EXCLUSIVE: Next Generation Galaxy S device code named “Altius”, Goes on sale in April

Where the iPhone is world’s hottest rumoured device ever, Samsung is getting in second place thanks to the succes of their Galaxy S line. As MWC 2013 approaching our insiders are working very hard on getting us information about upcoming devices which are going to be announced but this article has nothing to do with MWC. This article is all about Samsung’ next flagship device! Today, We of SamMobile are able to confirm more details about Samsung’s next flagship device! On December 20th, SamMobile hinted about Samsung starting sessions for a new high-end product. Now is the time to confirm this information with some extra details.

Samsung’s next flaghsip device built under codename “Project J” has now been changed to codename “Altius(J)”. The Samsung Altius will come in 2 colours black and white. Samsung will of course give the colours nicer names but we are currently unaware of them. Samsung is planning to ship the Altius starting from week 16, which simply means April 15. We expect Samsung to hold an unpacked event at MWC or sometime in March. Samsung could hold one of its mobile unpacked events in London, New York or even Korea.

We have even more information!
The rumour about the Galaxy S IV having wireless charging is real! Samsung will sell a separate dock and a back cover with wireless charging capabilities for the device. Samsung will make the wireless charging kit available a couple of weeks later after bringing the device itself on sale. The back cover with wireless charging indicates that the next generation Galaxy S device will have a removable back cover, just like company’s current flagship device the Galaxy S III. As we are talking about charging we can also confirm the battery capacity of the upcoming Galaxy S device. Samsung’s next flagship device will pack a 2600 mAh battery, the Galaxy S III uses a 2100 mAh battery.

Lets hope Samsung uses high quality materials on the next generation Galaxy S device, like it does on its Wave and Omnia line (Aluminum).

As you may have noticed till now, we haven’t pointed out the official name of Samsung’s next flagship device. The reason simply is that the name has not been finalized yet. Number 4 is believed to be bad luck in Korea. Samsung even changed the model number to GT-I9500. Yesterday, Mr. Shin (Vice President of Samsung Mobile) hinted at the name “Galaxy S IV”, Of course it’s still a mystery that the next generation Galaxy S device will indeed be called the Galaxy S IV or not.

Details about Samsung’s next flagship device which are 100% confirmed are listed below.
Code Name: Altius
Model Number: GT-I9500
Colours: Black / White
Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
Special: Wireless Charging Kit

Rumoured specification of the next generation Galaxy S device are listed below.
The next Galaxy S is rumoured to feature an Exynos 5 Octa (8-Core) CPU, Mali-T658 (8-Core) GPU, 4.99″ Super AMOLED Full HD Resolution Display, 2GB of RAM, 13 Megapixel Rear facing Camera capable of shooting 1080p Full HD Videos at 30FPS, 2 Megapixel front facing camera capable of shooting 720p HD Videos and running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

Update: Guys over at TuttoAndroid found an image on Picasa, which is claimed to be a press shot of the alleged next generation Galaxy S device. We of SamMobile think that the image is a hoax, few things which makes us think that this image is a fake. The UI looks exactly the same as the current nature TouchWiz UX, the design of the device is very similar to the Galaxy Note II and Samsung never uses battery percentage icon in their Mobile Phone press shots.

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  1. 2600 battery? :-\i would expect at least 3000+ let’s hope the new technology big.LITTLE and oled will be very power saving, if not it will be not be a huge boost compared the last 2 generations

  2. If it’s true SGS 3 user can forget about update to 4.2.1 before next S release.

  3. shouldnt there be wireless charging for the s3 as well?

  4. Would be very surprising to see Samsung stray from their annual release cycle for the Galaxy S series – but then againg, stranger things do happen…

  5. “The back cover with wireless charging indicates that the next generation Galaxy S device will have a removable back cover, just like company’s current flagship device the Galaxy S III.”

    So a rechangable accu?! That would be very nice!

  6. So I know what gift to make myself on my birthday (April) ! LMAO

  7. I hope next Galaxy will be build in better plastic materials.
    I definitively hate SIII plastic’s and colours.

  8. Note 2(N7100) has the connectors for wireless charging. It just misses the alternative back cover that will enable wireless charging.
    Hopefully, after S4 is launched, this accessory will be made available for N2 as well.

  9. @vavrorvav

    -S1 1500mah
    -S2 1650mah
    -S3 2100mah
    -S4 2500mah
    Seems a good step forward to me, keep in mind that they need to compete with the thickness of the iPhone 5. A thick S4 would mean one less thing to highlight with their marketing campaign.

  10. Why the you think the battery its a problem if the octa core exynos 5 consumes 70% less power?
    Its great…

  11. Iphone siempre sera mejor que los rquipos Samsung mientras Apple siga actualizando sus equipos Antiguos para optimizarlos al Maximo y Samsung se siga olvidando q creo eqipos potentisimos pero no le da la gana de optimizarlos solo por vender mas y mas…. Que pena por Samsung Siempre sera el segundo…..

  12. I hope battery at least 3000 mah :(

  13. Fail. Mali T658 have some bug on design chip. ARM has been removed all information of T658 on their web site. Now that replace by T678.

  14. 2600 mah is good enough for my future s4.
    although i want better battery life like my galaxy note 2.

  15. Great job in my book i just wish Android 5.0 Key lime pie was ready in March or April. It is what it is. I will definitely be purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 come Oct or Nov 2013. I might look into the samsung Galaxy S4 just for GP why cause I am all about Samsung and Samsung only.

  16. S2 owners 4.1.2 just released .. Lol go to firmware section

  17. I also think the picture of above Galaxy S4….WHY?…Because there are icons of Chrome Browser, Facebook & Whatsapp. Those are not belong to Samsung. Samsung does not pre-install those 3rd party of apps except of Samsung own apps.

  18. how to edit comment? I tried find function of edit comment, there is nothing.
    I want to edit above my comment….Anyone knows it how?….Thx.

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  20. @Update + they have whatsapp on the home screen which doesnt seem like a thing that samsung would do, but it would be much better way to go instead of developing chatON, noone will move to another chatting platform, 78cents per year is nothing when you paid 500€ for device and whatsapp is really worth it, big essential for android and im sure i am not speaking just for myself (why would 78c be a problem right?)

  21. I have birthday on 12th of April. I hope the device will be available until then I would be happy to buy me a new phone for birthday gift :P Does any one knows price range?

  22. S2 – GT-i9100

    S3 – GT-i9300

    why is it such a big deal that the S4 is the GT-i9500???? By that logic, what happened to the GT-i9200???

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