Expected release date Android 4.3 for Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Note II

Now that we finally know that Samsung started testing the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Note II. The big question is: When will Samsung update the three devices to Android 4.3. We expect that Samsung will update the Galaxy S4 in October. The Galaxy S3 is expected to be released around October end / November. We expect Samsung to update the Galaxy Note II around November end / December. Samsung probably want to give the Note III a couple of exclusive months before the Note 2 will get those features. All three the devices are expected to get more functions and the latest Touch Wiz interface.
We also can confirm that Samsung is busy to test Android 4.3 for their Galaxy Mega series.

Samsung promised to bring Android 4.3 as fast as possible.
Let’s hope everything goes according to plan.


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  1. Now lets hope someone at samsung starts leaking. Shouldn’t take too long if history repeats itself

  2. I’m a big fan of samsung. But because of the delay in updates, I bought a nexus 4. And I do not regret it.

    • What do you mean by delay in updates? Samsung has never given a date for updates to it’s devices.

      • And what about the 4.2.2 for S3?

      • “Samsung has never given a date for updates to it’s devices”

        And that’s the problem. Android 4.2 was released in Nov 2012, 4.3 in July 2013, and 4.4 Kitkat is expected Oct/Nov 2013.

        Imagine getting these updates within a month of release… we’d worship the ground that Samsung walks upon.

        Withholding updates does not encourage me to buy the latest phone, quite the opposite in fact.

  3. good news for Samsung fans

  4. very nice

  5. These kind of news are anoying me.because samsung doesnt release android 4.1.2 for galaxy note 1 yet in so many countries yet.samsung you just are about to lose your costumers in such works.you are bothering us.

  6. Sammobile please!!!!
    deliver our voice to samsung.we cant just wait to see when samsung will do it for us!!!

  7. release leaked version first

  8. Oh, my goodness. They said the will release 4.3 for S3 in October. Now they said it may be delayed to November because of Ass4′s update. My god, why was I enough stupid to buy a Samsung mobile?! They definitelly don’t deserved my money I have worked hard as hell. :(((

  9. Why SAMSUNG do not want to sell the Galaxy Gear more??

  10. j’espère ne pas être déçu par cette nouvelle mise à jour pour le s3 :)

  11. Good news Sammobile!! but the question is WHEEEN??? We are very tired of waiting too much time this BIG UPDATE for our galaxy s3!!! I only expect that arrive soon at the same time than the galaxy s4…

  12. is the update for galaxy s4 I9500 or S4 I9505?, cause i see more development in the second one




  14. When galaxyI update come?.

  15. Please tell Samsung I said middle finger. Thank you. My next phone definitely isn’t go to be ShameSung. Can’t believe they had to start testing so early (sarcasm) Goodbye!

  16. Now S3 will get the 4.3 in november???WTF…

    I think they give us 4.3 in 2014 ….shame on you Samsung

    • Should be around the end of October!

  17. Seems lyk samsung is planning to update its latest note 3 device to android 4.4 kitkat and in mean while keep releasing 4.3 jb for devices lyk s3, note II nd s4 :D :D

    good step samsung, but make sure to not disappoint ur customers :)

    • I think you are right and not only updating Note 2 to 4.3 when Note 3 gets 4.4 it will miss a lot of features from 4.3′s Note 3 very good Samsung user experience

  18. I have owned the SGS, SGS2, SGS3 and since 1 year ago I’m a owner of the GN2.
    Ilove my Galaxy Note 2 thanks to it’s battery life, S-Pen and big but not huge screen.
    However I must recognize that I’m really tired of how Samsung holds the updates on purpose.

    As soon as Sony release a 5.7″ phone with something similar to the S-Pen or Google release a non-LG Nexus phone, I’ll stop using Galaxy phones. I’m tired of Samsung, really.

  19. Looking forward to the 4.3 update on my T889 Note II.

  20. Hey here! Update S3 “in October!” Now in November? or December? and if in the meantime Samsung’s new model will be in 2014?? Bye Bye Samsung

  21. im really dissapointed , iam waiting for an update for note 2 since june , im going to switch to Sony

  22. im really dissapointed , iam waiting for an update for note 2 since june , im going to switch to Sony

  23. Samsung has and will lose buyers. the most nos of purchases of s4 and gn3 would’ve been note or s series users , but the way they ill treat their old customers the company will go down like nokia..
    atleast learn from apple who have given same update to all their phones

  24. I wait to much for S3 software. Bye Samsung and Welcome Sony.

  25. Samsung fear for sales is stupid when IOS 7 released Apple wasn’t worried because when they deliver a good user experience and gain user loyalty iPhone users feel like they are supported and that Apple care about them

    yes there was a differences in the features but all get it at the same time unlike the great Samsung who hold updates and cancel some for favor of other devices still when releasing 4.3 for the Note 2 it will not have all the features like the Note 3 my Note 2 will not be a slower Note 3 with 4.3 i know it there will a million features missing

    why the hold well simply because unlike apple the care only for money same with my S2 when it was a long time even after the ICS release they did not change the TouchWiz until the 4.1.2 and I will wait for 4.3 5 more months

    on my old S2 you fool me once shame on you with Note 2 fool me twice shame on me

    Never Buy a cheap slow plastic Samsung ever again

  26. iphone 4 older than s2 still get latest update…but s2 maybe 4.1.2 is the last update…even can support latest android version…prepare to change to ios or nexus…bye2 sumsung :)

  27. You guys are hilarious. Grass is always greener on the other side. Why don’t you guys check out sonys update history or even HTC’s before complaining and bitching. And who is that guy complaining about not getting JB on his Note 1? Its a CARRIER issue, not Samsung when is been released in many countries.

  28. Going for nexus 5 who cares for late upgrade on any samsung devices

  29. I wait too long to decide leaving samshit.
    But now. I can confirm..Bye bye samshit. Wilcome nexus..

  30. Still waiting for my S2/I9100 update Samsung! I would have been content had I gotten 4.2.2 when that was on the table. 4.2.2 was released by Google on 9 October 2012 so it was well within the reasonable update window. Now, nothing short of 4.3 will shut me up. Last Samsung phone for me ever for sure.

    • Err. 11 February 2013 for 4.2.2 I mean. 4.2 came out on 13 November 2012.

      I know all the excuses by now. Samsung is doing no worse than anybody else blah blah. Well, the Galaxy Sx line represents the best selling Android handsets ever. It’s not some obscure model. Samsung needs to offer a lot more to the customers that helped bring about their total market dominance.

  31. pls roll update 4.3 before htc one rolls out or before that 5s goes out of market to interfere them

  32. No, no, no, I don’t trust you any more!

    Samsung is again playing the mouse and the cat with its customers!
    They told us that 4.2.2 will be released and they leaked it not official, and now we have to wait for 4.3, and by then they’ll inform us wait till KIT KAT 4.4 is ready, at that time our they will release the s5 with the new OS, and then my S3 is obsolete!

  33. Goodbye Samsung I’m waiting very,very long time firmware for Note2 Android 4.3

  34. Disappointed. I have Note II. There was only only update during last year. Now we should wait at least 2014 to get 4.3 considering update policy, when one countries are getting updates much earlier than others. I am from Russia and our firmwares are full of garbage and sometimes this garbage is trying to send extra-fee SMSs without user’s authorization and notification (such situation was with SGSII, after that the first thing for me after firmware update is to disable all extra games and applications). And all usres have to wait while Samsung Russia is filling European countries firmwares with such
    refuse apps or upddate with European firmwares. And now Samsung decide to lock SIM cards countries? China’s mobiles are comming!

    • And after that even nowdays Galaxy Note II costs 580 euros here if you buy it officially.

  35. there are and will be apple loyalists but no Samsung loyalists. I would’ve upgraded to note3, but no, not now. the period of exclusivity theory will backfire upon Samsung. bye bye Samsung..

  36. Honestly, at this point, they should just skip 4.3 and go directly to KitKat (v4.4)!

  37. How do we “know that Samsung started testing the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and Note II.”? Is there an official post somewhere?

  38. this take to long pfff we olmost god 4.4

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