Internal KNOX document confirms Android 4.4 for multiple Samsung devices

One of our trusted insiders has sent us a picture of an internal document for Samsung’s KNOX security suite, and to our delight, the document confirms that Android 4.4 KitKat will be making its way to a couple of Samsung devices. The document mentions that the Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S4 mini will come with KNOX pre-loaded once they’re updated to Android 4.4, a rather damning confirmation that all three devices (counting both the Mega 6.3 and 5.8) will be enjoying Google’s chocolate-flavored OS at some point of time.

Now, while the document doesn’t list flagship devices like the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 with Android 4.4, it’s pretty much a given that both devices will be updated if mid-range devices are getting the update. A Samsung rep recently confirmed that Android 4.4 would be coming to the Galaxy S3 and Note II, so there’s a fairly high chance Samsung will have many of its devices on Android 4.4 in 2014 (the Note II will surely be updated, if Samsung follows its tradition of providing at least two major upgrades to every flagship).

Our insider also mentions that KNOX will come pre-installed on all the mentioned devices after they receive the particular updates. However, Chinese variants will have only the KNOX installer pre-loaded, using which the actual files for KNOX will be downloaded, while some carrier-locked devices may hide KNOX if operators decide to opt out of offering the service.

Samsung KNOX Android 4.4

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  1. Does this include International S3 , because i see S3 with 2GB ram meaning its US version.

    • If the US variant gets 4.4, the international variant surely will, since there are more international variants in use than the US variants. :)

    • not US version it’s GT-i9305

  2. i9305 S3 4g has 2gb ram

  3. f**k u samsung!!! this is how u threat s3 international users…no more samsung….where is 4.3 update for s3 9300…I bet u gonna say its only for s3 I9305…well then ‘f@xk u samsung!!!

    • for sure, your comment won’t help you to be answer by samsung.
      Ah…. and did you read the little words saying that the list is subject to be change????????
      Where have you seen it will be never for s3 9300. Let’s time to time and be cool ;-) have a good day. Cheers.

    • Seriously this a leaked screenshot of a NOX document. Nowhere you can read that Sgs 3 wont get that Update. Man calm down!

    • Maybe first you must read man? 4.3 ll come soon to S3 GT-I9300. Only 4.4 as here writes can’t take 4.4 cause of ram as i can see.But still its weird reason

  4. the longer I wait for the update
    the more I’m about to buy LG G2
    Samsung phone that has destroyed so was promoted last year
    failure, there are problems with the update

    • I just was thinking about that. LG G2 is a better phone than S3 for me, but frankly I don’t know the support of LG. However, Samsung just destroyed the trust I believe them seeing the S2 updates. :(

  5. I don’t want to be clingy or anything but, if you’re going to update the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini to 4.4, then might as well update all your devices with 4.1.2 (dibs on S2) :D

    • Except they are not going to update s3 mini

  6. Me before taking the LG G2 I would think because LG does not or rarely updated and when we speak they often fall on deaf ears …
    I have left for samsung LG because its the last day to follow that are LG and many others ….

  7. Hola. No entendi nada. El galaxy s3. El gt i9300 va a recibir actualizacion o no? Porque no lo vi marcado. Responda por favor.

  8. And all of us who has s3 mini can obviously go fuck ourselves what and coincidence right after I bought this phone exacli one of three phones that won’t get any update even if the are high midrange phones because they have CPU from company that fall apart for no intelligent reason why did Samsung didn’t take CPU from the same company like with all of their phones common what a bunch of fucking coincidences fuck you Samsung

    • you are so wright I own the tab 3 sm-t210 the keep telling us they will update this tablet and all the do is say but do nothing there’s nobody who own a Samsung product that don’t have something bad to say about the f—ers the take our money but don’t give the service i’m getting a nexus 5

  9. Whats this hullabaloo about S3 not getting the update? They wouldnt leave it out obviously. At least this has not been expressly stated. Let us wait and cease entertaining anxiety.

  10. i had the note2 and now i have note3 and this it will be my last Samsung device…
    i use to cook my own roms for Note 2(AmnoSFerum ROM on XDA) but now with this stupid Knox with Efuse i cannot do almost nothing….
    so… this it will be my last Samsung device

  11. E il Samsung galaxy s2 plus?? GT-19105P

  12. My UK EE GT-N7105 was updated to KitKat 4.4 and Knox no longer worked, wiping out all contacts and emails. I had no joy from Samsung support and after much searching it seems that the free version of Knox for consumers is not available with 4.4 Am now trying to go back to Jellybean 4.3

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