Samsung rolls out Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy S II

Samsung rolls out Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S II GT-I9100

Samsung has just started to push Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to the International Samsung Galaxy S II GT-I9100. The Galaxy S II is the best-selling Android device of 2011 and has a very large user base that’s why Samsung keeps on updating this device with all the new Android versions as they want to provide the Galaxy S II users with their best support experience.

You might not be able to update your device to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean right away as the update is rolling out in phases. So, it might not yet be available for your country or network provider (If Your device is Carrier branded) but don’t worry the update will arrive soon.

In the history of software updates, the new Jelly Bean update by Samsung to the Galaxy S II is by far the most major update given to a smartphone yet. As we all know Samsung’s ICS update didn’t had any UI changes and had exactly the same UI which was in its Gingerbread  but this is not the case with Samsung’s Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. The new jelly bean update breathes a new life into the Galaxy S II, Samsung has completely ditched the old UI and has given the new Nature UX Interface, which is the same as the one being used in the Galaxy S III Mini and the Galaxy S III, in its latest Jelly Bean update.

Some of the Enhancements in the new Jelly Bean Update:
- Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
- Full User Interface Revamp (Same UI as of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II)
- TouchWiz Nature UX
- Samsung’s S Cloud services
- Improved Camera features
- New Lockscreen With Many Customization Options
- New Features like Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play
- New Widgets (From Galaxy S III)
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notification bar With More Notification Toggles
- Google Now

Keep an eye on @SamKiesUpdates to get the latest information on Official Firmware updates for your Samsung device.
You can update your Galaxy S II through Samsung KIES or by using OTA.

Hot links:
Check the 10 latest official firmwares for the Galaxy S II here!
You can find our live firmware feed here!

Official Firmware Details:

Android Version: 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
Changelist: 889555
Build Date: 31 January 2013

Android Version: 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
Changelist: 816988
Build Date: 14 January 2013

 Live Feed of Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update availability for the Galaxy S II GT-I9100

All the new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmwares for the Galaxy S II are present in our Firmware Section as well. You can use our Firmware Section to manually update your device if for some reason you can’t officially update your device via Samsung Kies or via OTA as you are using a Custom ROM or if your Country has yet not received the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update. Also, bookmark this page as we will keep this page up to date with the latest information on countries and network providers releasing the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update.



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  1. Nice!

  2. kindly download update for Philippines… thank you… God bless

  3. At last! Downloading right now!

  4. Finally!!!

  5. Hopefully this keeps all those complainers quiet for a while. Although, they’ll just start up again when 4.2.1 starts rolling out…
    Will be interesting to see what the changes are from the earlier leaked version.

  6. is the firmware for spain compatible with s2 here in the philippines? thank you

  7. If you have a GT-I9100 then yes it is compatible! :D

  8. See guys?So many times in previous post i told that 4.1.2 will come soon to S II. So be happy now ;)

  9. At last… thank’s to sammobile for the information…. and to samsung……. 4 thumbs up for u….

  10. SGSA GT-I9070 when to asia my country indonesia.????

  11. Happy for you guys ;)

  12. niceone!

  13. downloading now. i’m happy :)

  14. AWESOME! :) I live in U.S. and any ideas for SGH-T989 getting the update??

  15. nice Downloading now

  16. Congrats s2 users :)

  17. happy morning for sgs2 users. Now enjoy your sgs2 with sgs3 features….. thanks to sammobile and samsung.

  18. Finally some peace in the other threads

  19. What’s the procedure for the manual update? partition or something?

  20. So Good

  21. will be flashing later today :D

  22. wow…gr8 news thnxx

  23. any idea when the update for SGH-I727 (AT&T Skyrocket) is going to be available? thank you.

  24. if there is quality present there will be not complaining, remember this is not a update to get only butter. Should be also an important bug & security fix (bug brick, exynos exploit, etc), which is a priority and samsung left us in the dark for a long and unreasonable time.

  25. As samsung said earlier s2 can only be upgraded via kies…is it possible to flash via odin..
    Will there be any problem…
    Because samsung earlir said about emmc partition…
    So any genius plz clear…it will be helpful s2 owner..
    I am note owner…so cant check…

  26. There is no need of a re-partition as there are no memory changes. You can flash the Jelly Bean FW with Odin as you would flash any other Firmware.

  27. what to do with the tar.md5 file?? do we have to place it in the pda section and hit “start” ?? what about re-partition and all the other options?

  28. andnote your talking about s2 [SHW-M250*] korean version, Samsung didn’t metion nothing about GT-I9000 on that oficial info.



  30. Excellent work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. About time thanks you samsung you make me so happy

  32. wow,so fast.
    Good job samsung and sammobile.
    whatever apple and samsung release i will buy,their hardware never spoil,
    but no nokia and acer,had a bad experience.

  33. Has anyone installed it? How is it working?

  34. i thought it will be release in february 2023… too quick

  35. What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ????

  36. what about GT-N7000

  37. ^^ Please don’t SPAM this post! It will come as it has for the Galaxy S II. Be patient!

  38. good day for sgs2 owners… at last!!!
    still pending but i’ll be very patient, it’s out anyway..

  39. So it has black statusbar instead of grey?

  40. Is it out on OTA? Im not getting it on OTA.

  41. Coming from a custom ROM, SuperNExus 2.0 by Faryaab :) , does one need to flash this firmware via ODIN? Only thing is that, the phone must be rooted again to try any custom ROM, right?

    Also, I assume it is safe to try this firmware in India on an international I9100.

  42. @rajeev10 this update is not an OTA update hence the non receiving of notification. Im awaiting official 4.1.2 from optus at the moment and must say really looking forward to it. Is a good day for the “old” sgs2 to know somewhere jelly bean has been released officially.

  43. faryaab… does it matter which region you are on for the updates?

  44. alguien a probado la actualizacion???
    como funcioa????
    como se instala????
    por favor ayuda!!!!

  45. Thanks Samsung

  46. @rajeev10 From Faryaab’s replies on xda forum and even in this thread, it seems as though it is safe to flash this on any international I9100. Are you running a custom ROM or on official 4.0.3 ?

  47. ok right samsung just forgot the first phablet the galaxy note n7000

  48. Samsung falk N7000???????????!!!!!!!!!!!”

  49. Well lol, you have it here :)

  50. Woke up this morning to find an update notification on my phone. Tried to update OTA but failed. Later tried to update using Kies and everything went OK.
    Trying it right now.
    Thanks Samsung!
    P.s.: I’m on Spain. Actually can’t believe we’re the first getting JB for S II :D

  51. what abt the India (asia) update??

  52. @danyprasad Samsung rolls out any update (like this JB 4.1.2 update) in a phased manner. If you are running the stock 4.0.3 ICS on your Galaxy S2 i9100, you may have to wait till they release the update for India. It may take days to weeks, depending on Sammy’s update plan.


  54. @kunwa was running CM 10.1 but reverted back to stock 4.0.4 to check the update…Samsung India will give the update in first week of Feb. You can check the same with the service centers. I checked In mumbai . Thats the official word.

  55. @dante. Dont flood. Using 4.2.1 on my nexus 7. Its not that great a update instead its bit laggy. be content with 4.1.2 plz :P

  56. Yeah! Where is Android 4.2 for my SGS2? Samsung, you are not right! :-)

  57. @rajeev10 I am running CM 10.1 currently. To install this firmware or 4.0.4 for that matter, the ODIN method works right ?? (Download mode and flash the firmware via ODIN)

    Good news about India. It is just that I prefer the ODIN method over Kies (blame my 6 year old laptop :) )

  58. what about samsung galaxy note n7000

  59. JPLS Is this for medialeast

  60. Ole :D

  61. im having i9100XXLPX “Based version”…..will i get this update??
    plz answer me….thanks in advance

  62. Can I upgrede Malaysia’s S2 I9100 using Spain’s firmware?

  63. OK, waiting for update in poland, can’t wait any more!!! And my life has goal again :D

  64. LS8 is the same as LSJ except wifi unlock freeze but that was not critical. Every S2 user could have off JB since november without moaming here ho Kies update.

  65. updafe n7000 sammobile lie

  66. update n7000 sammobile lie

  67. When will JB 4.1.2 comes to note users????????????????

  68. Heeeeey ,, I1900G <<<< When we get this update? or we will not ? :'(

  69. What about s2 g model india?

  70. Sorry i meant I9100G When we get this update ?

  71. ooohhhhh sssshhiiititttttnnniiiggggeeeerrrrrr!

  72. do we have problem if we flash 4.1.2 via odin BUT we want to go back to 4.0.4 (custom or official) due to memory repartition ????????

  73. very good news for sgs2 user!!!

    Samsung had to make the update, so that the user continues to buy samsung devices.
    even if it took a long time, we can be satisfied with samsung update policy.
    I think with Tizen will come faster updates and device for each samsung.

    Samsung good work and thank you for your great work sammobile.

  74. OMG OMG OMG.!!! I’ve been waiting so much for this news. Thanks Samsung! Thanks SamMobile!!

  75. Nice work! I have installed leaked version 4.1.2 from last year and when I check for updates via Kies I get this info: “Your device’s current firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies”. So, the only option to upgrade is via Odin?

  76. sammobile team.. kindly download all official firmwares if possible… hehe. thank you… ^_^

  77. To the lucky users who have installed this update and are using it: is the multi-window feature available in this update?

  78. i downloaded this firmware.

    there are two files inside

    how do i install it?( currently running on 4.1.2 testfirmware)

  79. this is very good indeed haber.thank sammobile

  80. If I have a Samsung Galaxy S II (I-9100P) with NFC from Orange UK can I update my soft using soft from Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100)???

  81. What about Exynos exploit and Multi View feature ??
    I’m waiting for official XEO update

  82. Hi!

    I have Samsung Galaxy S 2 i9100, unattached to any mobile providers, hungarian. So, can I download this spanish version, and flash it via ODIN? Because samfirmware says the region is same as mine.


  83. por fin!!! graciasss!!!

  84. Can I download and update through odin?

  85. Multidisplay IS NOT available

  86. When I Flash this new version I can’t not register to any mobile Network. Re-flashed 2 times with no luck. I come from the previous leaked version.

    Cuando flasheo esta versión me pone que no puedo registrarme en ninguna red movil. He reflasheado dos veces y sigue ocurriendo. Vengo de la beta leaked anterior.

    Flasheado con Odin 3

  87. For all of those asking that are from the Philippines(and others as well(, this is compatible to all GT-I9100 Models where ever you are in the world.

    I’m from the Philippines as well and Android UK Region is better than the Asian Region we are getting from OTA/Kies.

  88. Maybe the SII owners will stop whining now… :)

  89. i update my phone but make *#1234# csc:unknown why?


  91. By the way, XWLS8 are for the following regions, if memory serves me right.

    Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

  92. @ SCPadgeebar
    from where did you get this information?

  93. Now when the whining is finally over, it’s time to start updating lower-end devices from the September update list. Come on Samsung!

  94. thanks samsung and sammobile.

  95. I have downloaded the firmware but find it only contains one file, the leaked version for my note n7000 contained two files to flash via odin how do i use this with one file?

  96. Is multi window available?….not mentioned in the features

  97. finaly a update :)

  98. And remember to DO a FACTORY-RESET before and after to avoid problems…

  99. Thanks and now i am on jelly bean with my s2. And my s2 is Really fast now. thank u samsung.

  100. it seems there is no ripple screen :/ and no multi-window ! :/ hope to updgrade this firmware in the next days… but overall great news…thanks SamMobile and Samsung !! :D

  101. Multi-window on a 4.3” screen……

  102. Well, we don’t have any new features compared to the leak, but I have to mention that performance is MASSIVELY improved. The leak had stuttery contact apps, whereas here it runs very smooth, same goes for the messaging app, which was buggy as hell. This is no longer the case. We don’t have S Voice (not that we need it, as we have Google Now) or Multi Window, but that can be solved as soon as we get deodexed CWM version of this ROM and then we can install the Multi-Window pack.

  103. Oh great ,i`m waiting for jelly bean on Serbia ,

    hope on later on january or earlier on february

  104. @ Dorfelsan
    A thread in XDA that has Deodexed XWLS8.

  105. Yeah, there’s no multiwindow. But I’m not sure it makes sense on the 800×480 screen of the S II. I don’t think I’m gonna miss it.
    AFAIK it’s only on HD (720 or better) phones like Note I & II and s3

  106. how is the battery consumption?

  107. @ fcamargo.s82
    We can’t answer that for now as the ROM is only released for a few hours.

  108. Any one having idea of Brick bug in this firmware ?
    Is this firmware safe to wipe data ?

  109. @SCPadgeebar

    I did not like it?

  110. Hi FaryaabS

    Nice work! I have installed leaked version 4.1.2 from last year and when I check for updates via Kies I get this info: “Your device’s current firmware version is not supported to update firmware via Kies”.

    For now i have downloaded this firmware.

    There are two files inside

    How do i install it Via odin?( currently running on 4.1.2 test firmware)


    @FaryaabS and sammobile team (Please come up will the detailed tutorial for people running running on 4.1.2 test firmware….)

  111. sorry!


  113. @SCPadgeebar
    can best explain?

  114. @ fcamargo.s82
    If you want to ask us about battery life and consumption, give us at least a day or 2 to use the device with moderate use. After that, we can comment about battery life and consumption.

  115. @SCPadgeebar


  116. - Open ODIN.
    - Select PDA, Select I9100XWLS8_I9100XXLS8_I9100FOPLS3_HOME.tar.md5
    - Phone into downloadmode.
    - Connect USB cable.
    - Wait. 5 minutes.
    - Hit start with a hour.

    Not sure? DON’T TRY!

  117. ooohhhh nice … downloading … think i’m the first austrian :)) thx samsung!! ^^

  118. @DannyD :) Thanks…….

  119. @ live4boOom
    Austria? ich bin auch aus Österreich habe aber noch kein Update :(
    Welcher Anbieter?

  120. kein anbieter … ohne branding ;)


  122. Oh 8-x why I9100 not I9100G my using (G)

  123. Aber es gibt doch nur das Spain 4.1.2 ?? Oder wo hast du das open Austria her?
    Mag das auch haben *gg*

  124. If I have a Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100P) with NFC from Orange UK can I update my soft using soft from Samsung Galaxy S II (I9100)???

  125. What about NOTE (N7000)? Any info on update for this model?

  126. lol, this is the first time ever im seeing this much replies for an article in sammobile hehe:D

  127. @dorfelsan: wenn bei regions bei der firmware: Austria, Germany, UK, Spain, … steht kann ich doch davon ausgehen dass es bei meinem S2 ohne branding in Österreich funktioniert oder?

  128. Works perfectly on my German GTI9100 with O2 as carrier (unbranded phone though)

  129. Und wie oder wo hast du das Update bekommen?

  130. great news for s2 owners….now i think samsung should start focusing on low end devices!

  131. when jelly bean for galaxy ace 2?

  132. Hello folks!

    Just registered to this site so please excuse if the answer to my question is already written down somewhere…

    I´m in Germany and I would like to flash the spanish firmware via Odin. Could someone please tell me whether the Odin flash will destroy all of my data (contacts, pictures, SMS etc.) or whether it is as safe as the Kies method?


  133. fainally , tnx

  134. hey, I qave a ig question to you all!!!
    I live in Poland and I want to know if I can have polish language after updating my software by spanish version.
    Can anyone tell me exacly what to do to update it?

  135. No multi window, no customizable notification panel, no hand motions, no page buddy, no smart rotation, no Note II gallery, no S voice, etc…..

  136. Really fast, But kies not recognize.

  137. who needs S voice when you have gogle search in jellybean?

  138. What about this? Is this true?

    “The update will reduce the handset’s internal memory from 12GB to 11GB, since it will use the missing space for system partition. We know for a fact that most of you are fans of the OTA (over-the-air) method of updating, but this particular JB update will be carried out through Samsung’s KIES only.

    If you’re looking for an explanation, it’s because the update needs to re-partition the memory system and in some cases might take around one hour to complete.” (

  139. still not come in Belgium ,, :(


  141. I hope this version doesnt lock my network like the testfirmware 4.1.2
    …………..and YES, FINALLY after a very long wait :D

  142. Is this safe to flash via ODIN??

  143. @bigk: no it’s not true, 12 gb will not change and the phone can be updated via OTA too, look in the related XDA topic.

  144. ı think the test firmware and that firmware are the same haa guyss!!

  145. @ialexio: most of the things you are listing are gimmicks and most people don’t use them. Personally I don’t care about any of them, especially S-Voice since that thing sucks anyway and we have google now.

    Can someone who already installed it check the camera settings and options? Are there any changes? Did samsung add the options form the SGSIII?

  146. Will this update wipe my data , contacts , messages…..or change the setting ? since it will repartition ? anyway thank you sammobile .

  147. @Noygr Nothing will happen. everything is okay =) i just flashed it over the testversion of 4.1.2

  148. i have flash pre-realish jelly bam and alliance rom and never lost my gps but now my gps dont work after this realish

  149. Turkey ?

  150. guys my lock screen is lost after flashing it with official doesn’t lock!!!
    please help!!

  151. Thanks Samsung

  152. I don’t understand why The update for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 so much delayed..
    That is a much latest device than the SII..
    When are they releasing for the Galaxy Note Gt-N7000

  153. a swedish trucker in lille france neade helpe

  154. @skane : no re-partitioning happened as rumored, nothing will be lost. i did it over leaked firmware. everything fine

  155. @Noygr: no re-partitioning happened as rumored, nothing will be lost. i did it over leaked firmware. everything fine (sorry @skane)

  156. guys my lock screen is lost after flashing it with official JB.
    i was using the leaked version and it was working finenow when i flashed it with official JB ,it doesn’t lock the display just turns off and turns on again on pressing lock key…..
    please help!!

  157. Finally!!! :)

  158. Can’t connect it with Kies =(

  159. @Ben in Germany:

    Nothing was lost, I had the official German 4.0.3 on installed before (official Kies Update from 2012) and just installed the newly released JB 4.1.2 over it.

    Contacts, Bookmarks etc, everything was still there after the upgrade to Jellybean.

    But nonetheless: I did make a backup before, as everyone should!

    But there was one single issue: I had to manually set the keyboard setting from UK English to German. Not a big deal.

  160. When the galaxy s2 i9100G will get the update? Does this version works on i9100G?

  161. didnt do any re-reportiniang.going back to pre-realish jelly.did work god 4 me.thanks 4 all help

  162. May be lock bug….perhaps samsung is rolling unfinished jb for s2…

  163. Is there any root method out there?
    I need to make a data backup for my apps before moving to this new version.

  164. thanks amilapraadep

  165. Hopefully this will keep the whiners quiet for a while lol

  166. Updated the phone but now it’s locked on a certain network. I’m on vodafone. It says unlock network sim.. Any advice? Thank you!

  167. @Moph32

    They might be just gimmicks for you, but useful to others. It would be nice to have them. And I didn’t say they were essencial, just mentioned they are not there. The S voice might not be better than Google now, but for app commands I think it is better than the one that comes with this firmware.

    As for the camera, no burst shot, no best photo, no best face, no hdr, amongst others…….although I must admit I don’t know which features would depend solely on software, and which couldn’t be included because of the camera itself (if there is any).

  168. @ialeixo: Thanks for the details on the camera. So no big improvement there, probably some features are hardware related.

  169. will it work in latin america??

  170. @buntee90
    guys my lock screen is lost after flashing it with official JB.
    i was using the leaked version and it was working finenow when i flashed it with official JB ,it doesn’t lock the display just turns off and turns on again on pressing lock key…..
    please help!!


    If you go to your security settings, you will need to check whether you have a lock screen enabled. You have “None”, “Swipe”, “Face Unlock”, “Pattern”, “PIN” and “Password”.

    Choose the “Swipe” option and see if that works.

  171. bmetalmike, I have the same problem. The Lock screen is not working an neither the sim unlock input screen :(

  172. Bản GT-I9100G thì sao. lúc nào cũng lép vế vậy

  173. what about note n7000?how much more waiting? :(

  174. @dorfrelsan: link oben ;)

  175. HI,

    I’m from India and i received the JB update just now via Samsung Kies .
    Thanks – enjoy a whole new experience SG2 owners :)

  176. have ripple effect?

  177. @ live4boOom

    Ist Menü usw alles in Deutsch?
    Einfach über Odin flashen?

  178. Still nothing in Poland…

    Waiting… :)

  179. Thought Note N7000 is going to be first instead of s2…

  180. I’m happy for all those who have the GALAXY S II and received the update.
    My dear samsung remember that there is also the GALAXY NOTE N7000 … >:-(

  181. there is not ripple effect

  182. when India will receive this update i am waiting to update

  183. guys thanks for the info , I’m on 4.0.3 now and waiting for the official update for my country .

  184. Shit, the same as LSJ, same defaults. Swype writing, batterie calibration,… Samsung messes us, keep waiting us just to keep S3 et S3 mini sells
    Back in ICS and go at Motorola

  185. It was flagship in 2011 and big success for Samsung. The SGS2 earns this update. Thanks for 4.1.2!

  186. fuck you sammobile plz update n7000 im still wait

  187. how im wait plz answer me i fuck your site

  188. @pandu234 did you get india update through kies

  189. Anyone get it yet in Ireland or UK?

  190. Disappointed… No JB 4.1.2 upgrade for Samsung GT-N7000…. instead they rolled out for S-II… When i’ll b having the upgrades for the Galaxy Note N7000???

  191. Guys do not download,it is wasting time.There is no ripple effect,no multi window.I think leaked jb was better than this firmware.Samsung dissappointed us!!!

  192. Thank you sammobile..

    PLEASE PLEASE Give us a Review about the BATTERY LIFE

    If its good ( more better than ICS ) I Will deffinitely update

    Please Someone tell us about the battery life

  193. Hola yo ya la tengo instalada. Funciona perfectamente. Yo soy de movistar y va bien. Si tienes el Samsung kies instalado en el ordenador se supone que ya tienes los drivers del telefono. Lo primero es que se te borraran los mensajes y las aplicaciones.
    1º descarga odin para sgs2 en google te aparece. Y tb descarga el software de actualización desde sammobile…lo guardas y extraes el archivo ya que viene comprimido. (Con winrar o winzip)
    2*apaga el movil. Presiona al mismo tiempo las teclas power home y volumen abajo. Luego dale a volumen arriba para continuar.
    3*conecta el movil al pc y vas a odin y no toques nada .solo hay que poner en pda el archivo descomprimido. Le das a start y listo. No desconectes hasta que termine tarda unos 5 minutos.
    Espero que te haya ayudado y recuerda HAZ ESTO BAJO TU RESPONSABILIDAD

  194. Hi! I changed this firmware on my SGS2 and i don’t know how can i change csc?… last code *#272* IMEI# don’t work on this firmware…. Anyone know how to do this?…

    PLEASE HELP ME….. !!!!!

  195. @moldwest .download from play store csc s2

  196. Hey all,
    Its great to see S2 receiving JellyBean.

    Those who are wondering if this solves the bugs like exynos exploit and brick Bug.

    YES IT DOES!!!

    Jeebo, a developer on XDA had a quick look on the kernel’s code and found that it fixes the brick bug and Exynos Exploit bug!!

  197. Israel – Cellcom 4.1.2 is out JILS4

  198. I want 4.2

  199. same bug here in belgium, don’t have a lockscreen and after boot don’t have to input pin-code.

  200. @dorfelsan … ja sicher auf deutsch :D … odin makes it possible ;)

  201. GOOD JOB sammobile so when it come FOR I9100G G G G G G G
    and WHEN 4.2.1

  202. What about i9100GGGGGG????
    how much ihave to wait??

  203. i solved this problem… need to change firmware whit ODIN 3.04 OR 3.06 and will work


  205. @ live4boOom
    Hmm… weiß nicht ob ich warten soll bis ich Update per Kies bekomme oder ob ich das hier mit Odin schon flashen soll?
    Funktioniert alles bei dir?


  207. S2 GGGGGGGGGGGGGGG????????

  208. A question.
    This update have S Voice like Galaxy S III or only Google Now?

  209. Only Google now

  210. compatible for malaysia? i live there

  211. Whining idiots. Whining idiots everywhere! OMG people, get a life!

  212. Thanks and what about with the Premiun Suite?

  213. i have flashed with odin 3.04 and 3.07 same problem. no pin-code input and no lockscreen…

  214. THIS IS COMPATIBILE WITH AND ONLY I9100 from any country.It does NOT work with I9100G or american/asian variants of GALAXY S2. INTERNATIONAL GALAXY S2 ONLY!!!!

  215. does this has new gallery like note2?

  216. What about we (N7000 users)

    We have been waiting for an official (bug free :P ) Jelly Bean, for months.

    Samsung, listen to US, all N7000 uzers that I know are planning to go for a iphone 5S :P

  217. @pandu123- how did u get the update in india…kindly reply

  218. People having problem with no pin input / no lock screen

    You have to be root (install other rom) and using Terminal Emulator write:

    echo -n ON > /efs/imei/keystr


    Already fixed my lock screen problems

  219. Awesome rom. cool and pretty smooth.. Good job google and samsung. :-)

  220. Finally! Thanks for sharing :D

  221. comee oonn imm waitiing in Belgium ,,,,,,,,,,

  222. not in sweden today,make love to youre women and its there tomorow

  223. @dorfelsan: funktioniert alles tadellos und superschnell!! :)

  224. From India : Just flashed via Moile Odin from leaked Jelly Bean and Guess What ?

    Actually i was concerned reading comments about re-partitioning and data wipe.
    But as i can see my data is intact and nothing like re-partitioning that I have observed as of now. Though i kept the nandroid and manual backup.

    Happy Jelly Bean all S2 Owners!

  225. from a swedish song,bosson one in a milione

  226. Galaxy Note????

  227. Cool the brick bug and Exynos bug are fixed :D as are most of the lags that were present in the November leak.

    Might do a clean install but so far I don’t think it needs it.

    Engaging Happy Bunny Mode :D

  228. i am from india flashed jb using oding 1.8 every this works perfect also it preserved my contacts and app from ICS…..and guys through kies its impossible as still INU version is not released

    • Hi Gaurav, need help in Falshing with ODIN, please guide from the scratch .. TY

  229. Is the Spain version network locked? if not then il give it a go, i currently use the ICS 4.0.4 POLAND XEO and im not anywhere near that country but its working flawlessly.

  230. what about the GT-I9100G jelly bean official update????
    when it will come????????????

  231. But where’s i9100g samsung..??? Bring it on FAST….!!!

  232. Does anyone already know how battery life is doing? Cause it wasn’t to great on the leaked version and I’m know running a very nice build of RRrom

  233. Pls release for i9100g also… :(


  235. sim dead take the look

  236. take official now. mutch beter

  237. DON’T FORGET I9100 G G G G G G …!!!!!!

  238. GT-9100 International .. upgraded from 4.1.2 Test .. working flawlessly, no partitioning happened. i didn’t clear the cache or anything. it just upgraded a few apps and installed google movies and books that’s all

    have fun

  239. can i flash this rom on galaxy S2 I9100T in israel, does it cause a problems to the device???
    what is the difference between I9100T and international version I9100?

  240. back to stock since i have the s2…
    we’ll see how long…
    thank you samfirmware for the rom

  241. No ripple lock and multi window? Wtf….

  242. Installed this firmware via Odin directly over the leak – no problems, no wipe, no lost contacts, messages ecc.
    Although I have problems with the video hub: “sign in failed”…
    Any ideas? Serverproblem? Anyone encountered the same problem?

  243. Just updated my i9100 from official ICS 4.0.3 to official JB 4.1.2
    It’s pretty good
    I still have all my contacts, messages, photos and all my apps are working just fine :D

    There are only a few minor things that got me a little disappointed..
    1. The screenshot shortcut, it’s back to “homescreen+volumedown” keys (used to be “lock+volumedown” on ICS (which made much more sense, just hold your phone and try)
    2. The size of the text for fixed notifications (the ones that stick on top, like “3G Watchdog”) is HUGE. Even if I try different font sizes on the Config it doesn’t change the text size on notifications, and yes, I know I can disable any notification, but that’s not the point :)
    3. Even though it’s proved that the SII can take pictures pretty fast (try an app called PhotoFX), it only got some minor speed improvements in the Camera department :(

    Anyway, thanks Sammy for the update!

  244. Sorry, the App name is Camera ZoomFX, not PhotoFX

  245. I tried updating using odin, in the end I got pass, but the OS doesn’t load, I keep getting samsung written on screen and continues looping, nothing happens. som1 pls help

  246. what about ripple lock screen

  247. Thanks fellows…

    I had few USB problems in XXLS6 update . after this new update USB issues are resolved and
    RAM is less occupied than previous XXLS6 update. Hope to get better performance out of this update :-)

  248. للأسف التحديث سيئ ومخيب للآمال

  249. i have problem with this!!!!

    what is SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN?!?!?!?!?

    it dosent recognise my sim!!

    what should i do?!?!?!?!

  250. Hey guys,

    I’m flashing this over the leaked version. Unfortunately when I press “start” Odin crashes. Any idea why?

  251. i9100G ??????

  252. What about 9100g version india?

  253. Perfecta, muy buen trabajo!!!!

  254. Did someone from poland tried to use spanish version?

  255. lockscreen freeze issue doesn’t fix. it is freezes sometimes.

  256. When for de DBT Version??

  257. To hakun 710
    in leaked wersion was the same. :-(

  258. When for the DBT Version??

  259. This new official version is still having the lock screen lag problem!

  260. I flash the rom with Odin … installed perfectly… Works everything flawless ! Before that i have a custom Rom… 4.1.2 …and before flashing this Official ROM, I Erase, format everything …(erase data, cache, dalvik cache)… i have no problems with it, so far …(Official ROM — 4.1.2)! I am from Romania ! Thanks SamMobile!

  261. only with kies????!!!!
    we iranians didnt get ics from kies!!!!!
    i hope we get this one!

  262. Do we need to use odin to update the phone with the firmware files that have been provided in the firmware section?

  263. is it the normal odin procedure that we need to follow i.e. rebooting phone in download mode and then connecting with odin then adding files in odin and hitting start after that. Right? or is there anything different?

  264. (smuhsb) just enter in recovery mode ,and do the wipes

  265. hi all
    I have unlocked my phone with galaxy sim unlock app. Will i have still unlocked phone after updating?

  266. Can anyone make a review of this official ROM? What new features are available and working, etc?

    I am not sure whether I should flash it now or wait a couple of days and maybe a better ROM will be released.

  267. When is the SGH-I727(S2 Skyrocket)get this update?

  268. what about wipe cashe data can I do it safely or my s2 will die

  269. please watch this bro.

    /watch?v=QPZr3hUt6yw& (on youtube)

    this is web browser problem. @sammobile admins please say to or write to samsung. only they fix this issue

  270. when for N7000?

  271. No S-Voice, No smart alarm, No voice unlock, no multiwindow… Samsung *ucks…

  272. Saw the video from the above link…. This is a bug… Or maybe another unfinished update by Samsung…

  273. how to change sales code??

  274. I tried to upgrade using ODIN 1.85 / 3.04 but it didn’t work. Got stucked on setupconnection. Has anybody faced same issue. Can anybody help on this or explain how to upgrade?

  275. rapida pero le falta

    yo ya tenia la version beta que se filtro en noviempbre y hoy baje la versio española osea la version final del 4.1.2 pero aun siguen sin funcionar varias cosas por ejemplo ala hora que scribes un mensaje y te cansas con solo pegarte el telefono se deberia marcar al contacto eso no funciona .. pero en lo de mas todo bien parece que ya se corrigio el problema al desbloquearlo .

  276. i have carrier unlock galaxy s2 can i use this jelly bean firme were? answer plz

  277. I have unlock version too, and when i update to 4.1.2 it become locked!!
    An whant me to type SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN!!
    And i dont know what should i do!!!!!

  278. Hello, this upgrade will format all the phone? Will I lost my instaled apps and games?

  279. hi i installed the test firmware from november .. can i flash this official firmware over that test frmware??

  280. This upgrade don’t format your device. I have all games and apps but better wipe your phone after upgrade.

  281. works graite,as the pre-realise.if you want any firmweair to work on youre phone allwayse do faktory reset or wipe user data and catch BEFORE AND AFTER INSTALLING I Then you dont get bugs and problem

  282. you who have any problems. it´s not the firmwairs that´s the problem it´s you who is a bug on youre phone.on this and the pre-realise

  283. I’m writing to guys from could you please tell me if the new update , which has been released today for Greece EUR, fixes Exynos Bug? It’s important for me. So if you know the unswer please tell me. It is said that this is PDA: I9300XXELL4
    CSC: I9300OXXELK4 and this version is supposed to be Greek EUR version of android 4.1.2. Right now I am using British version which definitelly fixes exynos bug but my Galaxy S3 was bought in Greece that is why I would like to use Greek version od 4.1.2 but I have no idea if this version which has bęben released today fixes exynos bug and sudden death. If not than I will stay on British version which ks XELLA version. Thanks guys.

  284. Flashed with Odin on 3 Ireland, everything perfect

  285. Germany O2 Update gemacht, ich hab mir ja nicht viel versprochen von dem Update, aber es ist wirklich deutlich schöner als erwartet und hätte nicht gedacht das es noch flüssiger laufen kann als so schon. Perfekt, ich bin begeistert.
    Diesesmal funktionierte wieder die Samsung syncronistation (funktionierte bei mir mit 4.04 nimmer)
    MD5 mit Odin Mobile geflasht – Top
    DE User müssen die Deutsche Tastatur Downloaden.
    Menü ist alles deutsch.
    Alle einstellungen wie WLAN, Apps usw… wurden wieder perfekt übernommen.
    Das problem mit der Pineingabe kann ich nicht bestätigen das es scheinbar in einigen ländern gab.

  286. Installed. So far it seems good. I’ll keep testing.

  287. Since up until now we only have ICS 4.0.3 here in the Philippines, hopefully we will be the one who can have the first taste of this new flavor..

  288. any one nead help?to geat it working good?

  289. If there’s no ripple lock screen and there’s still a problem with the lock screen freezing, I’ll stay with space and time 2.2

  290. Yaaaaaaaaaaay!! :D Waiting for the Argentinian update!

  291. i help you yust ask what is youre problem

  292. When we can expect jellybean update to india…eagerly waiting since 1 year………

  293. i am wondering wheather the jellybean update work for I9100G model since i could not see this model placed any where in update list of jellybean for the other countries.would it be the same or do we need to wait again…………………….please reply………….

  294. it seems great ! Hope the TGY will come as soon as possible , I have waited 4.1 on the SII since 6 months.

  295. what da fuk is with other countries? why only spain?

  296. Waiting for this in Indonesia… I might just flash it if the wait is too long.

  297. @Sammobile Answer plx!!!! Exinos Bug is Fixed!!?? we can do Wipes!!??

  298. SGS2 GT-I9100 was running on 4.1.2 test firmware.

    now installed with official firmware thanks sammobile.

  299. Salamat .thankyou :-)

  300. thank you Samsung

  301. I downloaded and flashed it via Odin… Battery seems to drain faster than the leaked Jelly Bean… but everythings fine…. It is smooth though and some additional application is added

  302. I can’t update my S2 anymore.. :(
    Its just bricked…and wont turn on anymore.. :’(

  303. s3 registered in XME (Malaysia).but I download base firmware i9300 XXELKC..There are 2 apps that not supported such as music hub and video hub..especially in my wanna ask you what is the base firmwarw for i9300 XME..

  304. Upgraded my S2 from ICS 4.0.3 to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 and works great! Im from Costa Rica and all its ok. Thanks sammobile.

  305. Great update well worth the wait. I always used stock browser much better than chrome sammy made a good decision to stick with ics browser. The interface looks great and is very smooth on our 2 years device.

  306. no multi window in this update :(

  307. please give GT-i9100G up to 4.1.2 firmware or tasting firmware

  308. Can I ask ? where the premium suite update for galaxy s2 that SAMSUNG promised ?

  309. when I9100G G GGGGGGGGGGG

  310. now available for china also :P

  311. @neamt….r u sure it is available in china now, or u just flashed it onto ur phone ???

  312. i just saw it above…. nvm having i9100xxplx ”based verison” can any body tell me will i get 4.1.2 or not

  313. @abdallah999

    no. i didn’t flashed on my phone, i saw it on the upper status and now is available also for:
    China – CHN & China (China Mobile) – CHZ
    You can check it also! I’m waiting to be available for Romania

  314. 100% work for me from carrier unlocked galaxy s2 from pakistan thanks a lot i am using other network like ZONG n UFONE thanks again sammy

  315. do i need a specific ”csc” or ”phone code” or ”pda code” to have this jelly bean update

  316. flashed over XXLS leak and it works just perfect!!

  317. How about galaxy s1 jelly bean update? When come?

  318. @vikea

    no jelly bean for galaxy s1

  319. What about galaxy note n7000? I thought it would get the update before s2…

  320. I’ve tried to use jelly bean got spain, but why is not there a screen lock it, already sy try setting but still can not work its lock screen, please help

  321. What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ????
    What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ????
    What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ????
    What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ????

  322. HELP !!!
    I Can’t charge my phone after updating the SPAIN version. I can charge when the phone is off. When the Phone is ON it says charging but the percentage stays the same and won’t increase !!!!

  323. So ein Scheiß !!
    Habe auch das Problem mit dem Netzcode!
    Jetzt kann ich nicht mehr telefonieren :(
    Hat da jemand eien Idee was man machen kann?
    Sollte man nach dem Update über Odin ein Factory-Reset machen?

  324. Finally :)

  325. You should calibrate the battery via CWM

  326. Please help!

    I had official and non-rooted ICS 4.0.3. After installing this ROM, everything was ok except it asks me to enter “SIM network unlock PIN”.

    How can I solve this problem?

  327. Its time to ask samsung for android 4.2.x !!!
    WHEN 4.2 FOR GS2 AND 4.1 FOR SGNOTE?!!!!

  328. Hey ya all. Try out that ROM its too good and nice. I use it from yesterday and now im so happy for that.

    This rom is like the last “Leak” jelly bean LS6, but new changes into the ROM :) Greets.

  329. When official 4.1.2 for GT-I9100G ?!

  330. please dont forget to do a factory reset BEFORE AND AFTER


  332. Some questions:
    - I have an Italian TIM branded 9100P with NFC enabled: will this ROM be ok for me? Will I need to manualli add NFC capabilities?
    - Will I have problem with CSC as this is from Spain?
    - Someone is reporting this ROM DOES NOT ALLOW ANY lock screen!!!! Can anybody confirm??

  333. Hey!
    Yesterday I’ve installed JB for Spain with ODIN. I’m from Poland and it works! :)
    The only one thing is that we don’t have polish signs when we want to write messages ;)

    It looks very, very nice :)

  334. be carreful ! install this rom re activate simlock !!!! you can try (after root) galaxy s unlock on market but not good by samsung !!!

    rom is working great after RE unlock….

  335. I downloaded the file but unrar/7zip says the file is damaged! :(

  336. lol they put old ugly wallpapers from gb 2.3….

  337. What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ?!!!

  338. if you like bugs on you phone like sim lock.batteri problem and so on you dont do factory reset.but if you like youre phone to work with no bugs then you do factory reset before and after installation.the only bug on this firmware and the pre-realis is the man/women holding the phone

  339. No S-Voice, No smart alarm, No voice unlock, no multiwindow… Samsung *ucks…

    S-Voice should be replaced by Google No, right?
    Don’t know what’s voice unlock, multiwindow is only for larger screens.

    The only worrying issue: really no more smart alarms??

  340. Update:
    mir ist aufgefallen das der Samsung App Store nicht vorhanden ist.
    Manuelle nachinstallation sagt “erfolgreich” dennoch taucht er nicht auf.

    MP3 Player wurde nicht gefunden.
    Laut Installierten Anwendungen ist der MP3 Player installiert. Die MP3s haben auch das Icon des Players.
    Dennoch taucht der MP3 player nicht auf bei dem Apps das man Ihn starten könnte.
    Öffnen einer MP3 führt dazu das er alle installierten Alternativen fragt und erkennt, aber nicht den Default Player.
    Video HUD stürtzt ab- Steht da das man bis 31.1 einen kauf film gratis bekommt und einen Stream gratis von Samsung (geht auch soweit).
    Dann steht da Update verfügbar.
    Klickt man auf OK. Absturz.
    Abbrechen schließt das programm.
    kann das einer aus DE Bestätigen?
    Ist jetzt nicht tragisch, denn alles andere ist dafür top.
    Kann jemand aus DE das bestätigen?

  341. Hi! I’m from hungary. Does anybody know when will it be available in hungary? In hours? In days? I’m expecting the update, but still I don’t want to use odin, just Kies.

    • helo, te már le tudtad frissíteni? vagy megoldottad valahogy?

  342. @ShadySirius:
    Within next 15 Days hopefully.

  343. @paocavallo:
    File is not fully downloaded.
    Re-download it and check.

  344. @M8R-xd33l31:
    Do Factory reset or Wipe Data.
    It will surely resolve your issue.

  345. @landrover84:
    Your device is Carrier locked.
    Do root your device by proper method and run any sim unlocker app from Google Play.

  346. @abdallah999 :
    Its samsung not HTC.
    All you need is I9100 device and proceed with Odin installation.
    Best Luck and Enjoy.

  347. @imgeo19:
    What you mean by brick ?
    Mention all the steps you perform before bricking.
    Normal Odin installation won’t brick your device.

  348. @Alex13.8:
    BrickBug, Exynos Vulnerability and stuttering issue have been resolved in this update.
    This is the most stable firmware after GingerBread for S II Hopefully…..

  349. hello,

    I want install de spain version on a dutch phone, will this work? I read about sim-lock turns on, is this true?

    Ik bought the phone sim-lock free but wil this still be active?


  350. @Nk3sh do u mean i need to use odin, i cnt download thru kies ??

  351. does this download re-partition the internal storage for increased system memory??

    is internal memory 12GB or 11GB??

  352. I flashed my Austrian SGSII with spanish ROM and it works perfektly (with Odin)

  353. The narrating woman keeps saying the Page number when you scroll through the screens… very annoying how do i switch that off?

  354. @abdallah999:
    yes obviously you have to proceed with pc odin installation procedure.
    Cause official update thru kies will be available after approx 15 days hopefully.
    I am from India and here also I am not receiving update in kies so installed it manually in my device.
    So don’t afraid and proceed with PC Odin procedure.

  355. @nik3sh
    The problem is that my regoin is XSG and no news that jb came to our side, and also because i might not finf the arabic language in this frinware, n also cn u plz tell me step by step hw to do it thru odin??

  356. Find*

  357. moi de tunisie J’ai flashé mon SGSII ROM espagnol et il fonctionne perfektly stable lange arabe w francais tt ok

  358. thank you Samsung please android 4.2.1 for s2

  359. Update nr. 2
    Nochmals aufgespielt, diesmal full wipe gemacht. Alles perfekt. MP3 Player, samsung Store sichtbar da. Video HUB stürzt nicht ab.

  360. there will be no 4.2 androids on any current devices… we know samsung very good, first one will be samsung galaxy s IV and after a month or so will be s3 note 2 and maybe then S2 note 1… you can take this as a fact

  361. Hab nun auch nochmals die 4.0.4 rauf –> dann root und unlocked –> 4.1.2 wieder drüber –> factory Reset –> jetzt ist das mit dem Network Pin auch weg, funktioniert alles ohne Probleme

  362. Please, Release INDIAN Firmware Soon.. (INU). Eagerly Waiting from Nov’12

  363. Just upgraded my i9100 to JellyBean. I have to say I’m really sad: it’s slower in every way and crashes whenever the WiFi/data signal is weak and I’m trying to run medium to heavy tasks (like Chrome browser).

  364. Im having i9100xxlpx cn anyone tell me will i get jb or nt?

  365. My wi-fi signal is bad after update to JB

  366. What about my love, What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G !!!

  367. when will I be able to update my GT-19100T to JB????

  368. What about my love, What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G !!!

  369. Does it support arabic ??

  370. when JB Note N7000?
    within this century ?

  371. Hi Guys
    I’m from Chile and yesterday I install the spain 4.1.2 ROM and works great in my SII (entel)

    * no problems with backups. I install this over my last SCS ROM

    With 4.1.2 you get a fater phone, with cool software and all connections 3g..etc.. works great

    That is all

    Thanks Samsung and Sammobile :)

  372. In 15 days??? Oh my god! I’ve been watching the latest firmwares for 2 days :D
    Come on! Release it!!!!!!

  373. how about the jb update for other region? hhuhuhu… I’m still waiting… :’(

  374. Im waiting the vietnam :)) because my phone is made in vietnam ..

  375. My HONGKONG !!! Come on , I am waitting for you !!!

  376. i live in sweden. and i wonder. what are the downsides when flashing a firmware for another country? or are there any downsides at all.?
    can someone please let me know

  377. I want to Update for TURKEY. SGS2! Thank you so much :)

  378. No news about releasing update in other countries…what’s up? :)

  379. Lucky Chinese and Spanish people :D

  380. I have the international version of Galaxy SII (I9100 purchased in India). I had ICS 4.0.4 firmware (for India). I downloaded the spanish version of the JB firmware yesterday and did an update of the same using Odin. Everything went flawlessly. Nothing got lost during the update :) There are no crashes and the OS works buttery smooooooooth :). Will have to wait for few days before I can give you an update on the battery life.

    Go ahead and update this latest firmware, it works great. Of course there are missing items like multi window, sidebar, not customizable notifications and more… but that does not bother me, the main thing is that the phone works with the new OS and it is great :)

  381. Do You have problems with resolution of wallpapers ?

  382. After installing I had problems with talkback cause even being disable the phone continue talking when moving among desktop or app pages. I had to disable Samsung TTS, TalkBack and google voice synthesizer. Any idea to solve this problem? The other solution is changing the launcher. Apex launcher works OK.

  383. Can anyone tell me how to update the spanish jb verison with odin, can anyone tell me the steps plzz..because i got a long code where should i put it?? In pda or phone or csc ??
    Pls help..thnx in advance

  384. in Oden you put it in PDA, don’t touch the other tick box!

  385. @ darooz i also live in Sweden and flashed it!
    works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  386. @wietze thank you for your share

  387. I don’t know what to do.
    Wait for the update in my country (Argentina Claro) or install this for odin.Which is Better?

  388. Thnx for the information, bt can i use other languages like arabic in my phone?? Because i dnt think the spanish verison will support arabic

  389. @ManuArias20 KIES is your best choice

  390. @ManuArias20 i did it with Oden on both my S2.
    both works great no issues.
    you can wait or go for it your choice :)

  391. my phone is on Bulgarian Cosmotel, I use it in Bosnia on the other network… Would my phone get locked if i update spanish version over Odin. thanks for ansfer…

  392. All Included languages:

    Deutsch (Deutschland)
    Deutsch (Osterreich)
    Deutsch (Schweiz)
    English (Australia)
    English (New Zealand)
    English (United Kingdom)
    English (United States)
    Espanol (Spania)
    Espanol (Estados Unidos)
    Francais (Belgique)
    Francais (France)
    Nederlands (Belgie)
    Nederlands (Nederland)
    Norsk bokmal
    Portugues (Brasil)
    Portugues (Portugal)
    others which I can’t read ( guess arabic )

  393. @MadryT : What exactly do you mean by “resolution problems”? A wallpaper is a wallpaper is a wallpaper :) The wallpapers (stock) are looking exactly the same the day I brought the phone :)

  394. can i use the spain version here in The Netherlands?

  395. @ blackeye2602 yes you can

  396. @wietze

    thnx friend, will download it now :)
    en bedankt als je nederlands bent !

  397. Hi, I am in India and I updated my SGS-II to the Spanish version; however I see no call logs.

    Anyone having the same issue or knows of any solution on this?

  398. @wietze thank you for your share

  399. @wietze…thnx man, btw…cn u plz write it step by step what should i do to install it thru odin, n also wat r the advantages and the disadvantages
    Thnx for ur helping, and im really sorry for making you tierd with me

  400. no i dont, call logs are fine….
    try hard reset

  401. Can u see if this spelling match with the spelling in the language list “العربية”…does it match with any of these wich u cant read, because it may be arabic
    Thnxx again

  402. COMPLETE OPERATION(Write Failed)… what do i do?

  403. @ abdallah999 yes included

  404. @Trial : so try set standard 800×480 wallpaper and the we will see.

    I play a lot. On 4.0.3 games didnt scratch, now they do, a lot ;/

  405. @ylrae
    simply do it again.
    make sure battery is loaded 80 %

  406. let’s fair between I9100 and I9100G

  407. K thnx, i will do it nw…btw the steps for me to flash the spanish frimware on my phone is that i download the file on the laptop then extract it n the open odin 3.04 n put that long code on the pda space
    Am i right or i messed something??

  408. i did it with Odin 3.07, it say its for S3 but works great!
    Run Odin downloader on your PC desktop. Watch out the check-boxes options on the right top of Odin, ensure that the ‘RE-PARTITION’ is unchecked. Leave the‘AUTO-REBOOT and ‘F.RESET TIME’ remains checked.
    Now, click on the PDA button, then select and load the “I9100XWLS8_I9100XXLS8_I9100FOPLS3_HOME.tar.md5″ that you have previously extracted.
    To put your galaxy S2 in download mode, just simply switch it off then gently press and hold the “POWER, VOLUME DOWN and HOME” buttons simultaneously. You’ll be then prompted in a warning screen to continue or cancel.
    Once the phone screen shows in downloading mode, connect your phone to the PC with the USB cable. You’ll then notice the upper box in Odin that turns in yellow color., it also indicates the COM:ID where the device is being detected and a word “added!!’ on the log box. If somehow those things never showed up, check out the USB cable connection, read again from the top of this post.
    Once all set and ready, hit he “START” button to begin flashing.
    Do not touch anything that might interrupt the process to avoid any fatal errors or failures, it may ruin your device if any interruption occurs while already in flashing status.
    It may only takes about 3 to 5 minutes, depends of your PC/laptop speeds. A word “PASS” will display in Odin once it finishes. If somehow you will not get the word “PASS” or just stuck in along time. Disconnect the phone, remove battery, re-insert it, check the USB connection, re-install the driver, disable Kies and any anti-virus. Set the phone in Download mode again, and repeat the whole procedure.
    The phone will just automatically reboots if the firmware flashing successfully completes. Just wait until it boots up on the “S” logo for a while then into an android update screen.

  409. hey when can we get this update for I9100G. :(

  410. HEY SAMMOBILE!!! THANKS FOR GALAXY SII JELLY BEAN FIRMWARE .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..


  412. @wietze
    Thnx for the information,btw..will it hv wen reboot the “S” logo or it will be written samsung??

  413. Regarding the battery life, i disconnected my phone 8 hours and a half ago, and i’ve been using it for about an hour and a half, meaning surfing web the with wifi on and playing for about 20 minutes with almost maximum brightness. The rest of the time it was used mostly for checking the time, and a few phone calls. I also use deepsleep from the market. It’s set to sync every half an hour. Right now i’m wrighting using my phone, and the battery is at 54%. I don’t know what you think about this, but i am pretty happy with this. I also calibrated the battery, when i disconnected the phone from the charger.

  414. Very good

  415. @n2oluci
    Wat verison are u using, spanish?? N what is the region of ur phone??

  416. what about my i9100g? is there any upgrade to jelly bean?

  417. Hi guys.

    I was update to JB my SGS2 from germany branded by Vodafone. Last time a was ICS 4.0.4. right now it works perfectly. Without any problem. Updated by ODIN 3.04. What I’ve done :

    1. Copy all data from phone (means photos and videos, etc.).
    2. Factory reset in phone recovery menu.
    3. Open ODIN and add downloadded file from here SPANISH edition.
    4. Only what you have to do is mark “bird” next to PDA and choose m5d file from folder.
    5. Turn off my phone and enter in to odin mode.
    6. Connect SGS2 into USB and wait till drivers will instal, after then appear info in log box that for example this info : Added!!
    7. Next click START and wait aprox. 4 minutes. After all program displayed info PASS if everything were ok.
    8. Be happy from brand new Adroid JB :)

    I have Polish menu, but phone is from Germany Vodafone, ussing polish PLAY carrier. I haven’t got sim lock after updating to JB also phone wasn’t rooted.

    Hope this will help ;)

  418. Does this spain firm has greek lang?

  419. i have the problem that my wifi direct not work
    normaly i can transfer photo’s from my phone to mine philips tv, now it dont see the tv after scanning

    any ideas

  420. waiting on Serbia for JB <3

  421. Can anyone tell me how to downgrade to the offical firmwsre i have ??

  422. Hi again.

    Someone wrote above that there isn’t polish keyboard with polish signs. You can download any kind of keyboard from internet using phone settings. Ther is a huge list of available languages :)


    You have know your previous ROM number downloaded from SAMMOBILE and then you have to do the same as with JB you did.

  423. somebody have a idea, why wifi direct dont work?
    with the scanning no device’s found.
    from the tv i can connect to the phone and see my picture’s and other stuf
    but when i try to send a picture to the tv, the phone dont see the tv

  424. @starost
    I ddint relly understand wat u said nw, cn u explain
    And u tell me how to download languages?? U said that above

  425. @abdallah999 I am using Spanish version in Romania. BTW, since my previous comment, i’ve been using the phone continuously, playing with about 85% brightness and with the wifi on. my current battery stats are: 5%, 10h 36m and my screen was on for 2h 20m. what do you think about this ?

  426. What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ????
    What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ????
    What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ????
    What about Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G ????


  427. @abdallah999

    Forget about this first one. ;)

    If you whant to download any keyboard you have to do that :

    Settings -> Language and input -> in Keyboards and input methods tab gear next to Samsung keyboard -> Input languages -> and find your language and download it (have to on wifi or mobile connection).

    Thats all :)

  428. does this spain firm has greek lang

  429. ?

  430. @n2oluci
    Can u tell me each and every single issue or problem u face, and what language is the phone, i mean im afraid to see that it is in the spanish launguage so that i wont understand anything, can i change it to english?? And does it support arabic language??

  431. @wietze can your procedure be done with a roote S2 i900 international, ROOTED and running cyanogenmod 10.1 ? or a downgrade to officia ICS is required. am assuing root access is lost since this is official JB firmware?? thanks man. Good guide :)

  432. @starost
    Mmm…i didnt find how to download it :-$…there is no key so that i can download any other languages that the ones i have in my phone originaly!

  433. @apostolisarta
    yes it does

  434. Very smart and great step from SAMSUNG, Thanks SAMSUNG
    ,We in Iraq are waiting the Arabic version.

  435. And GT-I9100″G” soon?

  436. @wietze
    tnx a lot

  437. @abdallah999

    Do you have wifi turned on or 3G connection ?

    Without that any additional language won’t appear below this originall one. What country you came from ? Write a language that you using normaly, it is some arabic like Egipt signs… ?

  438. @wietze

    any idea for my problem?

    somebody have a idea, why wifi direct dont work?
    with the scanning no device’s found.
    from the tv i can connect to the phone and see my picture’s and other stuf
    but when i try to send a picture to the tv, the phone dont see the tv

  439. @starost
    Im from oman ( near UAE) ya im talking arabic, arabic is there in my phone but im asking if i flshed the spanish verison i may not find the arabic language! So, im just asking how can i download, and yes im using wifi it is turned on, but i cant find anyother language or bottom that i can click on to download other languages

  440. baba in hotfile dahane adamo servis mikone. Ah!

  441. ?????

  442. @abdallah999 i hadn’t faced absolutely no problem whatsoever. upgrading from the test version, all of my settings remained the same, even my homescreens. not sure about upgrading from 4.0.x, but i don’t think you should wipe data for that either. it has all the languages that were in ics, including arabic. (and greek, for the one asking above, not sure if anyone answered to him). you should definitely give it a try, i don’t think you’ll ever want to go back to ics. the only thing that i don’t like is that they kept the same wallpapers that were in ics, even though in the leaked version it had the ones from s3. not that big of a problem, though.

    oh, and for the ones concerned about the (extremely annoying for me) zoom on swiping on the side of the screen, that’s gone. and no locking on the lock screen anymore. that’s sweet.

  443. in the second paragraph i’m talking about the leaked version. if you didn’t use the leaked version, you don’t have to worry about that.

  444. @abdallah999

    Sorry I thought you need keyboard, you have right, there is no way to download additional languages in setings menu … except instaled in phone already :( only option is waiting for your official country update. As I see you are really good in english so why You stay with english menu ? ;)

  445. How do you the I9100P ?
    Upgrade for the I9100P THX !

  446. @n2oluci

    You have right but when you make factory restart after first start that all gone :/ i have the same situation when I update. I got all apps branded by Vodafone but when i made FR i lost everything and I get naked Android without apps added by Vodafone …

  447. @n2oluciThnx man, btw, r u using the spanish verison??…and also because im having 4.0.3, so u r saying its better if i flashed this onto my phone?? I just ssked about the downgrafe only because if the original jb came to mu country i can downgrade to 4.0.3 and thne update it thru kies

    And also im asking, if i flashed the spanish verison, the words which are written unfer each icon on the phone,will be in espanoul or in english??

  448. @startost
    Thank u man for ur help, im staying in english menu but when i recieve any msgs from my frnds and family,if it was in arabic, i wont be able to read them
    Anyway,thanks for your help

  449. @n2oluci
    Im sorry for the spelling mistkes in the above text,thats because im using my phone to type.. :-$

  450. Im from Spain but there is no update from kies….

  451. Downloaded JB last nite spain version used odin. took about half hour to download and six minutes to install. Seems to be working fine. In the UK.

  452. abdallah999 man, my phone was in english, so it stayed in english. if your phone is in arabic it will stay arabic. and for me, it really was worth the upgrade, as it fixed many many bugs from ics, like wifi freeze, or bluetooth crash, which was causing many restarts. my friend’s s2 was having even more problems on ics, and he thought it might be his phone’s problem, but all those problems were solved with the jelly bean upgrade.

    fyi, i flashed this firmware with mobile odin pro (only for rooted devices), and it kept my root there, no need to go through some annoying operation, which would have most probably asked for data wipe

  453. @wietze i followed the steps. Got “PASS” in the end but got stuck in the bootloop :(

  454. How about the SGH-T989D in Canada?

  455. کیرم دهنت سامسونگ………..

  456. just noticed something pretty strange: when i turn on my phone with the charger connected, it won’t recognize my sim. if i disconnect the charger and restart it, then plug the crager again, it works perfectly fine. pretty strange, but not that big of a problem though

  457. How should we install it with Odin ?

  458. @matingod2

    Look above and you will find the answer.

  459. @Kunwa
    If you’re stuck with the boot loop then pull your battery out and put it back it.
    Then hold volume up + home key + power button. This will boot you into the backend.
    Make sure you do a full data wipe and wipe the cache partition. Also wipe the dalvik cache (if there is that option).
    Bear in mind that this will obviously delete all your data on your phone so hopefully you backed it all up before flashing.

    I’ve flashed quite a few different roms on my S2 and this method has always solved any boot loop issues I had.

    Good luck!

  460. I installed this with odin, but now my SIM Locked, anyone please can help me to ulock ???

  461. No tiene los fondos de pantalla del s3, además la calidad de la camara en mi opinion deja un poco que desear,… yo creo que esta no es la versión final y la han lanzado para salir del paso y asi calmar un poco a la gente que espera que la lancen, yo casi me atreveria a decir que es el test fimware con algunas mejoras de seguridad y con el bug el procesador corregido supuestamente y poco más…a ver que tal la bateria…

  462. If anyone is interested…

    I’m from Hungary, Telenor Galaxy S2
    Flashed this spanish version via Odin 1.85, on the leak ROM (XXLSJ)
    (I wiped from recovery before)

    Everything went fine!

    Hungarian language, telenor network etc. is ok (no sim lock)

    Thanks Sammobile!

    (By the way it’s extremly funny to read some of these posts :)
    “No ripple lock screen, fuck Samsung” :DD Are you serious? :) Who the hell wants that shit? We got a full new OS to our phone!

  463. Now can someone tell me how can i avoid sim lock problem, because someone have that problem other not, i really dont need that problem now.

  464. I found several tutorials about rooting this official firmware, but I didn’t find how to unroot.

    Please help.

  465. do anyone have the cluode program in the spanish version?

  466. I download the update and install in my wife SG2 flawless no problem found and all the programs and contacts is not deleted thank SAMMOBILE I hope it will have an official update also in my SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE N7000 right now I’m using the ULTIMATE ROM Jelly Bean 4.1.2 found in XDA forum.

  467. Just installed it over jb test version. no sim lock. hungary

  468. I fixed my sim lock problem after root the phone, greate now i have JB 4.1.2 Root…

  469. WHAT ABOUT GALAXY NOTE GT-N7000 NO UPDATE YET???? AND ALL COUNTRIES GET UPDATE…but no for algerie??????? Pls i love samsung and i love my samsung gt n7000 why the galaxy note is out for new update and in last thank samsung for the good product. Thx sammobile my best website android and sumsung for ever

  470. Kieu nay chac qua tet moi co JB qua. doi samsung that lau

  471. do i still have to root my s2 in order to install the downloaded official jb firmware? i’m presently on official ICS firmware of my s2. if you flash it with via ODIN, can you still connect it to samsung kies? thanks..

  472. ???

  473. I want to know when can we get this update for GT-I9100G users of China??????

  474. Hi, guys update is via OTA or kies??? …..

  475. we can Unlock the Simlock with Galaxy_s Unlock? on this room?

  476. @Rahul1226

    it would take months if they would roll out in phases that is why i’m asking if i can flash it with the official JB firmware that Sammobile have. i cant wait for the ota or kies. can anybody help me? it’s been 2 days since the jelly bean was out and there are only 2 countries that received it yet, how much more for the other countries?
    help with this one please? do i have to root the phone?

  477. sammobile… please do download firmware for other regions… thank you…

  478. What about Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-I727?
    What about Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-I727?
    What about Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-I727?

  479. SAMSUNGGGGGG!!!!where the premium suite update!!!you already promised that..why are you so unfair..I want premium suite update for galaxy s2 now!!!

  480. im from country from asia (malaysia) would like to know when malaysia will revceived their official update for jelly bean 4.1.2 cant wait to get hand on it or else if spain has received the update can i used odin and install jelly bean to my mobile… sammobile any advice or suggestion tq

  481. Installed it easily with Odin. Works great! Feels like I have a new phone now. Thanks Samsung and SamMobile.

  482. i have important question.. after i downloaded the jelly bean zip.. how should i install it to my phon galaxy s2??? help me..newbie here..

  483. hey guys
    can i update to the spaniah verison thru odin,and then when the official one comes to my country can i take that one also thru odin???


  484. @rodel rodz
    u shuld simply open odin,and then put the long code(wich u hv downloaded) in the pda space and then connect ur phone with the pc or laptop n then press start….make sure u dnt touch anything else or tick and other boxes that the ones which are there before

  485. can anyone answer me plzz
    will kies recognize my phone when i flash the firmware via odin ??

  486. Do you need to root your phone in order to flash the official spanish ROM over ICS 4.0.4 (official)??

  487. Ok. for every noob ;)

    1. Download Zip file and extract it.
    2. Download Odin from here and run it (Odin3 v3.07.exe)
    3. If u don’t have kies, install it. but don’t run it.
    4. Enter your s2′s download mode by pressing power button + home key + volume down key for few seconds.
    5. After entering download mode press volume up key to continue.
    6. Connect your mobile to phone via data cable.
    7. Then click PDA button (in odin) and choose I9100XWLS8_I9100XXLS8_I9100FOPLS3_HOME.tar file.
    8. click start button. wait for few minutes. thanks me later.

    If still scared find youtube videos and watch. bt you can’t face for risky situation, avoiding JB untill releasing it for your region is better :P :P

  488. Just Flashed the ROM…its amazing….no bugs founds so far….working fine for me…:D

    Download the ROM and flash it with Odin V3.07….:)

  489. patience is a virtue it will come soon Philippines. :)

  490. Hi.
    I need Factory reset before and after install JB. I have 4.0.4 version official version?

  491. Is there any difference from I9100XXLS6, I Am currently using this version. Will it work in India.

  492. Just now flashed the rom…its super amazing! Thnx for every one who helped me and also a special thankx for samsujg and sammobile

  493. hi can u tell me plz ,after i flash spanish jb on my sgs2 via odin,can i get back official jb via kies when it rolls out for my frm nepal

  494. tnx . it was great !

  495. Flashed it this morning..and rooted applying some MODS for XXLS8..hehe

  496. When i9100GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG??

  497. I had this problem…

    “”Hi, I am in India and I updated my SGS-II to the Spanish version; however I see no call logs.
    Anyone having the same issue or knows of any solution on this?””

    Got sorted after a factory wipe/reset….

    @wietze Thankx for the help :)

  498. Kein bewegter Hintergrund mehr beim scrollen durch Screens.
    Batterie geht runter wie nix, also für mich persönlich ist das Update eher ein Reinfall, da keine Besserungen.
    KIES ist bis heute die ungeschlagene Seuche pur.
    Schneller ist das Gerät auch nicht… soviel zu Project Butter? WTF Samsung!??!
    Mein Gerät war vorher wohl schon auf Olivenöl, weil mit Butter wurde es nicht schneller.
    Für mich war das definitiv das letzte Gerät von Sucksung.
    Solche Läden unterstütze ich künftig nicht mehr, auch wenn Samsung das egal ist, was mir widerum auch egal ist :D
    Sammobile ist da qualitativ auf Augenhöhe, mit den ganzen veralteten Bereichen auf der Seite und den lächerlichen Artikeln bezüglich Updates, User, bla…

    Nexus und Ebay FTW!

    Ist doch kein Leben ständig auf beschissenste Updates warten zu dürfen…

    Haut rein ihr Ka*kstelzen, ich bin hier raus!

  499. @Admins, pls kill my account as I don´t want to be registered here anymore!

  500. Im from india i updated JB on my S2 . .it’s great ..

  501. @abdulla999
    Can you view the Arabic alohabets ?
    هل تستطيع قراءة الحروف العربيه؟ في هذه النسخه؟

  502. just upgraded to the JB firmware.. get back at you if i notice some problems.
    to those who cant wait for the update thru kies or OTA, just download the official FW here at Sammobile for spain. you can update it without rooting ur phone. just get odin and OFW. just select english during the first startup.

    @wietze and @greenman thanks for the tips and encouragement..

  503. Does flash still work in internet browser after updating to jellybean?

  504. noo new country in this morning ;ç

  505. 90% komentatoriu avigalviai… :)

  506. the official version released in Spain doesnt have Dropbox and S Cloud services…
    Can anyone confirm whether they have or not?

  507. Hai… im from Asia. Yesterday I already try the XWLS8 on my gt-i9100. So nice update like what everyone waiting for. I think the smart stay not reallt as sensitive as the S3.
    1)turn on odin
    2)put the extracted download file at PDA
    3)Put your I9100 in download mode
    4)connect your I9100 to your PC
    5)hit start, wait for 5-7mins
    6)now your I9100 is updated to 4.1.2 Jellybean

  508. I live in the UK and was wondering can I download the spain rom because it is yet to be released here and install it on my unlocked phone? Also how do I do install the rom and will it void my warranty?

  509. if you have i9100 you can flash your phone
    i think you lost warranty but you always can flash your phone before get phone on warranty

  510. Does any body know , How should we install modes ?
    for example I want to install multi windows mode in my phone .

  511. hello everyone.can anyone tell me why my battery is draining after i flashed spain jb rom via odin,althought i dont use my phone battery draining continuosly,what’s the problem plz help,i have turned off wifi,sync,moile data still draining plz help

  512. Hey
    Does any body knows how to take a screen shot on the spanishjb rom
    Plz help

  513. just flashed the firmware on my i9100. Works like a charm…process took less than 5mins.

    I didnt even have to reset or wipe out all data. All information and applications is intact. :) :) :)

    No is fast..

  514. @mattyd27 thank you so much. :) it worked (Stock recovery has date wipe/factory reset option)

  515. @kamel 007
    yes i can see them…ya
    نعم استطيع
    u can flash it now
    have fun

  516. hello sammobile i have 1 question?if i flash official jb via kies does it re-partition my device or not?i flash via odin its same no partition plz anshwer me.

  517. which has already installed the Chinese version? it is the same with that of Spain?

  518. where is my HONGKONG 9100

  519. Can anyone help me how can i flash the spanish rom on my gt-i9100…
    I m scared i never do that before and i am scared to brick my phone…
    i need a detaild guide PLEASE !! send private message….

  520. I hope for gti9100g so give me there 4.1.2 update please please

  521. andyz, if so, why don’t you wait for official release for your country and let the KIES do all the job?

  522. I didn’t root my phone because of warranty issues, will I lose my warranty if I flash my i9100 with odin. Also will I be able to update to local firmware upgrade ( Serbia ) when such update becomes available.

  523. crossmbilo, Chinese version is almost the same but it’s older than Spanish. Chinese version I9100ZCLSF has 721689 changes, Spanish I9100XWLS8 – 816988. So Spanish version is more stable.

  524. fale, you’ll have to flash your local firmware from odin again.

  525. forelag, thank’ya Much but please explain, will I lose my warranty.

  526. nån svensk som behöver hjälp med installation av spansk programvara.roota din mobil eller andra problem hör av er så hjälper jag er

  527. Kies Air ( i mean browse phone by computer browser) doesnt work.
    Its impossible to set 480×800 wallpaper.

  528. download other firmware please,,.. :’(

  529. Now, I am use Korean Galaxy S2
    Please insert this device on that list Pleaz :(

  530. När kommer den till sverige?

  531. what about the Simlok? we can Unlock by Galaxy_s Unlook?!!??


  533. i’m from philippines.. I have galaxyS2.. korean version m250s and I flash it with this rom.
    It’s fast and smooth.. Thank you sammobile..

  534. What about Galaxy S2G (GT-9100G)

  535. Battery life is a mess, bad, like the leaked version. A shame, I had to go back to ICS 4.0.4.

  536. you geting sim lock only becorse you didnt do factory reset before and after installing the firm weare

  537. or yore phone is lockt to any operater .then you dont do this

  538. rooting youre phone dont have anything with thish to dont have to root youre phone to install this firmware

  539. the first step you can do so nothing going bad is check that youre phone is NOT lockt.if it is dont do anything here.unlock it first then you can get jb.

  540. I would guess that JB will come to Sweden at the same time as JB reach Denmark. Samsung Denmark has told today on facebook, that they don’t know when but it will not be today. It could be tomorrow, but i think sometimes in next week.

  541. i observed it consume to much of RAM.. before while 4.0.4 it’s only 400+mb but now it reach 600+mb.. though I didn’t do factory reset to save my games..

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  545. tomorrow?next country,hongkong right?

  546. Can I install this system for spain on my s2 and use it in poland?
    Can I safely install the odin and not lose my data?

  547. @marek12321 question1:you can.question2:you can not

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  551. Why is Sammobile keeping this article on top for days?
    Is it because there are so many I9100 owners and less others? Or are there only not interesting news about not needed technical crap from Sucksung?

    Listen Sammobile: Your offer on this site is so bad, that only Softwareupdaters will take a look from time to time or every 5 minutes, like the already mentioned nerds.

    Nobody who owns the S2 needs a S3 except nerds without friends.

    If I read the user comments, I can see their dumbness through the written words.

    You are proud of being able to flash some buggy firmware by using Odin not KIES?
    You are happy if your smartphone got a shiny new look?

    Does any of you guys have a job?

    Abdallah is one of the greatest! No clue from nothing and always the loudest.

    Screw you donkey fucking Allabdallahaallaassaabaa!

  552. alguien de argentina claro lo instalo? o solo de argentina?

  553. one more who didnt have a father

  554. i9100G ????

  555. @ wietze

    thank you so much. Your guide helped me a lot!

    My S2 is now running 4.1.2 smoothly

    Use Odin 3.07!!

  556. can somebody PLEASE help me for how to fix an auto rotation?
    I tried, SETTINGS>>MOTION>>GYRO CALIBRATION but nothing changed?



















    NORMAL USAGE 200 – 300 OF RAM
    HEAVY USAGE – 300 – 400 OF RAM










    NORMAL USAGE 200 – 300 OF RAM
    HEAVY USAGE – 300 – 400 OF RAM

  560. So cool
    Smart stay,two home screen mode
    Too easy to manage apps
    So many new things,
    I had flushed my fri’ i9100.but i9100p my ph ……..

  561. problem with the battery drain as a pain in the …

  562. i think siyah kernel is a little help with battery

  563. spain Firmware will run in india?..? pls rpllllll soon i m waitingg :-)

  564. the battery is worse by spain release then the uk test release
    best batery 4 now i got was from nordic rom

    the new rom is nice but hungry… grrrrrrrrr

  565. Samsung GT-I9050? When?

  566. I want Galaxy s3 camera features for galaxy s2

  567. When saudi arabiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  568. pleace once again.dont install any firmwaire if you dont do factory reset before and after you install anything.if you like youre phone to work .you only get a lot off bugs

  569. @vishukapadia11 yes, the Spanish firmware runs smoothly in India.

    Please follow the instructions mentioned in this thread. And the battery life is pretty average. You can flash the Indian firmware once it comes. Enjoy this in the meantine :)

  570. This is generally for people complaining about battery life and them having to downgrade to Gingerbread. Here’s my two cents:

    1) Technology moves fast – be glad that Android 4.1.2 runs on S2. This phone was ahead of its time when it was released, hence it still holds up good with latest software. While other phones pack 2000 maH batteries, this one has only 1650 maH.

    2) it is smartphone. If one wants 18 hour battery cycles, that is unrealistic. 12 hours is good enough.

    having said that, if the drain is app/launcher specific, no harm in addressing those issues.

    Thanks :)

  571. you who dont whant to factory reset,dont install anything(or install first to kiest and youre mother number)

  572. jb is not free, it costs half the battery life
    : O

  573. 4.2 FOR S3 PLEASE

  574. short working battery is the price for a new system

  575. Hello from Croatia. I’ve updated from 4.0.3 to 4.1.2 through Kies.
    Thank You Sammobile.

  576. shime dont lie ;)

  577. When the XEH come out???