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Samsung to bring antivirus to Knox users


Despite efforts from Google to safeguard Android users from malware, some hackers time and again find a loophole to exploit. This is one of the reasons why you’ll find so many antivirus and anti malware solutions in the Google Play Store. Samsung is also expected to announce something on the same lines today.

According to Wall Street Journal, Samsung has collaborated with Lookout to integrate an antivirus solution on its Galaxy devices. This solution, however, won’t be extended to regular users but will be offered to Knox users, which is a secure solution to BYOD (bring your own device).

Knox solution is approved by US Department of Defense and basically allows users to use same device for personal and work use. With Knox, user’s personal data is separated from work which is kept in a secure space.

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3 comments on “Samsung to bring antivirus to Knox users

  1. dgcyears 8 months ago said:

    When is samsung knox going to be available on the sgs4?

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  2. AZBoy28 8 months ago said:

    Why not just release it for everyone?

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