :9 ; aunque esperemos que para el Note 2 no se tarde demasiado xD

    • Todavia ni nombran la otra mitad de S4 osea el i9500, para el note 2 y le S3 a esperar se a dicho

  9. SEB (Baltic)… it is for LATVIA???

  10. Sweet! Can’t wait for the “France XEF” firmware to be available for my i9505. :)

  11. Can this be manually updated from any previous official version of 4.2 ROMs ?

  12. And yet nothing on the galaxy s3 which was said to get android 4.3 alongside the S4 :( come on sammobile! Even a post saying that there is no information on the s3 update yet would be WAY better than leaving us in the dark like this. OR you could post what the insider said about it and if he didnt say anything about it ASK him about it. My next phone will be a nexus or google play edition. If samsung is thinking that delaying updates for a few weeks will make people buy their S4 then they have monkeys as advisors at samsungs offices.

  13. I am living in Latvia,can I use this, Germany – DBT???

  14. Will thw update erase internal sd card and data partition?


    • Ha ha..! It would possibly go up to Kitkat 4.4 soon (next year?), my friend. Forget Android 4.3 intended for I9505 only !!!

    • Look at sammobile firmware news :)

  16. This Update for Germany – DBT contains Spanish?

  17. Does this kies and TOA and work if man have install the preview of early release of samsung software for 4.3?

    • I had the MJ3 leak installed over the MI8 leak (did not upgrade the csc though).
      I just installed the MJ5 with odin 3.09.
      You only have to fill in the AP box with the xxxxxMJ5.tar file and thats it!
      working nicely :)

      • hi.. scuse for the question.. i have to fill the AP only?

        • Yes because in the download file there’s only one file! If its 1 file then its always a PDA file with *.tar extension which you need to put in AP box

  18. No Samsung Wallet in here! Only Knox app… Shouldn’t it have Wallet also?

    • It has wallet. Maybe you have to give the rom another try

  19. I also remind that SAMSUNG promises update of android 4.3 for the s3 on OCTOBER, and I haven’t see any leaked firmware yet… I expect an update soon or my next phone I’m that will be a NEXUS!!!

    • Octomber-November soon for S3 and Note II Android 4.3

      • What about samsung s4 4.3
        south east europe?

  20. Archive corrupt! =(

  21. Looking forward Brazil ZTO.
    Where is this feed (on the articles’s table) comming from?

  22. This is a great update for the S4

  23. in Hungarian language???

    • Igen, a német változat jön minden európai nyelven

  24. TRIM…finally….YAY ! Best of this version.

  25. y cuando para el i9500 es el celular mas vendido y no sacan ni mierda solo para el 9505

    queremos para el galaxy s4 I9500

  26. Hi guys one quick question.. I have the DBT model with the 1st leeked official.. Now Kies 3 Beta doesnt support firm. update and also i dont have an update via OTA. Any sollution? Do i have to flash it with odin only?

    • Yes.Propably Odin.I have also the DBT from when i bought it and i ll flash it with Odin today

  27. Why is it always Germany DBE first??

  28. What about other? Only Germany? What about UK? What about Poland? We must wait day? week? mayby year…

  29. Must be nice. Based off the galaxy S2 getting 2 major updates in 25 months, us Note 2 owners are screwed as our device is 13 months in with 12 remaining and NO major updates since its release. So quit your cryin, plus im in the US, so im really fuked as the US is dead last to receive any updates. We’ll be lucky if we see 4.3 before the end of 2013.

    • S3 and Note 2 for sure i believe before end of 2013 ‘ll take 4.3 SII maybe also but maybe propably in the first Q of ’14

      • You can forget about the S2 getting an update. Its not going beyond 4.1.2.
        If you still want 4.3 then flash cyanogenmod 4.3 for the s2

  30. No wallet. ..whyyyy?!!!!!

    • I upgraded, but they do not have wallet… why?

      • You can download Samsung Wallet from the Play Store or the Samsung Apps store anyway ^^

  31. ¿What about the i337m?

  32. What about Ukraine?

  33. Ya instalé la versión “Germany – DBT” del 4.3 y viene el idioma Español (España) y Español (Estados Unidos).

    • Hola que s4 tienes? yo tengo el i337m de mexico una pregunta que no se supone que son iguales en cuanto a hardware nada mas cambia el modelo?

    • hola diculpa.. como hiciste para instalarlo? donde se coloca el archivo? en AP?

  34. Installed with Odin on i9505 and can’t activate Wi-Fi.

    • Did you try factory wipe after installing?
      You have to do that if you come from 4.2.2

      Press volume up/home button/power button at the same time and keep pressed until you see at the top of the screen a blue text appear.
      The release immidiatly all buttons.

      Then goto factory reset/wipe.

      You will lose everything installed by the way so backups are needed.

  35. I had the test version installed, and tried to install it over the previous one with Odin v3.07. Yet it hangs at the “Samsung” logo and nothing happens. Any tips?


    • Boot recovery by holding power+home+vol up buttons. Wipe data/ factory settings and wipe cache. U will lose all ur data! When you experience bootloops just wipe and all should be fine

  36. hola mi pregunta es para cuando saldra la version 4.3 para el modelo telcel de mexico i337m que ni en la lista de actualizacion esta u.u

    • Va a tardar… recuerdo que con el S2 el JB 4.1 salio como en febrero telcel lo saco hasta mayo o junio.

      Necesitan tiempo para meterle su basura… de iTelcel

      • aaa ok porque vi los de movistar y iusacell y esos si se empearan a la actualizacion y se supone ke telcel es la mejor aqui pero pa que me emocione

  37. Como se instala el archivo? Es decir, donde debo colocar el archivo en odin?

    How do i install this firmware? Where do i have to put the file?

    Gracias de antemano! Thanks!

    • Tutorial en ingles pero se entiende

  38. If I update my Deutsche Telekom to the German DBT, will that do anything different to my phone? I’ve never done it before.

    • If the phone is not specifically “branded” then you can use this firmware, or wait for the OTA update!

      Depends which version you are using right now: 4.2.2?

      • Yes I am using 4.2.2…will it change my CSC? That would just mean I wouldn’t be able to do updates through Kies anymore, right? What about OTA?

        • It will change your CSC.
          I updated it manually until release for my country. After that, i will installed it and have a fresh ROM.

  39. Any info about other countries? Why it’s so slowly…

  40. If i have official 4.2.2 Nordic Contries can i install this update(from Germany) via Odin? Do i have any problem related to Knox security? I know usualy it’s no problem if it’s original rom.

    • The German version is probably the europe version with preloaded software specifically for the german market. (Its just some apps).
      So there must be nordic languages in this rom.
      I’m dutch and installed this rom and my language is dutch on the phone!

      If you want to flash then i suggest to flash with odin 3.07
      (please look on internet for correct steps!).
      I flashed the MI8 leak with odin 3.09 and had to fill in 4 different files (AP/BL/CL/CSC) because the file had these 4 different files included.

      This ONLY has 1 file (the *.tar file) which, when using odin 3.09, has to be put in the AP box.

      If you use odin 3.07 then there only one option: put theXXUEMJ5.tar into the PDA box and flash.

      For the record: I DID NOT USE ODIN 3.07 SO CANT BE SURE

      • But the Knox it changed from 0×0 to 0×1 ? this is the only thing wat i don’t know and i can’t find an answer

    • Yes, you can!

  41. Why update stopped? Why other countries don’t get update? What the f**k it is???

  42. When are other countries being added to the update list? I mean why it’s more then 24hrs after the German release of Android 4.3…. and still only the fxxxxxg Germans has the 4.3 update ugh

    • Standard operation. We must wait week mayby two. It’s not taking seriously client…

      • Those damn Germans why are they first ugh. Next time the Dutch first LOL

  43. i think reason why other country doesn’t get update cos this update suck .. try now 3 time to flash and my wifi is broken since i buy this phone never had problem on 4.2 but as soon i update to 4.3 have this problem.. my wifi connection get lost or often i get message that my wifi got low speed connection is this on 4.2 my wifi work superfine i got dam 100mbit internet and that update tell me i got low fucking wifi internet …fix your shit sammy……

  44. Has anyone else had a problem connecting to kies after flashing this update?

    • You have to instal the newer version of KIES 3.0 Beta from the official site.

  45. I didn’t see any improvement in TouchWizz, still lags.
    Is there a new keyboard ? because i don’t like it, a lot of grey colour.

  46. Is this really the official realease? I tried both of the leaks. 2nd one is the best so far.
    In this official update, i am facing following problems.
    1. Mobile getting heat up.
    2. Battery draining quickly.
    3. I turn off all the animations and after a while, transition animation turns on itself.
    4. No lock screen shortcuts.

    People having problems connecting to kies should do the following.
    Clear cashe and factory reset from recovery.
    Turn on the phone and set it up and then again boot into recovery and clear cashe and factory reset.
    This will solve all the problems and kies will say this is the latest firmware.

  47. Hello everybody.

    Sam Mobile is to be congratulated!

    I wonder if this firmware has language PT-BR.

    Thank you.

  48. same as faysakumitz got the same problem..

    1. Mobile getting heat up.
    2. Battery draining quickly.
    3. No lock screen shortcuts.
    4. wifi connection lost …

    look like Samsung mass around on final build hope the give fix update soon don’t what to do now that just suck

    • You should wipe then after upgrading!

  49. installed Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, but it does not turn on wifi? What is the reason

    • reason is sammy fuck on final version we have to wait for fix update or downgrade to 4.2

  50. sammobile for galaxy s4 telcel mexico ? shg-i337m

  51. I installed the 4.3 on my I9505. Now, when I go to settings, I don’t see Kies connection at the bottom anymore. Did they move it? Does anyone else have the same issue?
    I did a factory reset twice and also re-installed the software using Odin; same problem still.

    The phone is recognized by Kies in my computer when I connect it via USB though.

  52. Para cuando cojones sacaran la version 4.3 para el Note2 ?…Mira que esta gente de google son lerdos

  53. I don’t Believe MJ5 is an official release and if so can someone who posted the pics on this website also include the bottom part of the about screen to show the selinux ???

    • cannot post the screen but i can tell you what is say on selinux status

      Enforcing SEPF_GT-I9505_4.3_0010

      • thank you for your reply, but can you correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t it supposed to say Samsung in the selinux not enforcing ?

        • the same thought i got to but as i am not expert so i hope some one with more info can help us with it.

          cos after update i lost so many function like short cut on lock-screen and wifi problem battery get hot etc…

          i wait now may be few days if there is no fix for that then i am going back to 4.2

          • ok so let’s look at this logically…if it were to be an official samsung firmware release this would mean it would be the same as walking into a store and purchasing a new phone going home and having no glitches, but in this case there is still tons of glitches. just my 2 cents.

  54. hello! I would like to know when will be released the official firmware for galaxy s4 Italy … thanks

  55. Why update is stopped? Why other countries don’t get update???

    • because samsung staff is drunk and sleep
      fuking ssmsung hardware and software bulshit not more samsung for me !! for next year welcom HTC LG Aple

  56. This can’t be the official update.
    So many problems. How is this possible that in the final and official update there is no option of lock screen shortcuts.
    How the animations can turn on themselves when i turn them off.

  57. please please how can i go back from 4.3 to 4.2.2…….

    • There is no way to go back to 4.2.2 without loosing your warranty. The reason is, with 4.3 update, everything is updated including bootloader that can not be downgraded.

      • i want to go back even if i lose my warranty…. but how..??????

  58. fuck ya……. i was hope to get downgrade but no i cannot now that make me angry fuck u Sammy…

  59. I thinng I noticed, there is WIFI connection history (blue line) in battery history details even if im not connected to wifi. Is this mean my wifi is draining may battery too? How to solve this, any help?

    • This is a new function in 4.3. You can shut it off by going to wifi ->settings button -> advanced, there you see: keep wifi always on: untick!

      • it does’t work. i still see logs in my battery history even if im not connected to wifi.

  60. HOW We downgrade to 4.2 please help ?

    • it is not possible for now as you can read above with 4.3 update, everything is updated including bootloader that can not be downgraded. so we have to wait ;/…..:(

  61. parca cara o piatra de moara in spate ! temperaturile afisate sunt,parca,mai mici ca inainte, dar la mana se simte mai cald !!!! ocupa mai mault RAM, la afisarea pozelor mi se pare o problema ! cred ca incep sa vreau in iphone 5 :))

    • Mie imi merge muuult mai bine. Absolut tot e mai ok. Exceptie facand camera.. pe care au stticato. Gandeste.te de multe ori inainte sa iti cumperi iphone. Chiar daca e mai bine optimizat. Iti spun ca o sa ii duci dorul s4-ului:))

  62. Will anyone be able to let me know when the Firmware be available for American market for unlocked no contract phones.

  63. Samsung seriously needs to speed up their update process. Uk BTU

  64. WHAT IS THIS I9500 getting update but I9505 nope… What is that? Why update stopped?

    • Because i do not think this was official update at all. Update never started. How a final update can have that many bugs? Specially no lock screen shortcuts.

      • So if it is not official update why in Germany is OTA and Kies?

      • I try many DBT firmwares in the past and no one have lock screen shortcuts, if you install any DBT firmware and wipe, the lock screen shortcuts are gone, if you install a DBT firmware whit other CSC code (for example BTU) you will have the lock screen shortcuts, but the configuratino options is missing.

        I’m waiting for BTU firmware because of this.

        • sry but that not all true i use DBT firmwares since i buy that s4 never have any issue till i update with this firmwares they mess-up in final build that all ..

          • But your CSC in recovery always says DBT?

            If you configure your lock screen shortcuts and then install a DBT firmware, you will have shortcuts or if you restore some configuration, but if you wipe and install the firmware without any previus configuration, say goodbye tou shortcuts, I try it with the las 2 or 3 DBT firmwares

  65. Can someone guide on how to revert the firmware 4.3 to stock 4.2.2 as I encountered an error when attempting to flash it through ODIN.

    Your help is highly appreciated.

    • This can’t be done – once we go to 4.3 we can’t come back!
      we are stuck with this full of bugs rom

    • i think you can just download the stock 4.2.2 rom then flash it though odin. By the way, may i ask what error you have encounter?

      • No you can’t – 4.3 includes new knox bootloader – you can;t flash 4.2.2

      • It is always failed in ODIN when you attempt to downgrade it. I can’t remember what error it mentioned during flashing & someone reported that when you flash it with the rom that has old bootloader it will trigger your knox counter from 0×0 to 0×1 which means that you already void the warranty. Samsung starting now to become like apple. FREEDOM to customize our mobile is difficult as of this moment. I hope XDA elite developers will have solutions for this ASAP. I believe in you GUYS…..Keep rockin’

  66. May i ask you all why the samsung firmware update has to release depend on the region not just like the ios 7 (no offence) release to globa in one day?

    • Because samsung loves to lose customers ;-)

  67. Estoy probando Android 4.3, y el gran defecto que posee es que el reproductor de fabrica no reproduce formatos AVI ni tampoco MKV.-

  68. Guys.. I tried all the leaks and this so called official realease. Tried all my best but could not revert back to 4.2.2 amd also lost my warranty.
    I have sold my phone and bought a new one.
    It has got 4.2.2 amd works excellent. No heating up no battery draining and no other problem.
    There is nothing special in this update to get you so crazy about it. I will stay on 4.2.2 even if there is an update to 4.3
    Atleast i can flash any rom i want with this.

  69. When android 4.3 will be in Poland ?

  70. Hey guys, what about the french release?

  71. So i bought an unlocked gt-i9505 on amazon before moving to France. My guess is it came from Vodafone Portugal but works fine with Bouygues. KIES doesnt have an update for me yet can i just download the german one and update to 4.3 or what do i do? First android phone but im very tech savy.

  72. When will be released the update to Hungary?

  73. Just for Germany…
    For the other countries, when will be available?

    • Singapore 2 carrier updates, Malaysia…
      They started updating massively

  74. Philippines firmwares rolling out via Kies and OTA right now.

  75. Philipine, Singapore, Malaysia…rolling out !!!

  76. hi.I’m from the Philippines and I just saw that the updates start rolling in for the Philippines . my phone baseband version is I9505ZHUBMF4 which I think is firmware from hongkong. does this mean that I should wait for 5 he firmware from hongkong to arrive? I tried updating OTA but it says that my phone already has the latest updates . and when I tried using Kies it says that I can’t update my phone as well.

    • Wait by the end of the day because it’s not yet OTA or KIES available.
      But you can give a manually try right now.

      • It’ better to wait for OTA or KIES availability !

    • hi all thanks for the reply. I am just a little confused with the baseband version stuff. even if my baseband version firmware is from hongkong I can still update my phone since I am staying here in the Philippines . right?

      • You should try. Philippines is now KIES available.

        • And you Philippines software even if do install it manually …to have compatibility between your phone and carrier !

          • Hi, with the update now available in KIES, i tried doing that but unfortunately i still not able to update my s4. The warning says:

            Your device;s current firmware version is not supported to update firmware via KIES.

            Current firmware version: PDA:MF4 / PHONE: MF4 / CSC: MF4 (TGY.

            Is there any way to update my phone? Thanks.

          • It seems like you have different CSC.
            Instal it manually with Odin. You will not void ur warranty !

          • thanks for the reply, if however the hongkong firmware update finally comes in, will i be able to OTA update even if I’m here in the Philippines? Flashing through Odin I hope will be my last resort if all else fails. Thanks.

      • any update sir uragon?

  77. :) After first update 7days ago, they rolled out today for 3 more countries.
    What about the others ?
    Very sad, Samsung !!!!

    • That’s why it is LTE, because it’s a ‘Long Term’ Evolution :D it takes quite a time to release an update…

      • Even iPhone is LTE :)) And in 2 months they had 3 updates.

        • because every iPhone is the same

          • You are right, but i don’t want my 700euro device to block itself and still laggy after an major update.


    • Its not a bug its “feature” go to wifi settings -> advanced -> always allow scanning

  79. Finally more countries are receiving the update!!! Yaeeee!

    • Yes but Europe nope. So I mean that next countries get update at next thursday?

  80. when will it come to denmark

  81. Can somebody help me? Am from the Philippines, but my firmware is registered to Singapore (SIN) Singtel, when I tried to update via OTA it says “Latest updates have already been installed” and then in KIES says “Your device’s current firmware version is not supported to update firmware.” by the way my firmware version: PDA:MG5/PHONE:MG5/CSC:MG1 (SIN), my phone experiences lag and stutter, I am optimistic that this update can lesser the issues I’ve encounter.

    • Should I wait for the availability of the update through KIES or OTA? or update manually but unfortunately i do not know how? Please help me people

      • same problem here as well. I am from the Philippines also and my current firmware is from Hongkong. I can’t update my S4 neither through OTA or KIES. I’ll try to update again when the firmware from hongkong finally rolls in. and 8s that doesn’t work I guess 8 lol just to resort to flashing.

    • Same thing happened to me, I updated my firmware days ago with the first official 4.3 (DBT), then i want to change it so donwloaded the Philippine firmware (XTC) and installed it using Odin, when the phone booted, it has a SingTel apps on it (SIN). I also tried the GLB and SMA firmware but nothing happened, its still SIN.

      • to change CSC, on you dialer type *#272*digit imei number#

  82. After updating to 4.3 S4 i9505 XTE, No Samsung Wallet, No more blood pressure, Blood glucose and Running Mate on S-Health.

    i bought the s4 because of s-health only…..

    • from what country you are by the way?

    • upon checking the S-health there are dashboard missing, ui chages, additional dsahboard and some bug to be fix

      missing dashboard: (needed badly)
      1. Blood Glocuse
      2. Blood Pressure

      Bugs to be Fix
      1. food tracker – searching food and selecting crash, and changing the quantity for saved meal.

      added dashboard (great)
      1. workout, running walking and cycling with maps (gps) (replace running mate)

      thats it, hope samsung see this..

      • One of the Samsung Agent here in my Cit said that the 4.3 update version of S4 is not yet available. He also reprimanded me not to update it using ODIN and wait since it will be rolled out next month. I was about to flash it today using the XTE Philippines but reading your comment for shealth a bit discouraging because am using this application everyday. Any bugs or changes like no lockscreen

        • like no lockscreen?

        • i received the update over KIES not using odin or flashing. my update is official. everything works fine except theres no samsung wallet and changes/bugs on s-health.

  83. when it will be available in spain

  84. when it will be available in Ireland (VDI)?

  85. Per ITV quando? Quando arriva se installo questo invalido la garanzia se il mio S4 ha operatore Tre?

    • conviene aspettare l’aggiornamento…ad ogni modo ad ogni nuova uscita la pagliacciata è sempre la stessa…

  86. Spain – PHE ???

    • Nobody knows.
      We have to stay connected, wait and see !

  87. Why did the phone storage capacity had change can you please explain why

    • Because it’s another version were they made some changes. That’s why.
      I think there are other important changes that you have to worry about

  88. How to Root this firmware ?

    • Cf Auto Root from Chainfire. Take a look

  89. I have GT-I9505 Open .Is there any news about updates for middle east countries. GCC Oman . Qatar etc.???

    • Every wednesday they roll out new firware. Check out today, if not maybe next wednesday or after 2 weeks. It’s such a bulshit with this separate upgrades.

  90. This is ridiculous…

  91. Uploading in progress for SEB-Baltic.
    PDA I9505XXUEMJ7
    CSC I9505OXXEMJ8

  92. 4.3 for Italy

  93. Do the Asians always have the first update… I know the company is from South Korea…. Why just not release for every country at ones… Or they have just a few servers….

  94. When will it be available in Poland???

    • It’s chance to tommorow but is only 90% :(

  95. Update today for only 2 regions. We have to wait for one more week, at least !

    • No today will be more updates. Need patience.

      • I don’t think so. I’ve watched the uploading progress and after Italy the started roll out ypdates for other phones. So, this is it for this week. Baltic and Italy only

      • Told you ! :)
        No other updates for today, for another week

  96. Is there lock screen shortcuts available in baltic and italy roms ?

  97. I9505XXUEMJ7 VE I9505XXUEMJ5 arasındaki fark nedir ? şimdiden yardım için teşekkürler..

    • When comes the update for Germany (EPL)????

  98. Yeesssss, lock screen shortcuts are back again in nordic rom!

  99. Wish samsung would hurry up with BTU firmware.

  100. I wonder when 4.3 will hit the UK… see its been updated to italy and baltics today on the 30th… anyone withcany inside information know anything?


  102. I’m waiting for XEO. It takes sooooo long :-)
    Sammi please hurry up. Give us at least 5 roms per day, please :-)

  103. I hope it will come to the nordic countries today :)

    • It won’t. maybe tommorw

      • Why not?

        • Look at the dates of release this software for other countries/regions.

          • Hmmmm. The software for the czech republic is in this moment on the way.

          • It’s still pending ;o

          • LOOK NOW ;)

          • How did you know that ;o?

  104. Just click on FIRMWARE an scroll down. There you can see which software is actuall uploading. Actually nothing :(

  105. Which country will be next???

    • Hi, today I downloaded following ROM
      Model: GT-I9505
      Country: Czech Republic
      Version: Android 4.3
      Changelist: 1765174
      Build date: Tue, 15 Oct 2013 07:21:56 +0000
      Product Code: ETL
      PDA: I9505XXUEMJ7
      CSC: I9505OXXEMJ8
      MODEM: I9505XXUEMJ7,
      the file looked to be OK, but after the flashing, the CSC code is not ETL but ALB….what does it mean?

      • have you tried doing a factory reset via recovery? that should do the magic

  106. Co to kurwa jest dzisiaj znowu tyle krajów dostało aktualizacje a gdzie Polska? Co my gorsi jesteśmy?

  107. Też się wkurwiam niesamowicie

  108. Dla polski bedzie za tydzien.

  109. 2 dni temu rzecznik Samsunga Polska informował, że aktualizacja ma się pojawić lada moment..
    HTC dla modelu One już dawno wypuściło Androida 4.3 a Samsung się trochę obija :-\

  110. Już dziś nie dadzą pewnie nic, przez weekend nic czyli najwcześniej w poniedziałek… Dno dna.

  111. WFT…. the Dutch Vodafone already has the update as i guess it’s the same rom as the other Vodafone roms like Italy, Czech, Greece etc… But the unbranded model has no update yet…. I guess we have to wait as we are just a small country…………

  112. Hello.
    I have just updated my S4 to 4,3 NEE

  113. United Kingdom (EVR) – Pending till when?!

    • EE takes ages for the update (I usually had to wait a few months before i will get the update as I experienced with Orange, assuming EE will take as long as orange used to when it was not EE) I am now on vodafone and they are always quicker at releasing updates. I just updated to Android 4.3 earlier and it was not that much different.

  114. Im not sure if this was mentioned but in this update I found a lot of emoticons on the keyboard by pressing the symbol with the smiley face.

  115. ☺☻☹

  116. I am in Portugal and have just installed via Odin UK’s BTU over the leaked Open Asia MJ5 Android 4.3.

    So far:

    KNOX – Still doesn’t work. Says my device is not authorized to enter KNOX mode.

    Samsung Wallet – Can’t install. Says “Currently unable to download. Please try again later”

    My Galaxy – Says “Sorry – Not available in Ireland”….IRELAND? WTF I’m not in Ireland?

    Anyone knows how to get round this?

    PS: Where is the gyroscope calibration now?

  117. I didn’t find gyroscop calibration aswell.
    I think they removed the option.
    But, i really need a calibration cuz Auto-Rotation doesn’t work properly

  118. Hi I updated 4.3 using Odin method suggested here. Everything worked fine. Kies3 did backup fine.
    Now 4.3 has come out in UK and when I connected to Kies3 it does not recognise my Firmware. Any thoughts or suggestions from anyone?


    • I guess you can’t if you said KIES3 doesn’t recognize your firmware… tried search update on phone or does it says last update installed?

    • Kies3 is for Note III and newer devices. As the GS4 is an older device, use the normal Kies.

  119. hi guys,i installed german dbt on my s4,works fine but new uk btu is out now,i would like to install this,via odin 3.09 like i did the german dbt.
    but it shows 1905XXUEMJ7,not 1905XXUEMJ5,is this ok to install,my phone is unlocked and sim free,


    • If you update (if it’s possible) you will risk your warranty as the KNOX counter will be triggered which can’t be undone

      • infact i installet multiple roms, the know counter did what its suppose to, then i did a reset and installet original rom again.. now its legit, all official with know on 0… so dont worry guys, there is always a way to manipulate software and that goes for everything in the world.. nothing in the world of electronics can be locked 100% from the public ;)

        good luck and enjoy ur custom roms etc

        • “installed, not installet… knox counter not know ;)

    • You can update it and it won’t trigger your knox. I just did it and everything is working fine. After update do a factory reset and clear cache. Kies will say you have the latest firmware installed.

      • thanks so much,worked a treat,kies see’s it now

  120. I thought official ROMs did not trigger the KNOX counter?

  121. It says on this page that swisscom 4.3 i9505 update is available starting november 1st at 5-40 but when I click the link there’s nothing there and my phone still doesn’t update on air and Kies says the device doesn’t support initialization.
    Can’t understand it frankly.

  122. Hi Guys so my Samsung S4 is ready to download the 4.3 update through OTA but i am there is one thing am most concern about is…. Is this update would add the Region Sim Lock to my phone?

    • also I live in Australia but right now there non update available for Australia how come i already get an update through OTA ?

    • Hi,

      Only the Note 3 has region sim lock. No need to worry ;)

  123. Hi,

    when it will be for Slovakia region? :-/
    I can not wait.

  124. Hy guys.

    I’m from Portugal and I installed the update using the Germany rom. But the knox after installation gives me ” your equipment is not authorized to knox”. Can someone give me a hand?

    Thanks every one!!

    • Hi,

      Was your phone rooted or had it had any custon rom? I think it may trigger the knox warranty bit if in the odin mode wasn’t everything ‘Official’.
      I’m still not sure about it, cause I’ve not received the mail from Samsung yet, but if you don’t flash the firmware your phone is suppossed to have, that may trigger that bit too. By this I mean that if your phone is supposed to have the XXX csc code flavored firmware, you can’t flash the XCX csc based firmware.
      Oh, did you wrote ‘ your equipment is not authorized to knox’? Sorry, your knox warranty bit may be 0×1. If it is, there is no known cure yet. Sorry.

  125. At last i have THE download i guess: 672.25MB

  126. Any idea when we’re going to get the update in Canada, I’m with Telus..?!

  127. I got the update yesterday, it was somewhere around 670 MB. Loving the new optimization of the screen, the screen looks really punchy. The lag has gone down to almost 0% except for some very marginal hiccups here and there but not like before. I got the phone from Qatar but judging from the firmware, I think it is from Hungary since Qatar got the I9500. My device did not get locked after updating so thank God for that. Thanks Samsung for updating the phone, but I should say it was quite slow, even HTC Once got it before us. Samsung reputation is going down a little with Sony and HTC updating their devices faster than Samsung. Samsung take note of this and try to give us KITKAT before any other OEM so us Samsung fans can start showing off once again.


  128. Does some1 know when this new android 4.3 will be also for Slovakia region?

  129. any idea when ksa is coming?

  130. Any ideas when UK o2 will be done and Ireland on 3? Be great to hear something soon if any1 has any info? :)

  131. Are there new camera modes in 4.3??? Anyone …

    • Nothing new…

      • Thanks man. Don’t know why i thought there is surround shot.

  132. and still another day rolls by and still no UK o2 update :( rolling eyes now wondering how long before someone presses the right button to release on o2 :(

  133. Mongolia is not on your update feed.
    Please consider including operators MobiCom (428-99), Skytel (428-01) and Unitel (428-88) from Mongolia.

  134. Can I update my s4 to spain phe
    But it is locked at vodafone

  135. Hungary/T-mobile will get this update in this year? …

    • I so waiting :((((

    • I look forward to this

    • hey guys,

      here is a brotip for ya. if you have the possibility, then unlock your phone, so you can flash a different csc based firmware. there is a guide a bit above. after that you can safely flash the XEH csc based firmware (this one has not been modified by carriers). believe me, TMH has an awful boot animation and a lot of bloatware. this one has not :)

    • well yea, that will be the best way, but i lose guarantee (22 mounths left so..)
      Funny to see anyway, galaxy s3 gained android 4.3 faster..><

      • carrier unlocking will not void your waaranty. if you are on android 4.2.2 than you don’t have to worry. i had my phone from t-mobile (TMH) and flashed the xeh based rom and everything is still official, even in odin mode. no way to lose your waaranty this way. you will even have access to knox, which is a total crap

        • So i dont have to root my phone if i want to update with XEH rom?
          Can i do it with kies? (sorry for those questions, but im a “beginner”, first samsung phone…)
          /de ha magyar válasz jön se gond. Hogy oldjam meg, meg ilyenek../

          • send a mail to: (my username here) at yahoo dot com
            i’ll then write to you what you need.

  136. Since October, I’m waiting to get this update. But no matter what your waiting for, you will get board before you enjoyed new features.

    Samsung will not solve the issue of update which it must roll updates globally not country by country.

    A month passed and we are still waiting in the 2nd month hopping to receive 4.3.

    • Am still waiting for O2 UK to be done, still no luck

    • I’m hopping all right – hopping mad that 3 hasn’t updated my freaking Android!!

  137. This is a joke now! Looks like half have been updated and still no sign of O2-UK been updated (All the following have been updated: UK unbranded – UK Vodafone and UK EE)

    The only ones left to be updated are in the United Kingdom is O2-UK and 3!

    Samsung will you just get the UK finished with, you should have UK done in a few days!

    • totally agree, in future i wont be purchasing my handsets directly from o2 stores anymore, i will choose unbranded phones from other retail shops… u think as u have a branded phone that the providers are there to help keep your branded phone up to date but it appears the way forward is unbranded phones as they have more updates/firmwares thatsnot “provider based”

  138. 3 days from my last reply and still no damn O2 – UK update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Any idea on releasing 4.3 update for Australia?

  140. Come on samsung, release o2 uk soon please!!

  141. SAMSUNG please release the upgrade to Australia please.. I am waiting for my XSA

    • Hugely annoyed not seeing yet the update for Australia and XSA specifically. Why is it taking so time? Can someone from Samsung reply officially? Has someone the expected update date for Australia?

  142. Please help me.I have got an ota update of 700 mb and downloaded 400mb.Due to insufficient data balance the download was cancelled.But aftee renewed my data pack I have checked for update.Then I got the old pop up says that “latest softwre already been installed”.I dont know really what happened.I have done a factory reset and again checked for update.But nothing happened.Still my phone is 4.2.2.Please help me.How can I update my phone?..

    • Try to flash with Odin after downloading the firmware from Sammobile

  143. doesn’t look like Samsung release updates over the weekend what i am gathering, (hopefully) o2-uk will update us by next week – I’ll be extremely annoyed if not, as it that will be the 5th Week from when 4.3 was first released to Galaxy S4!! P.S – has anybody got any news about the UK – O2 update??

    • Same for Three. I have emailed them twice about it to complain. Everyone else should do the same or they will assume that no one cares.

  144. can i flash these roms on unlocked galaxy s4 i9505????????????????????????

    • yes, supposing you are upgrading your android. but if you just want to change the csc code, make sure you don’t have knox

  145. Hi Samsung, after I have updated JB 4.3 on my s4 GT-i9505. My NFC longer able to read NFC cards using Transport Fare Saver app. I used to be able to read Ezlink card to check for balance value.

    It is not about incompatible NFC card because my s4 could read the card balance value until I updated the latest ROM. Pls help to update the NFC firmware.

    From Singapore

  146. Firmware Germany – DBT 4.3 (November) works fine, but does not work function Smart pause on this firmware … everything else works! On firmware 4.2.2, this function worked perfectly and accurately!

  147. where is JB 4.3 for GT-i9505 XSA?

  148. O2

  149. O2 – UK is a pile of (beep) !!!!!

  150. GIVE US THE DAM UPDATE 02 – UK!!!!!!!!!

  151. T-mobile worldwide update???
    Hungary T-mobile i9505?????

  152. o2 s4 officially updated to 4.3 today ota. .cheers 02 :-)

  153. verguenza absoluta actualizcion s4 para SPAIN,poca seriedad,proximo smarphone sera un iphone.

  154. hi i have the problem after 4.3 up date …my phone missing LTE net work option in network service menu ….how can i get sim 4g support……help me ……..

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