PowerVR SGX 544 GPU confirmed to be used in Exynos 5 Octa

Imagination Technologies has just confirmed that Samsung will be using their PowerVR SGX 544 GPU in Exynos 5 Octa. This also confirms that Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy S IV, will be featuring the PowerVR SGX 544 GPU alongside the Exynos 5 Octa CPU. It’s still unsure if Samsung will be using the three core configuration or the quad-core configuration of the GPU. AnandTech believe that Samsung used three cores (544MP3) running at up to 533MHz.

We originally thought Samsung would be using ARM’s Mali GPU as it has done since the previous two years and looks like this will not be the case this time. Though, it’s still unsure why Samsung went with PowerVR instead of Mali. We will soon know every thing as Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S IV on March 14th in New York, USA.

(Via: AnandTech - Source: Imagination Technologies)


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  1. c’mon samsung why powervr ? we all expect mali. I won’t buy your crap phone anymore.

    • PowerVR544 is damn powerful. Wait till you see the benchmarks!

      • maybe powervr is powerful but exynos and mali have great performance together

        • Don’t talk like an illiterate person. Exynos is the brand name of the full package which consists of CPU, GPU, radio and various other components. Who says that PowerVR will have bad performance? Do you know that the first Exynos SoC (Exynos 3110) had PowerVR 540 GPU?

          Mali-T604 has a fill rate of 1.4GT/s. Powervr 544MP3 @ 533 will give you close to 3GT/s or even more. These are required to drive such high pixel dense displays.

      • hey PowerVR544 mp3 is as power full as ipad 4 shown in the benchmark

    • ” I won’t buy your crap phone anymore. ”
      you kidding me? if the previous phone crap why you bought it from the beginning? lol…..why its the best smart phone of 2012 and the one before also considered the same for 2011 ?. be logic fan boy. Samsung wont let the 2013 prize goes to anyone except Samsung.

  2. For me these news aren’t the best. I think that Mali-T678 with 8 cores is much better than the PowerVR SGX 544. If we compare nexus 10 graphics (mali-t604) with the mali-t678 we realize that it will be much more powerful with mali-t678 than the other. Hope this will not be true or hope that there will be different versions on chipset or graphics

    • Sorry, but “thinking” is not enough. Base your information upon facts – benchmarks are one of those. There are, AFAIR, none for T678 and so one cannot really assume the true computing power of this GPU. Correct me if I’m wrong, but assuming anything basing on the producer’s claims is naive.

      SGX544 is a great choice (much better than T-604) ; it will be able to compete and probably win with SnapDragon 800 and the first chip that will be beating it is Tegra 4, but only after major optimizations – for now Tegra 4 is WORSE in GPU efficiency (check AnTuTu scores and compare in 2D and 3D), though it beats all of the other CPUs by a wide margin in the first 3 AnTuTu scores. For a comparison, SGX544 MP3 should offer twice the GPU power than iPad 3, so almost as much as iPad 4. Just hopefully it will be quad core (MP4) making it even better.

      • SGX544 is a good graphics card. You can see it in recent phone Galaxy Premier i9260. But from what i saw in mali-t604 or even mali-400mp, mali seems to be better than any other brand

        • T-604 is (a lot) weaker than PowerVR SGX544 MP3.

          Mali isn’t just “better than any other brand” – every GPU has its own power, and the aforementioned are quite weak (or very weak, speaking of 400).

    • Dude, hold your horses. OEMs need time to convert an IP to physical SoC.

      Mali-T678 was just announced in 2012. There is absolutely no chance that it will be in any SoC in 2013. At best, you can expect it in 2014. Also, we still don’t know anything about power requirements or die sizes.

      PowerV 544 was introduced on June 2010. Today we are seeing it in physical SoC. It just shows how much time companies need to optimize drivers and software. And over that setup a mass production system.

      You can expect T658 towards end of this year, that too only in tablets.

      • You’re wrong, man.

        It was already used in iPad 3 quite some time ago.

        Same – Tegra 4 was introduced this year and will be in devices in the second half.

        Same goes for SnapDragon 800.

        • iPad3 used 543, iPad4 used 554. Whatever way you look, the GPU is being used “now”. It’s not 2 year old. These are all recent products.

          Imagination licenses it’s IP, just like ARM. They are different from nvidia and Qualcomm because they don’t “license” an IP. They sell a SoC. Understand how various ODM works. The OMAP 5 will also contain the same GPU. Rogue is the next.

          ARM and Imagination licenses it’s GPU. T604 was launched in 2010, and we got the first product in 2012. That’s how things work, and this is perfectly normal. PowerVR Series6 was released in 2011. Still there are not a single SoC running this yet.

          Don’t compare licensed products to nvidia tegra or Qualcomm. doesn’t make sense.

          A53 and A57 is announced. How many SoC use this at this time??

  3. Someone can advise me how strong PowerVR SGX 544 is??? Mali-T678 and PowerVR SGX 544, which one is stronger??? Thanks

  4. offcourse even mali-T658 is more power full than powerVR SGX 544
    i research on ARM site there were written that mali-T658 score 350 GFLOPS and mali-T678 50% more powerfull than mali-T658 performance
    i am disapointed from sammy that they use old GPu inside SGS4 instead they should use the newer 6 series of powerVR GPUS not 5 SGX series

    • GFLOPS is just a measure of computing performance, but it doesn’t say how good your games will go. It doesn’t say how will be the fill rates or anything else at all.
      Don’t judge SoC based on FLOPS number.

    • I said it above – don’t be naive.

      Believing only sellers’ claims is just plainly stupid, to put it short.

  5. samsung always uses unsold (old) parts with their devices. it is very disappointing. i used a powervr samsung device (i9100g) and the phone was a total crap.

    and they sell a lot of variants and they fooled people.

    i wonder that can we see the next gen combinations in(SGS5 or NOTE4) :(

    i won’t buy any samsung device. they’re selling their bad software. they always use bad hardware as powervr. they always use unstable equipment in their devices.

    • So you’re just here to be a douche-bag?

  6. /facepalm
    guys i am reading this and you can see my reaction up there^^
    Even if samsung was able to use T678 or rogue series(we dont know if they were), why would they? SGX544 gpu is enough for 2013 performance (since every other producer decided to use performance-wise similar or even weaker gpus-except apfel). I dont see point in samsung rushing for newest just to beat for example HTC one by miles, they need to develop slowly, or they will fail, SGX544 this year, next year maybe rogue series, or just SGX554 if it will still be able to compete. Remember what samsung did with S3 (mali 400), it did good job for few months till new phones started to come out, i still use it and notice no heavy lag in games, even better, allmost no lag in for example NFSMW with new driver, one from 4.2.1, if this one if working fine, why would i need something better, just to showoff numbers…Howeever next scenario: samsung suprises us and puts in T678 or rogue series in their chip, it would be great, it would sweep with everyone, but next year there would be tears again when samsung released chipset with totally same gpu, only slightly overclocked, and again there would be guys spamming, “i will never buy samsung again, they sell old hardware”^^…i am sorry if i screwed on numbers or such, it is still early morning here :)

  7. Mali T-678 > Mali T-658 > or Adreno 330 > SGX 554MP4 > SGX 544MP3 > or = Adreno 320 > or = (prolly not) Mali T-604 > Mali 400 = Tegra 3 (LOL M400 and T3 is old stuff now lol.)

    Tegra 4 couds be better than Mali T-658 and Adreno 330 probably just tiny bit below T4 and MT 658 and if Qualcomm actually makes this 330 really good with the almighty Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (> Octa > A6X >Snap 600) it could actually blow Tegra 4 or even T-658 out of the pedistal. This could be false due to some can have higher clock speed etc.
    I dont want to mention Rogue Series because i dont know why lol.

    IMO if your gonna get a S4 for performance i think Octa with SGX544MP3 will be better than Snap 600 version with 320 cause both CPU and GPU in it is proven in benchmarks that it’s better.

  8. It’s near impossible that samsung use mali 450 mp8 on their gpu, as their graphic processing power is inferior to that of other high end f phones, at just 45 GFLOPS. If they use t678 mp8 that would be overkill at 378 GFLOPS. So, best guess is they will use t628 mp8 instead, since the t678 mp4 is already much more powerful than tegra4 which is 96 GFLOPS(tegra 4), they could use that too

  9. GPU Adreno 320 in the Soc snpagragon 600 is little better of GPU POWER SGX 554 of ipda 4…tested with gl benchmark …

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